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  1. Vivek Agarwal says:

    i m from india. can i get this nexus 5 here in india.?.and will i get international warranty on it??

  2. Omar Omaryo says:

    not like phones of nokia come only with dual sim version ... and nokia just put a new codename for their devices...

  3. Safaa Polus says:

    there are good power of the mAh and power consumption with the software Android 6.0 will be more durable and boomsound suppossed to be more enhanced in future phones

  4. Rafat Saker says:

    i need new stylus pen for my note 3 where can i buy it

  5. Riyadh Salman says:

    probably with the same housing we will see a same phone like g4 with reduce in prices as a variant brother of lg g5

  6. Ahmed Dido says:

    camera hardware and the software all is upgraded you just see all this when you compare each thing

  7. Hasan Rahme says:

    yes that is bound to be on the list of the most expensive right now phones comes later year and this year also.

  8. Khaled Matbaq says:

    is this phone also support full 4k video recording at all??

  9. Elsayed says:

    not a doubt they have the most superior operating system and user interface; alot more improvements we seen time after time with the new updates. but why not they actually using a different notification popups screen and bars for iphone

  10. Hannan Kobani says:

    compare specs of the galaxy s7 and note 2015 version there is big difference among both phones graphics as Mali-T760MP8 vs now Adreno 530.. also galaxy s7 has more less screen size means we will see more crisp display on this one

  11. Mohammed Alshimrey says:

    many bright feature that i am expecting from the air2 new also premium price

  12. EL Refaei says:

    This is the Apple Watch's alleged Taptic Engine: more than simply accommodatingly vibrating when you get another warning, it can do such things as give somewhat diverse vibrations to left- and right turns inside the Maps application.

  13. Falcon Garah says:

    why not they upgrading their speakers there is need to improve the sound quality and also make it more noise free actually.

  14. Adnan Kabbesh says:

    master of many phones is constructing now; 3D touch,live Photos is just a beginning

  15. Mando Elking says:

    Goodbye plastic, we welcome the sinuous mix of glass and metal

  16. Mouhanad Haj says:

    Cost Xperia Z4, of course, unknown, but known the not very high status of this device in the Middle East market, as well as the rates of the previous model is not too expensive

  17. Ahamed Omar says:

    is likely to be unveiled and the new Intelís technology as they are using may be interchange the new Snapdragon Qualcomm 9x45 (Fifth-Generation LTE) chipset included in predecessor models.

  18. Essam Elsmak says:

    fanatics might prefer 6s if need more wide angles of the taken photos from the iphone 6 plus. more likely it seems like iphone is not so nice with the front panel

  19. Yousef says:

    what is the HTC one2014 release date uae ?

  20. Anaya Alwani says:

    I believe that its processor would be showing some extra stuff and it will be performing faster than the other smartphones in the market and it has to perform faster as it belongs to LG.