Find Google Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Yaya Abu says:

    phone features nice screen display and operating system is also new and great viewing angles.

  2. Ahmed Shaker says:

    actually polished design is always best and it is so much surprising for all of us.. The great blue color with shinny backside plus the edge design make it look elegant

  3. Saleh Fayez AlSaleh says:

    to control the Apple TV, use the clock as a viewfinder for the camera in the iPhone,

  4. Hassan Mali says:

    steer design make their phone finally to take in their part in the beautfiul smart devices. still the better design over the last editions and in future i expect they make galaxy phones more thinner

  5. Ahmad Alhmoi says:

    no IR blaster on the iphones why? Also there is absense of the expandable storages on the Apple phones and other devices as well which is a needy option to include on.

  6. Ashfaq Khan says:

    this is so amazing and have a new different style that is bit change on the bottom size of the yoga tablet. you can more easily now hold and hang it

  7. Hamada Habib says:

    so it is the windows tablet or something else? What is the os using microsoft this time and can this also run android and iOS applications easily

  8. Akhter says:

    I want buy new nokia e 52. Where i will go and buy?

  9. Qebaa Alsyoof says:

    the size and dimension is well set but there is still issue come with that kind of phone with the battery timing specially

  10. Yasmin Rosello says:

    Aug. 21 is the date when this phone is arriving with other models and also found that Dual SIM model is come to this era and join hands with Dual SIM phones

  11. Charbel says:

    following tab prices should be under than 1070- AED

  12. Muzzammil Khurshid says:

    camera sensor arrive among a wider aperture thus it has an edge over the 6s but not much different than its own edge predecessors; iphones are not the best option to taking photos in low-light.

  13. Ali Ibrahim says:

    well they are using the same things in the g series models also the battery capacity of the lg g2 is 3000 mAh battery and now we see the same things once again repeated in the next v10

  14. Asma Mudassir says:

    The best smartphone from Apple and thatís why getting famous. It has so many amazing features but I just want to Add one thing that it has a lower battery which is not good

  15. Raj Samarpan says:

    What a amazing series of apple iPhone productions..

  16. Zeyad Tariq says:

    has not they altered much always on feature of the galaxy devices compare to the lg and both has similar feature instead lg g5 seems to be more better option have capability to do a lot more

  17. Faria Naeem says:

    may be the size of the device is 6 inches but not I think that is a good thing because you can not handle this phone then easily

  18. Mehmet says:

    The most interesting seemed S Health app from the category of popular current fitness trackers. Unlike its competitors, it not only allows you to follow the diet, sleep, exercise

  19. Salim Sayegh says:

    While the bit phone battery life has gotten a great potential as compare to previous phone but not too much when compared to predecessor models of the iPhone

  20. Ibn Alfurat says:

    desire 610 is the phone i m looking for hope it include durable battery i knw it is quick in performance because made by htc