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  1. Amr Ahmed says:

    all the time the main advantage of using samsung smartphone is with their nice display and other than that their is more capacity right now with the same dimensions of the battery.. but why not they give us removable options on galaxy s7

  2. Ali Hussen says:

    the LG G Flex screen was more - 6 inches, but the resolution, contrast, smaller - 1280 × 720 pixels.

  3. Maham Hamad says:

    the material used in making Apple smartphones are of high quality as well and that’s why they charge heavily to the customers.

  4. Ummarfarook says:


  5. Kassem Mohammad says:

    I dont konw why that why they are launchingthis phone in Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona, why not in GITEX. I think GITEX is good place for Sony to launch new products.

  6. Imran says:

    impressive performance .. good design immediately extend battery life, for listening to music and watching movies when amplified sound of the phone, and is equipped with a convenient position to use hands-free group conference calls and built-in microphone

  7. Hassan Lahlali says:

    on the edge side extra screen you need to se gestures to view many things as it is a personal feature

  8. Setia Di Raja says:

    will be go on sale just after 5 days; what about the surface pro 4 is it is going to available with this one?

  9. Mazen Gazar says:

    So many things to say and so many things to view. The all new M9 would show something which no other smartphone has yet think of.

  10. Faraz says:

    best budget smartphone but wht about new moto e it is also a good one.. specs, Battery Life, Display all is ok and price tag is also low instead screen size

  11. Abdul Adil says:

    is there is a battery issue on this phone… or this is incurred due to notification light on and other notification enable… so I off all this setting??

  12. Imran Ali says:

    will work and view a variety of information: weather, map, exchange rates, you can also listen to music, it can be controlled via the touch screen

  13. Muzammil says:

    Life and heat dissipation comparison: apple iphone 6 victoroious as compare to all big like phones.. desire 816, lg g3, galaxy note 3 and 4 new...

  14. Sero Sy says:

    This Smartphone make me think again before going to buy a new one for myself and i am so much confuse that weather i buy samsung, apple or lg and i do not come up with a final answer. Help me people.

  15. Aiman Yahya Al-hajj says:

    and what about the variation with the edge model are they going to unveil the curve phone as well

  16. Mohammed Sami says:

    BB-10 OS able to run more android applications and it run all much better than Android )S

  17. Shreef Sundal says:

    as compare this one to the iPad air 2 there is many improvements still required also Lenovo own yoga has high end features good than this

  18. Asghar Dadoa says:

    high quality of 1080p at 60fps that is not a bad thing... iphone 6 is right now capable to give you that kind of things

  19. Aref Darwich says:

    oh !! I like the sharpness and resolution of the iPhone screen 6 is even more higher than any other smartphone

  20. Zaheer says:

    what about the display ??? still same as before according to that Galaxy S5 zoom price should be low