Find Google Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Hiltler John Dayingwa says:

    of course as the expediency of working among a innovation in terms of the basic functions and software in general

  2. Malek F Alhorani says:

    In the majority Apple on this topic say that the suitcases of 6 Plus with "normal use" uncommon.

  3. Saleem says:

    Thanks Ramiz for Updating Price of BlackBerry Porsche Design P 9982.

  4. Baba Ansari says:

    I like every thing 4.7 inches of large screen and I love to play games and watching movies is so good.

  5. Fatah Nofal says:

    samsung continuously unveiling its new models but specs and looks are very similar to previous models... as well prices are not down

  6. Rawaz Hasan says:

    I hoped that the chipset is much more faster and reliable and has a great combination in this era. Absolutely apple iphone is step ahead on this way

  7. Ehsan Khalid says:

    some sellers start selling now just find the best prices 2699 here thanks

  8. Hadil Hekal says:

    I have had several days S6. And I swear on my my mobile, that viewed from the front, it looks like the S5

  9. Ahmed Sami says:

    now it look alike that something cool is coming in 2014...

  10. Tawfik Zaydi says:

    level of performance is really acceptable and I like the pro efficiency of the new force touch. I am playing some of the 3D games on this phone and battery life is pretty nice

  11. Mohamed Tanger says:

    in all types iphone is far more better than android because they are fast, fresh looks and also not many alike each other in markets so you dont have to puzzle with which one you should select.

  12. Mymo Mymo says:

    not this is a mystery that who use this kind of phone 2nd another screen has some interesting feature and is required.. You can make your phone more durable and do your all daily task with it without give too much impact to battery.

  13. Muhammed Zaim says:

    Samsung and Google is using the same AMOLED while at the other hand Apple giant using the Retina what is the big difference

  14. Shashi Yaya says:

    For me, the app can no longer close temporarily . Since only helps the Home button . (Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition ) and same with the note 4 so what can i now do

  15. Ali Hassan says:

    Just a little problem else the phone is totally fine and that is the SD card slot. I need to have a large number of data in my smartphone but now I cannt have it in my smartphone as it does not support SD card.

  16. Fady Osama says:

    In this new Note absolutely fine stuffing of the technology with the most advanced and powerful Snapdragon 805 and yes the new Exynos is also has its own benefits.

  17. Ali Rabia says:

    can I use the stylus on the s6 "iKross Galaxy Touch Screen Stylus Pen" what is this actually anybody help me and give their own suggessions

  18. Hssan Elsud says:

    in the list of all high end phone there is two more.. one plus one and the new 2015 version

  19. Meme Ana says:

    it is a good phone but not their is need to include home keys on the phone why not they make it inside the screen

  20. Mohaman Adamou says:

    Waiting for the most advance phone than the lg g5 than, I want to have something new