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  1. Mukhtar says:

    between their hardware and a plethora of alternatives that can be purchased today .

  2. Rashid says:

    can i know what is the price of galaxy note 3 in dubai dutyfree please?

  3. Moho James Rodrguez says:

    fast, smooth and pleasant to use and that is what is required in any Smartphone.. The great design and looks nice in hands

  4. Ali Arshad says:


  5. Enzo Chamorro says:

    It is clear that the need to make allowances for the fact that a fresh battery, and to look at how it will behave in a year, but now - all is very nice.

  6. Alambarator AlShahm says:

    motion wallpapers will be something differentiable and make it look more amazing.

  7. Saleh Azad says:

    apple now proved that they has an ability to make all kind of gadgets even it is an amazing watch that is so personal.

  8. Khalid Alhllawe says:

    480 x 854 pixels is actually too low resolution for today phones. and the lg k7 looks a log range and is just got new design which has just differing body frrame

  9. MD Rock says:

    I am waiting to see the new design in this smartphone and I think that Sony would have done some new and amazing amount of work in it.

  10. Youssef Shaheen says:

    never ever regret by these kind of phones. a swappable camera lens which is ahead of others be more excited if they gonna use more pixels in future

  11. Anas Anas says:

    it is now unclear that they going to introduct new security features include eye retina in the new coming phones

  12. Nano Mohamed says:

    back to microsoft devices nowin a box on there is all the same things although not they give their phones wireless charging and features like this which is required now a days

  13. Zaman says:

    yes i have it iphone 6 gold 64 gb price 4450

  14. Mohammed Elidassy says:

    Li-Po 3450 is more durable and offers more than a day life so your phone lights on more than a day

  15. Usama Javaid says:

    As its previous family member has show some great stuff so now it is compulsory for it to show some new and amazing stuff so that a trend which is copy the previous one could be end at OnePlus Two.

  16. Hussnain El-Sheikh says:

    so the wristwatch is a good choice by the company to allow for their users to quickly get access on their devices. it is one of the best coolest 2015 tools for the developers that enable no of good applications for upcoming flagships

  17. Osama Mahmoud says:

    yet the good model for me that I found is the 32GB with the silver touch.. Also there is warranty avaialble 1year for free and for 2 year warranty of HTC phone in UAE must take some purchase

  18. Shoker Koofan says:

    note 5 audio comapre to the galaxy s6 is far more better and has housing of the mono speakers as place on the bottom right which also not interrupt while handling of the phone but has decent sound than many other phones

  19. Aamer Solim says:

    LG G5 SE of aluminum, in particular, all of the "tub" and they say leave now the plastic housing. But because of their thickness it is little unpleasant still

  20. Ballouza Bandrouve says:

    The is one of my favorite one but just a battery problem is you know making me to say something like from favorite one to good one.