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  1. Mayada RijabAgha says:

    so this is not so much bigger but not thicker also. The new s pend delivers a bit natural hand writing now that is good and new design philosphy is great

  2. Ahmad Abduladheem says:

    galaxy s6 is a true marvel of technology that among other things can boast by means of manufacturing technology with just 14 nm chipset now..

  3. Ibrahem says:

    is there is a LED Flash on HTC desire 610 ?????

  4. Arakan Alarkani says:

    people say that the bend test of this phone is so horrible; that impact the selling point may be because people think this phone going to scratch inside their pockets :)

  5. Racky says:

    with only [email protected] ? cmon.. 520 has [email protected] ... video recording is important.....

  6. Prince Tariq Said says:

    it is powerful and so good in performance in both maners body and display. Samsung is know for the unique display

  7. Ghilas Karim says:

    A9 chipset on the small size phone meaning the most advanced and fastest phone in world with such combination

  8. Nidal Mahamd Omar says:

    in the support of buttons interupt the phone style, with the true curved body

  9. Ejaz Ali says:

    good capicity battry in this phone as compare its battery performance to nokia x series other phones... but nokia has to make its camera more better like lumia phones

  10. Ceger Kelef says:

    Up to 14 h (3G) talk time and the more increase battery and camera is same. in some features i found Apple performing unbeatable

  11. Zead Abod says:

    3000 mAh battery and something surprising for all of us with the camera module and the display. I know they gonnay put more pixels to the camera unit but the LCD 5 display is something innovative for us right now coming in htc m10 phone

  12. Faris El-Shamy says:

    is mostly impressive as the last editions are but the hardware is not that surprising for us with no big changes on the 6s plus PHABLET

  13. Rachid Bellouarak says:

    a few months ago in LG G4 and after that they updated a whole new family lg v series which is why has a different taste this time

  14. Azer says:

    i want a buy samsung ego s9402

  15. Sami Almoghalles says:

    The Huawei Ascend D3 makes the moment unforgettable..well will be a good phone android phone

  16. Mathew says:

    Hi, I like to buy Lumia 525 ...your feed back... in UAE..price..pls

  17. Levide Labsence says:

    All others rivals work on a larger scale but Apple confidently make their phones more better in class also.

  18. Wafaa Hasan says:

    preparing for shipment now because the date is coming near to become once again the best selling brand with just one or two gadgets

  19. Walid Haydari says:

    may be they going to boast all the things; camera, cpu, ram, iOS and the new iSight features with the new finger print sensor

  20. Khatri Abdul Rasheed says:

    Going to carry this phone but not sure which one I should have to buy; as the new galaxy s6 edge plus or note5 which as well as all high end combinations