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  1. Malek Almohammad says:

    how can i turn off any notification of each applications and how can i turn of all notifications on my iphone 6 where can i get this option?

  2. Saad Salem says:

    it is great to use this phone for professional use as well as do some photography and videography on my note 5. i think the sides and edges are like the iphoen totally which is why many people thing in hands i have something by apple :)

  3. Asad Almahdy says:

    In Dubai where it is available and what is the latest price of this phone. Does the A5 is better that J5. I am confused about it and also please confirm about the speed and battery timings.

  4. Bassam AL Zubaidi says:

    for long time i am waiting for google phone to be come with new apps and capabilities. 4.65-inch screen is also not too much small but not with more big size mean more display5.96-inches and 2560 x 1440 quad-hd is perfect

  5. Ahmed Fawzi says:

    On the back side of the phone tis noteworthy "eye" 8-megapixel camera, which is slightly sticks out.

  6. Anil Jain says:

    A high defination camera is here in this smartphone. Samsung is workin on providing the best smartphone to the market.

  7. Um Badie says:

    Handiness of the device is yet seems to be little good in dimension and the display need to be improve much more

  8. Qadir says:

    past i check orignal model iphone 5,... and not find anything useful and more improved like sony and samsung . but after 5s it is a successful phone that is continue to support lte and other connectivity options

  9. Nedal Abojafer says:

    Designing both the "iPhone 6", like Apple engineers were inspired by his own, earlier Smartphone release in 2013.

  10. Ahmed Abu says:

    why note Samsung include NFc on their phone that is the main reason i am going to buy Apple iPhone 6 PLus or Nexus

  11. Amena Amer says:

    the frame rate is too nice and speed is perfect. Colors and saturations of the images taken from this and the note 4 and s5 is really different

  12. Kamber says:

    totally a good looking phone after the colorful Galaxy J series; there is limited version as like before for this phone??

  13. Atti Bhatti says:

    As LG G2, the latest flagship is fully devoid of buttons on the front panel, as well as the ends.

  14. GM says:

    I want to buy this in Australia please - Thnx

  15. Mohammed Albatat says:

    I think microSD removal in this Smartphone is a wonderful step taken by Samsung. Might they want us to see a phone without a SD card as we have in the past. If you remember those phones were quite fast and perform well not like our todays phones.

  16. Shahzad Shallwani says:

    I know that there is a lower battery but if you are searching for a smartphone that can provide yo that much of features so there is non except 5S

  17. Zardad Mir says:

    This smartphone would be consisting the same stuff like apple iphone 6 and just a Change of OS that would be making it unique amoung all.

  18. Shaikh Mohammad says:

    The Sport model and it is as the lightest on the market Apple Watch with much low prices

  19. Zeeshan Anwer Zeeshan says:

    Again the front camera is not good it is just of 2.1 megapixel and provide a low quality result.

  20. Omeir Baig says:

    this is totally a bad phone... also you can find now more pretty with good specification and look phones.. like lg l bello and .. i thing xperia is also good in this..