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  1. Ababneh says:

    quality of camera time after time extended with the different features but not they are giving us wider angle meaning in apple iphone 7 may be there is dual camera lens of something offering more wide angles

  2. Mohamad Moha says:

    rough surface of the rear cover allows the device to be securely held in the hand and does not slip.

  3. Pranit Juzam says:

    When nokia xl launched in pune

  4. Hussein Ilya Wiseman says:

    The issue is the majority common in the Wallet application, as the more clear display this all indicates the one is using that phone is not capable to delete cards from the application but may from somewhere else it is possible.

  5. Hamed Mohamed says:

    Samsung learn from its mistakes and i think that this is the best thing for a smartphone company that they wont repeat the Small battery problem.

  6. Mohamed Abdalla says:

    Of course, the higher resolution screens possibly will use up the battery earlier, so Apple self-control necessitates to pay off in that area.

  7. Mohammad Zaghloul says:

    Stupendous performance which all of us are expecting from them but also their is some of the cons on their phones as their is No fast-charging and too much big design hard to handle at all the iphone 6s plus

  8. Wazni Kahla says:

    new-fangled and better features comprise the aptitude to get notes lacking unlock the device, and an updated Air Command attribute that demonstrate a hovering icon for rapid right to use to stylus tools features.

  9. Rabah Mahdi says:

    New version will have 32 GB of internal memory that can support microSD cards of up to 128 GB. It will not lack the classic white and golden

  10. Ahmad AlJallad says:

    adjust the color on your lg g4 smartphone have preloaded with which the application can be adjusted to almost perfect result.

  11. Ali Emad says:

    The phone two microphones, they are at the ends. At the bottom end - the usual microUSB-socket and 3.5 mm jack for a headset or headphones.

  12. Jehad Batal says:

    Work stylus handy, although a tiny delay when drawing notes to get best usage to, also as to the lack of few friction on the paper.

  13. Kamran Mirza says:

    The next step which is taken by the company is the improvement of the processors and it performance.

  14. Ali Rabia says:

    New bands and model combinations all with the new watch os 2 platform and previos editions specially sport models prices are less now

  15. Rany Alatar says:

    a pressure-sensitive screen like the 3D Touch display they reveal on their new gen devices apple watch, macbooks and on the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus give it even more intelligence to us

  16. Mubarak Alqusaili says:

    it is a next generation Smartphone which is presenting Samsung in the market in totally a different way that Samsung can make these kinds of Smartphones as well.

  17. Abdalsamia Alfalah says:

    Nice phone,, now user able to use DropBox and its average is 18hrs 3G- 25 hrs

  18. Mahadeen Haq says:

    Which is better overall the note 3 or the galaxy a9 phone? Any one used the both phones please suggest me because a9 is the new phone and also the specifications looks high to note 3

  19. Sameh Ramdan says:

    The front part of the body, too, has a kind of protection. I am talking about heavy-duty glass is stronger counterparts from about 20%.

  20. Faheem John says:

    Can you please specify the right like of these products