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  1. Ahmed Saif says:

    The screen of the iPhone 6 Plus, from a decently technical point, everything in a much odd way that has produced all types of explanations and pains, particularly among designers

  2. Daniel says:

    edge additional screen has extra boost for its competitors also they aim to make now some fashionable best looking devices.

  3. Sohail Mughal says:

    When the smartphone landscape orientation image display on the screen is done in landscape orientation, with the image on the monitor is inscribed in the edge of the screen and is an exact copy of the screen of your smartphone

  4. Ayhm Alway says:

    all the major features are just copy with the google moto 360 smart watch

  5. Alabadi says:

    New Galaxy A Series appeared on the store's of UAE different versions. It used to be that the market will be only 4 options, which is very interesting.

  6. Alsham Ward says:

    i see the both models and find that the best one is the small one... 6+ phone is more big in size but not a best phablet phone yet.. there is a need of more things also more enhance the resolution of this phone that is not much high as samsung is offering with note 4 and note edge is more better as well

  7. Sara Aboshi says:

    Best camera phone yet available in market with the 16MP most fabulous features comparable to 20MP camera and fast enough camera than g4

  8. Isam Abdelmuti says:

    My personal advice is to keep 30fps, which is more than enough in most cases, before moving to 60fps if you need higher quality

  9. Mahmoud Hasan says:

    for day to day use the battery is really impressive with the usual iphone 6s; and iphone 6 plus is not that durable than. Array of palms than and seems to be such a big deal among the UI

  10. Bestun Abdulla says:

    The high end curve phone by LG is really amazing and wonderful.. Good to see a samrtphone with the amazing shape and body dimentions.

  11. Sobhi Mansour says:

    Phone size has the perfect diagonal as important adaptability, throw in the status and the social network and a variety of messenger and more apps with the perfect growth.

  12. Muhammad Awais says:

    The effectiveness of the coating is significantly got more high then iPad mini in ipad air 2, but in both cases, considerably lower than Nexus 9.

  13. Rewan Sharif says:

    there is full metallic body

  14. Aaban says:

    The unique capabilities of photos and videos on your smartphone with waterproof housing , but now this kind of good prices setted by sony.. indicates that sony is one of the best brand in making smarthphones now..just in a line of Samsung and Apple

  15.  Chaudhry Faisal Ameen says:

    The Smartphone is really showing some new and wonderful stuff and i think that this would become the cause of their sucess for sure.

  16. Haboubacar Mahaman Mansour says:

    That indicates that bring up-to-date and have to be inclined dreamily as I want to actually hold by old-school consumers and attraction in newfangled.

  17. Karim Somani says:

    3220 mAh battery is really heavy. It can make you provide the smartphone services for a long time so that you can have the best samsung experience and this is just not enough because there is so much more to explore.

  18. Rami Farhat says:

    is there is non removable battery they are using for the samsung j1 phone and what about the phone price for the dual sim version