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  1. Sangeen KhAn says:

    best google android platform for the more best expeience of surfing web and lot more you can do with lot more ease

  2. Anees Masood says:

    Starting with the GALAXY Alpha, Samsung has changed its approach to the design of smartphones to satisfy the request of the metal audience. However, this too loudly.

  3. Enaythur Rahaman says:

    Why do rumors stay declining for things like this? It's no upset and any issue to unveiled next after long time, Sony some need to get a some days of press for the reason that so much crap might dig up proclaim all through MWC 2015 power get loss in every one the sound.

  4. Radia Azzi says:

    there is a beautiful stylish body and has 3 different colors finishing

  5. Ali Bakush says:

    phone is small version of new xperia z2... but i think something more in its design

  6. Rebar Muhammed says:

    Well there are many cases in the market available to make your phone protected against dust and water; I recommend urban armor gear cases for galaxy s6

  7. Mosab Hamdan says:

    The phone was a good start and we have seen a lot of things come up after this. This is called learn from the mistakes.

  8. Laila Engno says:

    The company's flagship Sony Xperia Z4 after a short time appeared on the shelves I think will be the high end phone with slimmest thinnest body

  9. Hamdy Mohmmed Mohammed says:

    as compare it to note 4 and the edge special edition many things goes brilliant expect display of the device

  10. Khalid says:

    People compare Samsung galaxy S series with iPhone, but in my point of view, there is no match of Samsung Galaxy S6 with Apple iPhone 6 or 7, iPhone technology is far ahead of Samsung Smartphones.

  11. Raed Abu-Qaoud says:

    if you want a removable battery plus all brilliant things on your mobile phone than perfect option is for you is the galaxy s7..

  12. Abdullah Adil says:

    i m in waiting for note 4 before buying note 3...because i am expecting that prices of the note 3 come down when note 4 arrive

  13. Omed M. Saeed says:

    its supersized dimensions not a doubt within their bezel less display launching new flagships. the scales at a hefty 192g is more good to the iphone 6s plus compare to iphone 6 plus

  14. Vipinan says:

    Where we can get oppo find 7 mobile phone in qatar , please provide us the contact details and contact numbers urgently. awaiting your return response. Regards/vipinan Nair

  15. Alex Mozeb says:

    But, of course, except for one detail - that is at, which is responsible for displaying images on a curved area. In this we will focus.

  16. Zinoush Pretty says:

    all i get is people talking about the design of the iphones? seriously, your not worth it.

  17. Raman Hassan says:

    toughest challenge right now because samsung also has bit similar touch gear now but different shape more looking elegant.. But apple has more premium watches editions but too costly

  18. Faheem says:

    What's the price of actual this??

  19. Mahesh Vaghela says:

    Sony is allegedly leaving its present six-month announcement cycle in favor of revealing one leading smartphone in a year.

  20. Cihan Emre says:

    this is great as they give finally after long time cardslot options to their new series. The color combination of the samsung phone is bit similar to the apple with bright colors.. But different dark colors and glossy back which looks great in samsung galaxy s7