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  1. Em Omar says:

    generally, it is a best device and a well-intentioned rival of some other Phablet’s phones, and respectable upgrading over its previous devices.

  2. Mohammed Shakir says:

    The videos are very good, again very homogeneous, with perfect fluidity and generally responsive autofocus even if it seemed to take his time in some cases.

  3. Edi Abu Faresi says:

    The best and useful device has durable followed a cycle of constant new updates of features and technology: one year we have a brand new project and the next update an internal hardware with lot more new things arrived.

  4. Baris Aslantas says:

    the same as its high end brother phone got the Wireless charging but actually it depends on the market or note for google nexus 5x?

  5. Hassan Alsaleh says:

    they not need to include QWERTY keyboard now because there is no need of it touch panel is more nice

  6. Adeeb Yousef says:

    i recently buy the battery in aed 30 for the iphone 4s and it is now working ok with the phone also phone heat up issue is gone

  7. Roses Mohamed says:

    While the iPad mini saw a qualified minor update so that i not say it is big one release of this year by Apple

  8. Admin2 says:

    How do i compare phones that are so different... but samsung all new phones like that are very similar to each other so no new innovation

  9. Mohsen Abbas says:

    we must be realistic to have a micro sd recorded and read at increasingly higher speeds and there are new micro sd

  10. Omer Nesta says:

    The is best and wondeful when at work and if your at office but it is not a good choice when in a party. where you have to do so many things and so much with it.

  11. Muhammad Maqsood says:

    I want 207 in uae

  12. Arshad Al Namr says:

    Meanwhile the aforesaid phones from them are totally armed with the new launch OS version 6.0, but sony is too fast to make its way to Marshmallow

  13. Hany Mohamed Sayed Ali says:

    Good exposure and many of that kind of things that make galaxy s7 to stand alone on the list of top class phones come so far. it is a brilliant successor after s6 but not make that sale

  14. Nuha Fidda says:

    I like previous the mechanism of the s as it looks to be useful for many times but now after seen other PHABLET phones it think it is not much required thing they are offering for years.

  15. Normilyn T. Andan says:

    take a test of the battery performance and it give me life of 13hrs with the talk time that is all ok because the slim design of the phone and it is fast

  16. Haroun Kadri says:

    iny size though with bit more thicker body because of use of more battery capacity and claims to be the most high end with the intriguing idea

  17. Hashem Alyosof says:

    design and built of this phone is just similar to the iphone and premium glass metallic housing required more nice finishing and smooth edges. galaxy s6 is bit slippery phone

  18. Hiba Moghrabi says:

    Quite a lot of camera assessments have been done so far with the last year model and also visible the better-quality 6s cameras in action

  19. Mustafga says:

    i want pure 1 pure 1, any color. pls call 0557667146

  20. Afnan Emad says:

    Cook is further professional, authoritative power, more use of current business planing-making, so Apple Watch situation decide the most conventional, classic Swiss watches form is not surprising.