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  1. Omar Mejri says:

    No wireless charging, an infrared port, or FM radio but these things either not included in the iphone 6 and 6s series.

  2. Mohamad Othman says:

    For the volume button of the oneplus one when the tap is turned off, you can activate the music controls when long press the up or down keys to switch tracks.

  3. Ali Almalekie says:

    Great phone by all means price, hardware and all are ok.. But s5 samsung is quite bigger then this phon but display of htc this time much improved..

  4. Suffiyaan says:

    also neo version for this mobile is for those who not afford note 3… but s5 mini is more good than this phone so buy it,… also available in dual sim version

  5. Mohamed Saeed Mushallah says:

    low amount of ram in the iphone 6s does not mean it is a bad phone. some apps are offering some ideal functionalities right now.

  6.  Asim Imram says:

    The Screen size is really wonderful and this is the best smartphone in specs and in other stuff.

  7. Rami Darwish says:

    The face surface of the display screen is made in the form of a glass plate alongside with a mirror-that make it smoothest surface which is opposed to to scratches. And make the phone to perform even more durable

  8. Ahmad Hisso says:

    As the feature pixel density not got much more density that s6 but will be the next iPhone has plus that 450ppi.. due to friendly design for your pockets they have to exclude many things

  9. Dziriya says:

    dont sure about its actual price of one m8 ace , but phone looks expensive

  10. Nareeman Mas says:

    how camera works with the slow motion video recording??

  11. Amine Meslem says:

    so this phone is coming in the last months of the 2015... and at the beginning they are going to unveil 6s and 6c

  12. Abdulla says:

    I want Nokia 6100

  13. Ahmed Adel says:

    6s is another high price apple model... this time want this in water proof apple functions..

  14. Yaseen says:

    Amazing and awesome,,, Thats why i always recommended this ;)

  15. Guermane Mokdad says:

    Front camera is ok in manner of sharpness and shoot modes are easy and has nice quality features

  16. Dhurgham Mohammed says:

    it is nice phone in such prices

  17. Abdur-Rahman says:

    what is the best color for galaxy s5... is it is looking pretty in blue color or Black color is good... not want white color..

  18. Amet Syr says:

    yeah30% thinner than iPhone 6 and I found this phone pretty in all kinds.. Dimension, cpu, camera and battery life all got stunning improvments

  19. Dastagir Basha says:

    Super AMOLED screen offering even more amazing results S-Pen is really great to write with. and other than that the responsive and fast

  20. Amardeep Chaudhary says:

    The result of front camera will really make you feel stunned as it is providing the best results and a realistic image quality.