Find Gigabyte Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Hazem Salah says:

    Things that has taken my attention on this particular phone is the HD result and the Quad-core processor. I think this is best Smartphone for a normal user.

  2. Shahbaz Adil says:

    Nowadays, Smartphone companies are also in the competition of battery life ratings and LG G4 will also do marvels in the sales graph if it will offer worthy battery specs.

  3. Kashif Bashir says:

    Samsung is a Smartphone company which is very much consious in making wonderful smartphones and thats why you can see many of its Smartphones having superb look and design

  4. Bassem Chaouachi says:

    Un identifiable caller just indicating that someone is calling you that is well all this is not store in contcts list ... but it might be correct that you should answer it to see who is calling

  5. Franklin Molina S says:

    there is so good seamless metallic body well the quality material is for the first time used by them, Exynos 14nm 64-bit Octa Core i recommend to you

  6. Youssef Rajawi says:

    uses Gorilla Glass used in the iphone 6s phone is looking more elegant than the xperia z5 premium. To cover the screens of their smartphones and give more palm to hands while handling need to give round edges

  7. MOHAMED says:

    ?????? ????? ??? ?????? ??? ?????? CUBOT S208 ?? ??? ???? ??????? ????

  8. Nouunou Madrid says:

    you are ritght that Samsung still not manage with the feel in hands much well as others.. But know the Alpha and other phones with metallic body is great and I love it

  9. Asif Jahan says:

    This mobile is good I like this

  10. Mohammed Alhussain says:

    it is looking a great and powerful smartphone by sony

  11. Naveed Zakaria says:

    A processor is really very good and if there is Exynos 5 Octa 5430 inside your smartphone so you would be loving it.

  12. Saif Addali says:

    but the phone has wireless charging benefits also which is another useful feature update to their batteries right now

  13. Hassan Moustafa says:

    latest edition really work fine on this to unlock your smartphone in a great way and from the beackside look similar to motorola moto x series

  14. Don Sagarino says:

    When it will come?

  15. Ali Ahmed says:

    And it is not an monster, due to the pixels G3 equipped were too overcrowded, and compabt had to make some of the alternative from time to time disagreeable stress on fonts. At the other side note 4 not has these issues

  16. Ahmed Salim says:

    the volume rocker, the middle - the voice command button. On the back of the visible 8-megapixel lens and LED flash.

  17. Touseef Ali says:

    I am in al ain city Abu dubai

  18. Satish says:

    Its best mobile phone in sumsong

  19. Ahmed Saed says:

    the new marshmallow update is available for this smartphone.. Well that is nice firmware section need to first update befor updating new os in note 5

  20. Hawre Kasnazani says:

    stunning camera, in addition there is stunning fingerprint sensor as well working so accurate and fast, wireless charging round compelling package Battery life might be even more better in future but it will take at least one day maybe longer, depending on the application