Find Gigabyte Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Ahmed Pramod says:

    need the prices information. and the further detail include the release date and available colors options

  2. Hussein Bhutta says:

    a new added camera that is also best for selfie ... you can take photos with hd,. and if you get your hands on this phone cehck out the features with video recording at 240 fps..lapse video mode is the best mode

  3. Fatima Anwar says:

    A little catch-up, very little innovation in the new model of te older z3

  4. Dhammika Dulaa Bandara says:

    I like the screen resolution and the camera result but not in the lower light.

  5. Ayham Alhamoud says:

    the rumors are spread info about two phones coming right now one is iphone Se abbrevation is special edition and the other one is iphone 5e coming

  6. Star Khoz says:

    shielding design will be even less fat in future than we seen in iphone 6s. gestures should be more easy with the new software updates time after time

  7. Basheer Soad says:

    is there is also a tablet coming by oneplus in future 2015?

  8. Syed Aziz says:

    bit different design, planned upgrade to v5.0 (Lollipop) and has same as note edge has 3GB of RAM

  9. Najwa Otab says:

    this phone is nice to handle with the one hand and has good colors you can look at the device long while

  10. Mujtaba says:

    got almost everything here . designed for pure speed like a racing car ,iphone 5s phone stripped down to its barest essential is.

  11. Faheem John says:

    Can you please specify the right like of these products

  12. Mohamad Kattan says:

    Altogether 3D Touch more accurately detects pressing force, whereby the screen is not required to press too hard to obtain a second and a third click.

  13. Hema says:

    previous galaxy s4 zoom is really good, well awaiting for galaxy s5 zoom

  14. Nadwi Arfi says:

    well that is possibly a good phone for those looking for mobile phone cheap with new updates regarding to OS.

  15. Nazir says:

    I want nexus 6p 64gb but in ur website it shoeing too much costly

  16. Nurul Ulfal says:

    I am sure that they gonna beat all the brand specially Apple is beat by Samsung after that amazing phone

  17. Mohammed Nader says:

    this phone going to beat the z3 sony phone as it looks really nice and the graphics and ram is high enough for users

  18. Mohammad Syr says:

    when Lg g pad 8.3 prices are official

  19. Ibrahim AlSelek says:

    Of now also developed clear that the Samsung S6 and the Edge model might be with nearly all the state when it originates to show off the phone vivid photography skills

  20. Tufayel Tamim says:

    In copied tests this chipset does not show the great results, but it does not affect the performance, it works quite well and rapidly.