Find Gigabyte Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Saleem Taher says:

    1mm thinner than before possibly more less mah of the battery and no wireless charging features on this phone either.

  2. Zione Toatr says:

    .. they all seem to want to annoy rather bet LG confusing with the v10 lg, because I am not aware that the Note or Edge the S6Edge and Edge + the curve is a separate screen

  3. Honey Shukran says:

    mate 7 is one of the most best phone is seen yet in my life.. You like htc m8 and other lg phones but when you get your hands on the mate 7 you love it

  4. Yousef Ali says:

    The display is really amazing as all the peoples are saying because no other phone has this. I have never ever in my life see this kind of display; yes with apple mac it is possible

  5. Wahid Maknin says:

    we will see how much attractive the price tag for the phone is. Such hardware is definitely make it on the top list and battery life is also amazing. But why not they are improving their phone display 1080x1920 pixels screen resolution is the most lowest with the 5.5inches phone.

  6. Omar Alkaff says:

    other than the front facing camera was upgraded to 5MP which is a required feature

  7. Eisa Taqana says:

    cut in the prices of the Note 4 AFTER the Note 5 releases and now after the launch of the s7 series new the prices of note 5 in uae cut down

  8. Korkut Yildirim says:

    knows it could sell an iPhone with 3 days of battery life if you maintain a thickness of Iphone 5 or 5S and size 4.7inches

  9. Ebraheem Mohamed says:

    truly a beuty capture by this camera best of the best and all the things in manner of photography is stunning

  10. Nada Nader says:

    Dont worry about this

  11. Arki Narki says:

    this is great to include more features with the help of new iOS even the required thing is to maintain the life of the device that need to be optimize

  12. Rafat Jhjah says:

    best of luck with the new iphone 6s series well i am waiting for this one

  13. Evangelyn says:

    How much the price of Asus Zenfon6 pls...

  14. Jose says:

    U have to call me on this no..0561321761

  15. Jehad Alhamde says:

    On the surface of the cover - is now completely white - the color image device disappeared, and was replaced by embossing "iPhone" in full size.

  16. Ozan Dagdeviren says:

    The difference is that we have updates iOS and android that 4 years will be lost in the limbo of outdated software and system vulnerabilities.

  17. Ahmed Zizo says:

    is these phones are work fine even with the qi wireless charger and what about the charging capabilities of the apple iphones right now with the combination of their new operating system

  18. Muneeb says:

    directly a competitor with iphone 6 .. samsung alpha i am keeping an eye on this phone as well after see iphone 6 hardware.

  19. Nour Ana says:

    the best screen, the maximum RAM, a faster processor and a better camera and what more we need in their phone is the good capacity of battery and phone should not be so much quickly heated

  20. Kabeer says:

    at this similar price, the nokia xl is undoubtedly the best choice for me intelligent phone made by nokia