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  1. Bayan Xanqa says:

    there is no performance issue on the nexus phone but some issues with the camera because some features is not now after year working as at start

  2. Yaseen says:

    Samsung is really a vast galaxy that features the best smartphones in the world, i enjoy having a Samsung smartphones, the camera and the features are awesome.

  3. Ahmad Soliman says:

    ofcourse coming this year from them lot more.

  4. Abdrahim Slassi Zaarat says:

    Probably, eventually, after the increase in the average human growth Homo sapiens increase in size and in the hands.

  5. Khaled Alnoor says:

    on February 21st their plan to launch the new lg g5 and may be new v series come alongside with the traditional phones by them this year

  6. Laith Ibrahem says:

    the phone functions might be be good for those who seeking for marshmallow phones but i say lg is not doing well with the nexus family at all. also new nexus 6p is a good phone but too bulky size of the device

  7. Shaad Faris says:

    so the 4inch size was between the best small on the markets of uae.. and frankly i am saying it is powerful phone.. but why not apple include more high life battery on this apple phone is a mystery

  8. Benmalek Melal says:

    On the iPhone 5S I can without any effort to get the thumb to the upper left corner of the screen so they need to improve the pixels of camera and make 20MP camera.

  9. Hamada Zayed says:

    there is some brilliant options in the new one so hope they going to challenge apple force touch in future

  10. Ahmad Khalel says:

    The top phone Samsung GALAXY Note 3 was the nearly all attractive opening exhibition IFA 2013.

  11. Al Anida Dalora says:

    If we compare the rates of samsung along with the Apple so we'd got to know that Apple is using the same technology like samsung has but they are charging a lot of money than the Samsung.

  12. Fahd Ahmed says:

    As an alternative to a model of cloud white (cloudy white), which is used primarily white, and frame - silver metal.

  13. Khaled Mahmoud says:

    its battery life is perfect as compare to LG

  14. Wael Sayed says:

    Edge runs on the latest SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 and has 3 GB of RAM.

  15. Resulcan Dasdemir says:

    one of the best around us and a true successor model of the last nexus 6 phone launch in 2015 withing motorola brand name

  16. Kanwal Aatif says:

    If we talk about the price this smartphone is cheaper and it is having the specs same as the other expensive smartphone like samsung and HTC but the main thing is this that they are asking a lower amount.

  17. Raju says:

    me bying a650 but inside arabic ineed english

  18. Shan Jan says:

    the phone is being awesome with the perfect RAM and processing speed; will appreciate the makers of Motorola phones, and even for casual users might be more pleasant to work in the reasonable prices

  19. Supun Nirmana Chandrasiri says:

    New company and cheaper quality of stuff inside which means lots of heating problem and many other problems that can cause problems .

  20. Reda Azez says:

    all the meaningfull internal hardware and nice features packed inside this amazing mobile phone