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  1. Xelil Bozan says:

    Sometimes you just hit the start button and find that this phone is not something so brilliantly made by samsung.. even the alpha and new a series has the same use of physical keys which i not like in note 5 actually

  2. Sumaiah Rabeea says:

    Nor is the most complete for specifications, but in this segment as it were just born, the technology is not in some cases the leading role.

  3. WaRis Khan Hattar says:

    The Attention is grabe due to the curve and the Style of this particular smartphone.

  4. Aziz Rashidi says:

    also tell me the prices of this phone in etisalat store.. How much is the price for the iphone 6 silver 128gb lte.

  5. Gned Kuti says:

    special if the prices are low than 500$ will be the nice package ever

  6. Ghadeer Salah says:

    what is the released date of Nexus 6 and when Nexus 6 is available for shipping.....

  7. Alkahzali Alaa says:

    The iPhone 6 Plus claims numerous exclusive lens qualities such as optical image stabilization, that remain noticeably absent from the regular iPhone 6.

  8. Fayrooz Alqaisi says:

    x play has not good eye catching outer look but is a high end phone with brilliant camera features

  9. Mir Mouzam Ali says:

    5.5 is best size if they want to make big phone

  10. Naya Ghasan says:

    OH No!! not again the similar horrible keyboard design.... with all low spec and features

  11. Yones Samhan says:

    While selecting any text on iOs device I always think that this is something I see before in my Samsung phone but the same features is in the old iOS as well that mean Google copy the feature

  12. Alenood Almarry says:

    The device is lighter, make of nicer metal and is curved edges that are really smooth now

  13. Muassam says:

    i want to buy lenovo k3 phone in qatar.... please tell me where is can get it....

  14. Hamdany says:

    what is the galaxy s5 zoom battery life????

  15. Mslm Arage says:

    Then electronics compares pictures, and the smaller the shift between them, the better the camera is focused and as compare to nexus phone there is much improvement needed.

  16. Khalith Athy says:

    Hearing from the Rumors that the ram of this particular Smartphone is not workng well enough to provide the fastest speed.

  17. Mukhtar Ahmad says:

    lower battery is not enough for me and I want a smartphone that can bear a long day with me not few hours.

  18. Naruemon says:

    using an equivalent facts as the note 4 but the more higher resolution with more amount of pixels density

  19. Loai Kattan says:

    With automatic brightness control can be seen that it is not always the maximum, often it can seem dull.

  20. Dawod Almadni says:

    Display Resolution and PPI of the both big phablets by them is low with low and poor body ratio.