Find Gigabyte Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Dina Amir says:

    very cheap and one of the fav line up of mine with the Windows Phone platform is Lumia

  2. Majed Almajed says:

    tell me easiest way to update my os on note edge top lollipop... and tell me also the new enhancment best with the camera of the phone

  3. Alhlwane Abo Adhm says:

    The camera, a miracle. I took a trip average SLR, so the level is not worse than the pictures

  4. Tez Cordae says:

    samsung launchs many gears previously but after apple watches makes its appearance in market they grab all the attention of the consumers.. No one actually know about the gear 2 and other like that

  5. Hassan Siddig says:

    fight goes on among the iphone and galaxy new comers till the end of the year than new successors are ready to take its positions

  6. Steve Zidan says:

    To start the battery power comparable Surface Pro and other devices. x86-tablet Microsoft, like Apple iPad 3 has a battery capacity of 42.5 Wh

  7. Sohaib Odat says:

    No disappointment with the bigger phone 10.1mm thick they have to make dimension of the phone little more thin because the phone is too huge and not grip easily in hands. But yes there is a good back

  8. Falah Hasan Al Kaabi says:

    high end in the category

  9. Zeeshan Ahmed Qureshi says:

    difference of the LTE band because of the carriers

  10. Abobaker Hassan says:

    In the Voice note your voice will be immediately converted to text.

  11. Abo Abd says:

    there are actually different models for the different regions well the prices of the s7 edge is more high because it is so good phone

  12. Hazem Abdul Maabood says:

    It seems to me, or top and bottom of the frame is clearly too big? .. However, even at the edges are not too smooth for single grip in hands but as compare to the 5s and 5c it is bit impressive. In view of such a reserve could be made considerably wider than the screen size while maintaining.

  13. Motaz Scott says:

    In adding up, the BB Classic might come back with many things as well familiar to their fans of BlackBerry "chips"

  14. Amro Wadeed says:

    so may be they uses usb port type c or something else on the phones. storage options is required to be improve bit in iphones because the future android phones seems to be got flash storage

  15. Lovely Jojo says:

    Mac OS X Yosemite Beta 5 is really provviding some thing good and amazing in this Pad and i think you'd be feeling good while using this Smartphone.

  16. Moustafa Ghulam says:

    13-megapixel camera what you more need actually??? Tell me

  17. Rajat Behl says:

    This smarphone is using a corning gorilla glas 4 that is good to protect the screen and I want to see that what kind of color combinaton it would provide.

  18. AhmEr Khan says:

    Surface Pro , it does seem very powerful and attractive.

  19. Aljoory Ahmad says:

    2 MP, 1080p secondary camera overall there is some need to increase the pixels

  20. Machkor Lahssn says:

    At the moment, difficulties with the availability of the console has more or less settled. Not that the console is sold on every corner, but you find it is not difficult.