Find GFIVE Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Nano Elmrangy says:

    As like always this also got the same Soft design, in combination with a reduced thickness, the device provides an excellent fit to the hand.

  2. Karima says:

    not just in the field of the built quality changes can be made but even the material used in this phone is more powerful

  3. Saafir says:

    find one serious suspect on this phone . Something wrong with battery not when using at high recommend usage.. Also now low down quickly after normal usage

  4. Sami Lakal says:

    The display is not that different at all as compare to lg v10 and the other high end smartphone; it's the same size of the screen but really nice combination with the ram and more pixels density

  5. Haytham S Aldeek says:

    Koreans really with the plastic housing has many cons because their phones has cheap material housing at all the previous model is all good with the graphics and other cpu features are upgraded

  6. Rasol Jamal says:

    moto x may replace your iphone 5s but it is not a much premium and give you good feeling in hands as Apple is capable of

  7. Daniel says:

    one thing that always Sasmung focus on is the camera features and pixels that no other rival is offering in such kind of prices and body design. samsung is great and the display of this smartphone note 4 is just awesome

  8. Farida Aslam Damji says:

    Larger screen with a resolution that is amazgly good and thats the main reason that user kove to view things on it and they love to see a large number of things. They play games and watch movies so much on it.

  9. Morad Alharbi says:

    so found the issue on the plus variant the Blue screen is first flash to red and then the logo of Apple arrive but can not turn it off just anyone guide me to how is it get disable.

  10. Sobia Sehar says:

    Apple Watch have quite a large button, which can also be scrolled as in a mechanical watch.

  11. Hamza Assil says:

    Then slightly smaller than the iPad Mini iPhone 6 Plus may be difficult to hold in one hand, some people are tight

  12. Amith says:

    What is the excat price of iPhone 7 and what s the excat screen size and When it's launched in dubai m waiting immediatel answer please

  13. Mohmmad Seefan says:

    That way at a distance of 50 cm from the eye in the "iphone" did not notice the pixels.

  14. Mohamed Khalil says:

    All this talk takes to come to a conclusion: it is obvious that more is better defined, but I challenge you to notice with the naked eye the pixels on this display

  15. Sorish says:

    it will be available around the world in 2014

  16. Ghalia Alkadi says:

    i see the hands on review of ipod touch 5h gen yes it looks great the speakers are good and playing games with wifi is good

  17. Mohammed Saleh says:

    there is a more enhanced pixels and this approx 6 inches in size phone is offering QHD display that gives best detail to each of your photo, game and movies

  18. Adalat Khan Kakar says:

    I say that as I see the test also the 6 as compare to plus big model hold up extremely well with support of a nary a spot or cut on the Smartphone.

  19. Rekan Kurdi says:

    Battery life of this phone might been much better because i need to do more with single charge

  20. Nacer Gon says:

    Costs at Least $255 to Build so it means their is a best match of the rates of this phone