Find GFIVE Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Faiq Asfour says:

    For those who lover wearing fashionable things has a large collection to choose for. Well the sport band and bracelet look for the professionals

  2. Syed Honey says:

    It has a fine fine fine camera I love its camera and the way it capture picturs is amazing. Samsung and other brands have to learn so many things from sony.

  3. Ritaj Algerai says:

    seriously that is amazing but need low prices

  4. Aadrian says:

    very nice upcoming flasgship the previous model design is just what my dream and now this one is coming so waiting for this one

  5. Nadia Said says:

    This is now becoming quite common that females are buying smartphones, not for there self but for their bro sis and now here for husband.

  6. Zeinab Ahmed says:

    this phone has not best display as compare to OPPO still need more improvment

  7. Faraz Sarwar says:

    Apple keep itself in a limit and thats why a large nmber of people love them a lot. The phone is not so big and not so small but the thing is you'd going to love it while you keep it in your hand.

  8. Farri says:

    maximum support eight hits, minimum support three hits., without first light up the screen, after the operation was successful direct access to the main screen on lg g3 that is good

  9. Jabbaar Karem says:

    can i attach additional accessories for camera and other keybaord on note 5? where can i buy those

  10. Q says:

    Microsoft SurfacePro3 is very popular recently a 12-inch portable notebook computer products. Surface series since the first generation release, it has been the focus of controversy and topics

  11. Mohamed Ali Al Zaabi says:

    The best brand now keep maintained its sell level in UAE and not just that as we take a look on international market response after iPhone 6 it is continuously going on hikes. The best and the next another iPhone is expected to be arrive now.

  12. DiwOsh Chamhang Rae says:

    What is the current price of LG G Flex 2 in.. Dubai AED. Please anybody help me.....

  13. Abdullah Al-azzawi says:

    Versus the new iPhone it might be the far better but not the design because the borrow many things from Apple now in manner of body use and button placements that give it a total different feeling than previous galaxy

  14. Farman says:

    Whats the price in carrefour ?

  15. Abdulhadi Zangir says:

    i like bbm application but i need whts app as well because in some phones bbm not working and my frends dnt have bb phone... so i need whts app to compeletely working on this

  16. Jeshwin Johnson says:

    So like that the Koreans next big thing is this the edge and the note 4 is not going to be available with the alumunium; well I am expecting it to be have the metallic skin next time.

  17. Kamal Hoseen says:

    now the weaker battery ? so what is the innovation in the following phones if there is low life even low pixels density?

  18. Farhad Jalall says:

    I love it not just because I always use the same phone of same brand because I just like it because of popularity.. it is all because there is so perfect build quality and look so amazing in hands that no one other is.

  19. Zul Syahrial says:

    why not they are giving an iphone 7 some of the special features as samsung does with the note 7 new phone which is really options. Removable options now adays in the mobile phones is something required and necessary to use

  20. Khurram says:

    this phone are in my waiting list when releasing apple this??