Find Galaxy Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Mohammad Azharuddin says:

    If there is no Panasonic eluga turbo then we don't need other mobile's....

  2. Aneeta Nandakumar says:

    The amazing thing is... The sapphire touch screen is able to identify the difference between a placid touch and a hard pressed touch and respond consequently. But you can still send little photos to other smartwatch users by making picture on the screen with your finger... amazing option.

  3. Ahmed Sallam says:

    metal design and equivalently sized to the compact sizes smartphone is brilliant thing apple do but pricing of the iphone 6 put the phone to an expensive category

  4. Wassim says:

    I si one iPhone 5 in u website 325 AED this really price

  5. Noor El Waffia says:

    For the google platform fans, as the same I am contains, were above all thrilled by korean’s towards metalallic covering with the desing, the ALPHA got the same but I am missing this kind of camera that comes up with the Edge

  6. Cagatay Ergezer says:

    remarkable innovation may be next recognization is with the eye and another thing to give is the force 3d touch and view for the device.. which they are right now one step behind to apple

  7. Mohamed Gasm says:

    Weight unit is quite light and thin. Design, very nice phone, the edges look very impressive (more than they do nothing).

  8. Abo Ali says:

    But the device is as well an little device. It is the first completely modest product in 5years now available in many options yes, and the 1st gadget developed following the death of Steve Jobs.

  9. Francis says:

    Redmi note 3 sliver 32GB price and how many day after order to delivery

  10. Caesar Jmmo says:

    the most high end in the list is the new note but battery capacity is low

  11. Ahmed Silivanay says:

    fancy new features and wow-factors for their fans and right now it is a big deal for us to buy all the accessories even is their is any issue after the update of the new software on their phone.. if anyone buy it?

  12. Bahi Soustara Obsica Kanibal says:

    well there is some bad things on the device as the design is just a replica of iphone and there is no sd card slot

  13. Zakeriya says:

    call me +919377866786

  14. Jouini Hama says:

    photography with the samsung galaxy s7 is really helpful to me and is great; i really love my galaxy phone

  15. Asad says:

    I need nokia 5320 xpress

  16. Sohaib Ali says:

    Now you will feel in the shoes of user Apple, but should pay tribute to Samsung: the minimum amount of memory

  17. Marisol Beltre says:

    i ike it because the display is so crisper... beautiful aesthetics also the standared version but the backside they placed camera on the middle of the rear and also at the right side there is flash

  18. Murtada Hassan says:

    youtube video download can I run the same application of apk on this mobile phone?? Is it is ok to download youtube videos or we need to install ios own package? Suggest me names of their applications for iOS youtube video downloading

  19. J Royce Gengler says:

    So there final plan is to make now the wireless new called Fi, well it think the biggest rival of the new Project Fi versus is the version and also AT&T carrier.

  20. Hamody Mody says:

    so they are also releasing the iphone 7 and new apple vr headset on march 21 2016?