Find Galaxy Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Amad Kurdi says:

    Android 6.01 Marshmellow also available for the s6 samsung and also surpassing the all metallic after a year of experiments with the galaxy a series, galaxy alpha and e series

  2. Ali Al Jadirey says:

    as the Z3 Sony phone displays entire the useful effects of puddles in game Asphalt 8, for e.g, they are not present, still among the level of the maximum feature on the rating 4.

  3. Mansour Mat says:

    Knowledge the Apple Watch's numerous gestures is available for it and it should be first on your grade when you band it on your wrist; as where you have to locate this watch on wrist and locate applications according to your desire for navigations

  4. Nadia Essa says:

    this phone got all command now.. May be coming with more than 4GB of RAM

  5. Eng Mohamed says:

    smaller battery help them to reduce the dimensions and slightly make it more slim phone. and yes there is more less bezel free display is the good way to make galaxy note 2016 model more elegant in the eye

  6. Gad Kh says:

    The design if built in quality many consumers attract by it, as they do with the Apple watch latest and previously launch ipads.. I love the design of the iPad air and now the 6 plus is too beautiful looking gadget by them

  7. Dilshad Khoja says:

    samsung is going to known as a company that produce wide smartphones. Like Apple produce expensive smartphones. samsung will make a new market like it has made for its other products.

  8. Nawang Putri Rahayu says:

    I think you should use the phone and then comment us here. Iam sure you won't say anything bad to it. First use it and then pass any comment.

  9. Halil Mermer says:

    where can we buy the additional camera plus accessory for the lg g5 what is the cost or these accessories is included inside the box?

  10. Sohail says:

    what best feature apple include in this iphone 6..i knw Expandable Storage, and have custom keyboard and another new one is Standard USB Connector... but want more..

  11. Abdulbaset Anis says:

    not just this time high end as well the best in design I previously like moto x phones because of their unique design apple like

  12. Taha Hafez says:

    with good lighting conditions, the images produced are extremely clean and detailed, true colors

  13. Muhammad Yaqoob says:

    design and positions of the different useful elements and keys of the phone is almost the same that the media player that new smartphones.

  14. Alhob Almostahel K says:

    the best and top in the list of affordable smartphone is here. with the perfect body perfect style and the performance seems to be so unique

  15. Aysar Salim Karash says:

    HTC One M10 leak unveiled for use that the phone is bigger-than-expected designn and even more huge battery capacity because of increase in size. 5.2-inch screen is actually bigger size compare to previous phones as upgrade model is finally got bigger screen

  16. Shrikant Warekar says:

    The Smartphone itself is in the red box, as well as basic, full accessories.

  17. Yusuf Lotun says:

    how much is the worth of the phone with gold platinium; as I thing one of the most high prices devices

  18. Arif says:

    grand line up phones are all good .. the processor requirements are higher, it will to some extent affect the overall performance of the machine.

  19. Wina Ahmad says:

    Upcoming Release of the Nexus 6 is i see .. it is just about to come this month. 3 GB of RAM is not i think is a too good specs because i am expecting something delicious after too much waiting of this

  20. Zara Ebrahem says:

    well there is things that is right now confirm about the apple iphone 7 which now disown the headphone jack and some other jacks also to give it more personal look and feel in hands