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  1. Anu Chengannur says:

    also its battery is awesome and very better than others with 1080p it looks great also its speed and performance is very nice great tab ever

  2. Mohammad AL Raee says:

    absolutely not they are giving more ram amount to note 6 and galaxy s7 next phone as well as they are not going to increase the display much more because this is time to give it a quality

  3. Mohit Sethi says:

    They are famous in the market just because to produce quality products.

  4. Abdu Kareem says:

    6 using the second generation 64 A8 processor, which is based on 28-nanometer process technology, relative to the previous A7,

  5. Lila Ringuette says:

    the size is still big than the new arrival after this one; well the display, camera and more CPU options is nice in such prices

  6. Zaid Daood says:

    Retina High Definition Display, Near Field Communication support. Not this phone is water proof but got water resistance as well

  7. Loole Abozaed says:

    it seems to be a long life Smartphone with the single Day charge. nice value for money and better improved Wifi speed of Note4

  8. Danish Khan says:

    the big one come with the the lot more big features, ?? No it is just a lag of your money no further more updation

  9. Nashat says:

    screen size.. instant connectivity and playing games all are ok in grand 2 ... i m using this phone since 1year and having no problem in performance

  10. Sanguineous Shishir says:

    The volume of RAM is 2 GB, while the flash memory provides 32 GB. In addition, we know of 13-megapixel camera and battery capacity 2610 mA h.

  11. Shahad AlNaimy says:

    powerful performance on this kind of so luxurious phones are required and yes the best graphics with the awesome design

  12. Rajat Behl says:

    This smarphone is using a corning gorilla glas 4 that is good to protect the screen and I want to see that what kind of color combinaton it would provide.

  13. Akhir says:

    With all Mobile Phones capabilities, this is almost the big brother to the Galaxy Note 2 :P

  14. Muhyedin Hourani says:

    alongside with the support of the latest Cyanogen Operating System 12 for the OnePlus One there is something more included and i not found the most best part of it

  15. Islam Khan says:

    A new design in the market with an aim that there is so many ideas are present.

  16. Rasha Shibi says:

    It's weird at first, and eventually everything just feels too small, though. however i like te size and graphics

  17. Tag Faisal says:

    .39GHz Apple A8 as compare to the moto x that has 2.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon similar to galaxy s5 phone .. both perform fast

  18. Soad Reem says:

    which one is good cpu for this phone krait exynos ?

  19. Nisar Ahmed says:

    the size is not like the Note 4 but might be the resolutions of the phone is same

  20. Karo Kurdistani says:

    4K video recording and playback, full smooth operations wit the lg g3 not minor changes as compare to its predecessor there are many good changes on lg g3 new phone. Stylus phone is also good