Find G-Tide Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Gihad Bayda says:

    is pretty plain but still required work with battery

  2. Hossam says:

    economical phone but the camera is bot good and the low light result is just lag… there is also lack of built quality material

  3. Fathiy Beket says:

    Apple operating system 8.4 is working fine but it is put to collect two more updates in the instant future.

  4. Om Ali says:

    consume less usage that effect the battery life and offering a long life to note 5 which is why many of us definitely love our new note

  5. Abeel says:

    it looks nice when it is available in Qatar???

  6. Malak Fadel says:

    frankly, it is too good and not too much big like before. MAY BE in future we seen many phones coming with the more bezel free and lighter in weight devices

  7. Liz Khounlavouth says:

    As of the entire AnTuT score record, it can be see that the Chipset with the 64Bit is 2nd in performance while the just to Nviidia K1 Chipset is capable to perform even more better with this..

  8. Fareed Yahya says:

    when will it is arrived in Dubai, UAE markets????

  9. Rana says:

    Is it new so could i get it

  10. Champak says:

    what's prices?

  11. Hassan Adil says:

    that is an innovation... just replace whenever u want ur surface tablet to laptop.. and surface laptop to tablet.. really microsoft is a master of making this kind of machines

  12. Mohamed Samir says:

    most strongly affected by the heating 3D-calculations. However, even with the forced frequency regulation play most titles can comfortably

  13. Dejamaly says:

    this smartphone does not carry the Premium name by chance. It aims to provide a destabilizing factor that they have decided that the resolution of the screen

  14. Manish Kumar says:

    Spice Mobile Price

  15. Saira Tahir says:

    3 GB of RAM is good and amazing to a smartphone like this and it is also wonderful that the Camera is of 20.7 megapixel and 4 megapixel of the front camera.

  16. Naeem Seraj says:

    Thanks souqmobi for price updating of Lumia 1020.

  17. Mo Sabir Ansari says:

    all features of HTC D728 is good , I cannot say something about mediatech processor. please suggest me brothers.

  18. Mahde Berivan says:

    can i personalize also nav menu on this phone like other advance phones..

  19. Omar Alwahdi says:

    Can not play heavy games on it. It slow down its speed which is not good for me and for my gaming experience.

  20. Shadaab says:

    Not able to find 928 any where across UAE.. it was only for Verizon US..