Find Four Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Umi Tuti Tuti says:

    How? Acting on the graphic quality and limiting the number of usable app!

  2. Ali Fadi says:

    Apple resolve as well enhance more Smartwatch faces time after time, counting with some of that can improve modified images or their albums for photos well this is the new thing for the smart watch.

  3. Khlef Khan says:

    DSLR-type experience on their devices and that all make it looks impressive; boot up the wide-angle lens and increase its ram which they do in all the new note phones

  4. Sibghatullah says:

    this is my first htc smartphone.. and i love it.. previously have galaxy s3 and now i am a fan of htc phone... how good this one is having all good features.. multi tasking through htc m8 is best and quick

  5. Saif Tchillo says:

    a USB Type-C plus the another new thin IRIS sensor in the new phone. final design and is now so confident with their new PHABLET series

  6. Nanda Ammo says:

    But the iPad Air 2 updated more substantial. In addition to the Touch ID and golden brown body can boast

  7. Alhaddad says:

    prices for this phone please so can i buy moto e phone... i want cheapest available prices and i knw that i get it here... but still waiting for this phone to be cme in markets

  8. Wahid Khan says:

    Dual-LED is a techonolgy that makes the picture qualiy of the image and user feels good when he she look at the picture after the click. Apple impress user and user love to be impressed by Apple.

  9. Obaida Alhmad says:

    for the first time they able to give the peoples a fancy design phones.. because first time they use aluminum in any Galaxy S series..

  10. Sonu Bacha says:

    Tell me one thing that the front camera is good and I have uploaded many of my pics and aacording to me it is good as it provides the best pixels.

  11. Haneen says:

    memory card, chipset, performance these three is estimate to be improved but still I not like Windows phone

  12. Kareem Abu says:

    In the underside than the top of what we can do, you feel a little rough with this phone, few times the power button and also the volume on the right side of smack in the middle, though.

  13. Arif Taleb says:

    I compare the following phone before galaxy s5 and g3 using the AMOLED and the iPhone 5S while the display of iPhone is looking more sharp in some kind also the power consumption is low

  14. Majid says:

    manufacturers flagship product, so similar configuration and price, consumers in the choice of these two products, they must be wondering, here we come under a detailed comparison of these two flagship.

  15. Yousef Suliman Abu Tabash says:

    it is beautiful in allumunium and the metal with the glass on the back but why not they use on the front

  16. Raj says:

    Intex aqua power plse price pulse send me

  17. Yasir Ali says:

    The Galaxy Alpha replace the silvery plastic edge with a correct aluminum frame. It does not wrap just about as much surface as the iPhone and the plastic on the backside is not the most excellent even by Samsung values.

  18. Mohammed Nasir Uddin says:

    some reports claim they are not making the new watch but making some more useful things to give to the same model of apple watches.

  19. Alhoria Hawa says:

    i am sure that this phone give you best comfy and reliability in hands.. this is bes phone for years.and many peoples know that that is why apple make a sale record new with this amazing phone

  20. Mimo Mosabi says:

    It is a beautiful handset to together grip and appearance at, and thinner than the XperiaZ5 and premium too: just 6.8mm to its competitive models 7.3mm metallic frame.