Find Four Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Muhemed Ibrahim says:

    in contrast to the Note 2 is practical pixel structure PenTile, that is alike used on GALAXY S4.

  2. Aldaroesh says:

    awesome no one yet able to make this kind of processor much better than all other brands with similar specs.. also xperia z2 design is all unique

  3. MA Uddin says:

    Hi good day i was used Micromax X270 it was special for Voice magic i looking now any one of Micromax mobile which one have Voice magic i want buy from , Bangladesh, UAE or South Africa.

  4. Mustafa Fagih says:

    the new one ipads got the shell similar like the iPad air 2 design as leaked so recently

  5. Mohmad Asma says:

    To have the genuine multi-window in all sides, the phone is best to go from side to side with the multitasking key in Note as like before

  6. Rose A Zeiny says:

    In the section of the camera, Google and LG have done a remarkable effort against which was its predecessor integrating a new module with image stabilization and is expected to help improve the quality in low light and quick shots freehand.

  7. Saleem Mohammad says:

    a familiar design and from the bottom side phone looks good new iPhone 6

  8. Sham Rooz says:

    what is the nexus 9 screen resolution is nexus9 includes full hd resolution??? and what is the expected prices for this tablet

  9. Rabie Tetouan says:

    I am using the htc m9 phone it has durable batteries and also so good dimensions of the phones. Solubility and design built is infact great

  10. Gulal Ahmad says:

    essentially I am expecting xperai z6 or series of their ultra mobile phones to be come this year.. Well the quitely launch xperia x series withing the same hardware and design is once again the same as before so what is big thing around here?

  11. Kwla Omar says:

    for long time.. nokia not release any other big phone like lumi 1020... but ok with these kind of little stuffs

  12. AnAs KhAn says:

    5MP front camera is good and I recommend you this phone if you want this kind of high end phone with this screen size

  13. Preston Fernandes says:

    Hi, Does it come in english and arabic keyboard? Waiting for your reply Thank You

  14. Mohamed Ahmed says:

    Did not modify however is the way we thinking about that great device method for doing multi tasking on it in future even more faster with more big screen size possibly the great camera

  15. Syed Faiq says:

    some says that this phone is still top notch with the OS and in term of performance all is ok

  16. Mido Esmaeel says:

    HTC is always best phone, love HTC one... and x plus as well, all the features are looks awesome in HTC M8

  17. Bave Bankin says:

    The new features include some of the brand app,. Update apart, TouchWiz has been completely redeveloped with the new lollipop 5.. and now the 5.1.1 lollipop is updated.

  18. Navas Parackal says:

    Naturally include typed text and voice memos and lot more to Export via e-mail, Ever-Note, Good reader must included because last one is not much good, Dropbox , Twitter and more.

  19. Bebe Hegazi says:

    Note Edge and speech can not be on the other shells such as TouchWiz tied here this side bar of the screen, because it is the main feature of the phone.

  20. Jahirul Islam says:

    I need one Nokia 2330 classic