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  1. Maher Abdulrahman says:

    air 2 ipad or galaxy tab s ... both looks pretty but i m waiting for ipad air 2 to be come in markets and get my hands on it

  2. Rafey Aziz says:

    android 5.0 Lollipop is also upgradable and can i update it on my nexus 5 as well?? please tell me if any body know that

  3. Hamada Elmelegy says:

    No microSD slot may be a thing people not expecting on the new model as the camera and battery life is amazing i make a test with the video recording perfect it is

  4. Reda Abou El Dahab says:

    Metal body and the 13 megapixel of rear camera is really ver y good and provide the best result when you take the images in the dark. metal body has given a new look to the Samsung,.

  5. Deedar Hussain says:

    it is my next phone

  6. Saima Ayaz says:

    The 5 megapixels of camera is good to take the selfies and you would like your selfie taken by this camera because the camera is really amazing.

  7. Ghazanfar says:

    it is available in UAE market start of the next mont.

  8. Abu Muhannad says:

    I think 5.2 inches of display is enough and good for a normal person because if you have a big display phone you'd be facing problem in handling it.

  9. Umesh says:

    please let known about the price in uae and where I can get in uae

  10. Ganesh Dalei says:

    Hello Sir/Madam, I need on e batter (Android K1) Please help me, Best Regards, Ganesh

  11. Shorooq Shehadah says:

    yes i agreed that the performing abilities of iphone with the 6s family is great but not such sharp as we found in other traditional phones by samsung like galaxy note 5 and the galaxy s6 which has much more pixels

  12. Issam Tigana says:

    another one is now official

  13. Nadia Essa says:

    this phone got all command now.. May be coming with more than 4GB of RAM

  14. Sathappan Muthu says:

    either you buy every new model of iPhone, the answer is clear. If not, it all depends on whether you need a big screen. If so, take it, iphone 6s plus is great phone, fast and reliable.

  15. WR Malek says:

    It is interesting that Samsung continues to improve some aspects, for example, in the current model viewing angles suffer from some "tuning", resulting in lost bluish offset at an angle

  16. Abdullah Afouf says:

    Sony Z5 offering bit low features than its premium version but still manage to deliver same AF and Camera features

  17. Saeed Houss says:

    Classy exterior design as not you can find out such technology anywhere else. you should be glad if you have an apple watch i really like the clever case from Twelve South for apple watch

  18. Rezan Ahmad Ahmad says:

    all media support give to this phone; best right now you must have this phone Fantastic build quality, feels great in hands and even in pockets :)

  19. Ochieng Fred Osodo From Kenya says:

    nokia xl is okay..ut they ought to hve made the internal memory abit bigger

  20. Med Boudchich says:

    At the same time scaled window program interface elements of the operating system: a status bar at the top and keyboard