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  1. Arif Taleb says:

    I compare the following phone before galaxy s5 and g3 using the AMOLED and the iPhone 5S while the display of iPhone is looking more sharp in some kind also the power consumption is low

  2. Souqmobi says:

    Hi Noor, Both of your desire Note 4 Pink and Gold Editions are available, you can find it on Note 4 variations.

  3. Karan Taqdees says:

    Lest you go away it in a pouch or bag by means of alter and keys and it get nearer out look similar to it's disappeared a hardly some rounds among a randy cheese grater.

  4. Rehan says:

    I like it because the video camera is very fast clicks to Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.

  5. Mohd Haja says:

    Call me 055 2654014

  6. Fadi Alsaj says:

    so the s pen how can use it correctly how can it is a best grip for natural handwriting

  7. Qudamah says:

    Amazing Pixel camera by HTC i love it no doubt best model ever...

  8. Helmi Al-fadly says:

    They offering a quality features on their each device as there is long time ago they not official any ipod and more new models.

  9. Ilyas Farashe says:

    In addition, two white broad band antenna from which to get rid of their Apple flagship sixth series iPhone SE located on the rear panel.

  10. Husam Al Khaled says:

    It is likely to position marketing from scratch, well; you can discovery stability among presentation, working time and screen qualities compare to the last gen in the new gen phones. It is like a walking little master; as continuously essential to maintain a balance - in agreement with its Apple branding and tradtion

  11. Alex Ansr says:

    this phone is available in three different colors and my fav one is black.. Also purple is different and unique but I like black color on z ultra

  12. Love Jah says:

    For beginners, Korean replaced the plastic rear side with the glass same like Apple and some more brands doing same and also they impress many consumers with that luxurious feeling in hands..Samsung take too long but yet it is a good step that they make

  13. Zahraa Al says:

    On the left side, as always that located rocker volume control. However, with one difference that has picky recording modes besides the usual.

  14. Ahmed Elnaggar says:

    that galaxy note 5 especially resistant to scratches and impact. But the phone is not actually got full water proofing capabilities either the galaxy s phone has not

  15. Amany Hamdy says:

    a decent not... an amazing smartphone.. the large one is also a best one but i like more than this small normal phone.. that is good looking in hand and easily one hand held

  16. Zeeshan Javed says:

    16MP camera unit and all the similar features of camera on rear side as well front I impress with the s6 camera features and the hear rate fingerprints on the back just with the camera lense

  17. Kunika Mazumdar says:

    The battery would be a problem in the future i think...It is not so much big i am a power user and use phone a lot... i would not consider this phone.. Apple 6s plus is good for me i think not even 6s..

  18. Uncael Sa says:

    Other than its developers have been functioning on it for appoxs two months after its in a straight line, comes up alongside with an stunning crossing point interface that creates the iPhone look alike an Google Smartphone now

  19. Saeed says:

    What is the frimeare of the iphone

  20. Mustaf Abd says:

    The phone design is really luxurious look and good build quality of the phone… the sleek and wonderful design and available with so unique colors.. again I say blue is best