Find Figo Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Madeeha Ali says:

    The front camera of 4 megapixels is not just good but I think it the best smartphone for a user who like to have some really very good stuff.

  2. NISHAD says:

    when it will arrive?

  3. Md Imtiyaz Md Imtiyaz says:

    there are number of beautiful cases is now in stock but not find any where a wide range of items..

  4. Ahmada Wrfle says:

    feels back is like a iPhone not it is?

  5. Mathew says:

    Hi, I like to buy Lumia 525 ...your feed back... in UAE..price..pls

  6. Hosni Hamza says:

    this is a great-looking phone infact the dimensions and the thickness is not too much great. does feel great in the hand however removable battery is really amazing in the new lg g5.

  7. Karim Sama says:

    some how they manage to offer a same feel of note edge in the all other devices but even the both extra screen on right and left make it more slim at the edges

  8. Hariskh Khan says:

    The straps are of fine quality and it would provide comfort to you hand and a light weight smart watch is also very good for your hand and in handling.

  9. Omar Algazal says:

    it is great as they give this premium phone slick glass rear design which obviously has dark rear casin make it look more glossy and different from other phones. stunning camera quality just like galaxy s6 even more awesome with the great screen of the galaxy note 5

  10. Kobani Serbest says:

    just 5.1 inches smartphone and 20.7-megapixel camera but the battery is low not capable to make 3000mAh battery still

  11. Sara Omar says:

    email, sur?ng the web, sending texts this all is just awesome on the xperia z3tablet which is yes so slim tablet i have and now wait for the next big

  12. Shehab Ahmad says:

    BlackBerry Passport collected a batch of up feedback owing to its sole shape, four-sided figure screen and a full QWERTY-keyboard

  13. Safoshka Idris says:

    User can select models included 16 gb , 64 gb and 128gb options and has three colors all are light colors… as we take a look on the last iphone 5s there is 32GB version… why not included??

  14. Mohd Jearail says:

    Interesting all is looking so pretty, further than the publicity, what we are familiar with sure for the both new coming that will every have metallic chassis the best thing as like similar first HTC do with there phones and also Apple inspired with the HTC firstly.

  15. Hasan Qawwas says:

    a good piece with impressive well balance enorgonomics at all in the iphone 6. It’s so well polished as compare to other glassy phones and give nice experience

  16. Batool says:

    what is the price of Samsung Gravity Q T289 in UAE?

  17. Muthukumar says:

    how much price Samsung z1 in uae

  18. M.malyadri says:


  19. Al Sairafi says:

    5S seems to be one of the greatest phones offering nice handling and somewhat inspiring even though, coming with the low, lighter weight of 112g and dimensions is bit thicker.