Find Figo Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Majeed Ali says:

    a rear camera of 20 mega pixels as well as will also feature a more durable battery and the similar basic specs just same as the Samsung Note 4 for some ways

  2. Mahna Rahsed says:

    specification i see is bit more enhance now with the previous model. 320 x 320 pixel and display size of the screen is 1.6 inches

  3. Dilbiren Bengo says:

    too better is the design of the Ascend and the line up is continously got new features with the more excellent camera and increase in size… if the phone become more thin it is best

  4. Mark Darrylle says:

    I want to buy this phone.Kyocera Brigadier .how much it will cost ? thank you

  5. Lalchand says:

    Samsumg galaxy grand prime SM G-530H

  6. Shaad Fatah says:

    prepare yourself to invest on this watch if u are planing to use apple iphone 6… because with apple watch this phone is compelete

  7. Li Uzma says:

    Sharp display and design is now come with the price tag that is low because motorola is come with low cost

  8. Alshoubaki says:

    No expandable storage, USB Type C standard still very young that is why may be apple not included such options in the iphone 6s. but indeed some phones required to use such things so far

  9. Rainalyn Natha Abanto says:

    I already anticipated an aesthetic feature that does not particularly appreciate the new iPhone

  10. Abo Alseem says:

    bottom of the screen there are three on-screen buttons: back, home, and a list of running tasks.

  11. Khalid Jemrane says:

    But the screen display - a actual revolution: Super AMOLED 5.7 inch diagonal among Quad High Definition resolution. I mean, 2560 at 1440 pixels at 515 density.

  12. Adeel says:

    not be ready for a spring launch may be they are just waiting for the apple iphone to be come this year. spec improvements and perhaps a lot of new things we gonna see now

  13. Amina Alallaf says:

    the more new phones are coming also the M9, G4 and Samsung S6 already in markets.. so why not they launching are they are now scared with the giants

  14. Sandip Tamang says:

    Yes they have some benefits because they are the owner of iOS there self made software, while at the other side many phones got the Android each and every…

  15. Steve says:

    read the specs, the 6 plus has a better battery compared to the 6. not much difference but it adds a few hours

  16. Choudhary Faisal says:

    I think that Google should have to be in their limit as they are just a search engine and they are good in that stuff but when it comes to the smartphone they are not good they are producing such a cheak quality Smartphones which is letting down their name in the market.

  17. Mimo Mosabi says:

    can I purchase through you with the contract of months; in searching for 32gb based model of the s6

  18. Abdul Moeez says:

    I compare prices for all online stores and now planning to buy desire 816.. Hope this phone is good and powerful in performance

  19. Danesh Azeem says:

    so the company is now improving it self and design of this is really at best now. facebook users and other people who want to keep their self connect with social media is now very happy with this phone .. it is good for professional work and also good applications inside.. i recently by blackberry passport

  20. Wacim Elleft says:

    There is even more powerful chasis and the new material of alloy used which make this phone stronger than before