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  1. Mohammed Atef says:

    that's my 1st smart phone... and it is awesome perfect in my hands... but i do not have this in Gold version :P

  2. Rameez says:

    you people think it is better because of the big size and better display?? or that this phone is now more thick ... but not much thin .. also the battery performance is just ok not something that make the phone to perform durable whole day

  3. Alasswad Taher says:

    phone has full LED functionalists and offering now more space so you can do more and otherwise the size is not so large and not so small in mid level

  4. Hiba Rehman says:

    A slower ram means that you would not be having some good amount of time and thatís the main reasone that you switch to other smartphone brands

  5. Ali Ahmad says:

    are the 64-bit version and the retina scanner technology with the S family so I do not think they jump through iphone 7 directly.

  6. Mohammed Sobhi says:

    5.7 inhes of big phone with a huge display is really very amazing and i want to say something to LG that you are going good and keep up this speed. you will become the market king.

  7. Roohan says:

    thanks junaid, you are saying true.

  8. Rema Hoseen says:

    now the new nexus 5 2015 model is going to launch and got the new Android Marsmallow well look slim phone

  9. Shafique says:

    nexus 6 is going to be smash many popular brand market

  10. Nagy Labieb says:

    the phone color is not looking good it is boring phone look like and not high end phone is this so prices should be low than the previous honor 3c and like this

  11. Nduko says:

    i need one

  12. Alaa Adel Eldamarisy says:

    Despite the folding design (removable lid, removable battery), assembled Nexus 6 so good.

  13. Fares Ferruodj says:

    but there is really worst design of the their phones bulky, not good dimensions and slim enough

  14. Afif says:

    Plz how can i get this apple watch? And where is ur location?

  15. Amani Ibrahem says:

    i want to see apple with even more slim dimensions and colors like green, chocolate other than gold, blue, silver and more like this, also the glassy body make it look awesome

  16. Khaled Albare says:

    Lg g3 has also some excellence but has different platform and overall feel like you are touching pixels on the iphone 6 and yes comparable to the phone like htc m9, galaxy s5, note 3

  17. Lovely Jojo says:

    Mac OS X Yosemite Beta 5 is really provviding some thing good and amazing in this Pad and i think you'd be feeling good while using this Smartphone.

  18. †Abdul Malik says:

    Retina display in a pad is really very good. I just want to say one think that the pad is really owesome.

  19. Obsasash says:

    hope this one prices are cheap

  20. Suhad Nofal says:

    It offering better experience to all of us yet this is amazing and is most amazing specs included with great camera and user interface.