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  1. Akbar Ali says:

    not the phones are water proof but yest the iPhone is scratch proof and glass protection this time is perfect… I need sir Glass Screen Protecto to protect my phone screen … where can I get it?

  2. Rahool says:

    Apple iPhone 5s is best.

  3. Ziad Mohamed Hassan says:

    special new editions is available soon so just wait and see what is new, what is bad and outstanding features

  4. Sanaa El Hossary says:

    As well as being rather iPhone impressed everybody in its dimensions, the Ascend P7’s appearance is alike that phone.The sides are textured aluminum, the rear side has a smooth glass.

  5. Rayyan Faisal says:

    exemplary viewing experience with the latest edition of the iPhone but should be required more cores on the processor to make the phone perform even more smooth

  6. Cagatay Ergezer says:

    black 32gb galaxy s7? Available in markets when?

  7. Lallosh Lzezeh Ana says:

    but this time it is still worth noting improved viewing angles and anti-glare

  8. Fazal Abbas says:

    One of the major individuality of the machine the front part of the body, too, has a kind of guard. Everyone is talking about heavy-duty glass is stronger counterpart from about 20%.

  9. Umair Ali says:

    i have this phone.. tell me is it is possible to make 3G video calls through it ??

  10. Mahmoud Elshabah says:

    Yes you are absolutely right man that the bigger size not the just thing that attract people also there is need of a true friendly design and the extra pixels

  11. Moah Rafeeq says:

    both upcoming iphones… with 4 and 5 inches have similar specifications or its display is change.. And as well prices are different to each other in both phones??

  12. Walat Barazi says:

    time saver edition with the extra screen options. the phone camera result is more crisp than before and the result is as like same as the galaxy s6 phone

  13. Noman Gamar says:

    i am waiting for the htc m10 to be available and start ship. although they are going to use some new technology on the device whereas Android 6.1 Marshmallow Onboard! and the pone launch in MWC 2016

  14. Osama Abozaid says:

    depending on the region how much is the storage of their new devices or cardslot options are depand on region?? What about uae galaxy s7

  15. Hind Khalil says:

    Pressure-Sensitive Drawing I just use this feature drawing and sketches are nice through it

  16. Mazin Alhusein says:

    So the all the x android series phone now hit the shelves. but not nokia make something best as they expecting .. also nokia set very cheap prices for these phones but not that make the phone good

  17. Mohammed Yousuf says:

    This extremely still be like Xperia Z3, but might be more possible only now that during a call a second card will be active.

  18. Asif Raza says:

    hide some of the thickness as compare to ultra t2 phone previous release by sony.. easily be found on premium handsets. made by sony in xperia series

  19. Adnan Almadni says:

    is not so good option for us if you want something looking elegant and more awesome in performance go for huawei mate series it is more powerful phone and is same specs but cost is economical

  20. Ismail says:

    courtesy continous but no one feel bad with that one because it is a portable yet not made by any other like that pc experience with the Surface Microsoft is always best