Find Facetel Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Mohamed Badawe says:

    13 MP, 4128 x 3096 pixels primary camera so it will be the same as the other rivals but you can find more unique features with normal price tag

  2. Rakesh Ahirwal says:

    The camera result is just owesome. I have checked it out on many sites and I think it is the best for me. The result is showing some amazing stuff.

  3. Ayush Kumar says:

    The camera is of 13 megapixels but it is not showing some great quality of amont and I think that if you want to take images like a lively one so bing this smartphone.

  4. Magde Magde says:

    The camera result is even more updated as the operating system is updated.. so it is perfect and exclude all the blur

  5. Ammar Elbasha says:

    for both image quality and ease of use in my opinion Samsung actually using the same options as Apple with the wirless charging methods and quick functions

  6. Luay Ibrahem says:

    nice stuff all the time we seen from the iphone models and the samsung galaxy s6 is the only rival phone got the micro sd cardslot but now with the new galaxy s6 model we miss this features.. so iphone 6 remains just an ordinary phone this time

  7. Nadia says:

    I do not like Nokia Lumia 720, i think it is not complete smartphone as my requirement.

  8. Ali Alsultan says:

    Camera Resolution rear and the front is good and phone got OIS that is nice...

  9. Reemon Sy says:

    Is the Xperia Z4 got NFC payment system

  10. Sarita El Aidos says:

    this is nice looking elegant phone hope it is coming this year

  11. Zahid Mohamed says:

    actually they took all the major things from the iphone 6 and 6s phones and put the same technology in the iphone se phone. featured a fresh new design will made this phone more awesome

  12. Bana Ibrahim Basha says:

    don't believe this rumours about the 6gb amount of ram and even 256gb of storage in the note 5.. Because we gona see something alike galaxy s7 at all on the note 6

  13. Raed B Babawi says:

    Note is packed with an AMOLED panel. Generation after generation, as we knew that the following device and all the other Galaxy phones significantly enhanced the rendering of these screens display often color rendering as never you found on any other device.

  14. Hope Jennefer says:

    It is predictable that Samsung Galaxy S6 might be available in late February or early March

  15. Omar says:

    many exciting features are there. include notifications in new pattern and arrive more quickly and connect to ur iphone and display is another thing i n like more on this watch

  16. Syed Muntaz Hussain says:

    It needs more good features But Volume sound is compare to other phones very slow.

  17. Zin Ali says:

    Offering the newest kind of display on the right edge. The display itself has a qHD resolution of 1140 pixels on 2560,

  18. Ange Lina says:

    the gold color is also unique bot as compare to Apple phones Gold edition there is not premium look as they have

  19. Iyad Dabbagh says:

    nice suggestion because i am looking to buy basic model of iphone 6s .. thanks for your comment really :)

  20. Khaled Saeed says:

    Korean is lastly rising up, and the resultant attempt is leaving to create a group of people happy.