Find Facetel Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Muthnaa Garaam says:

    But it all comes to naught due to the fact that the back panel is made of plastic,

  2. Saeed Asse says:

    always there devices is been elegant looking and average price points but the mate series is expensive one and p9 is refresh roundup again

  3. Ghulam Hamdi says:

    the best selfie camera smartphone and not just hat also a good design and perfect performance of this phone with CPU and GPU both

  4. Ahmed Kasem says:

    absolutely innovation is this is.. But hopefully the greatest phablet yet made by Samsung

  5. Raja Kobani says:

    affordable in just 460 AED and yest Microsoft Windows Phone 8.1, 1 GB RAM, 5MP camera all that is required much

  6. Omar Alhams says:

    it is an intelligent series the size is got more big display has best level of pixels

  7. Al Hameed says:

    m8 is good phone.. I alos like new features on it.. And water resistance and other things like good camera is other things that I more like … but this is in the category of extras features… in htc m8

  8. Kanza Debs says:

    And let go as of the password or, extra imperative, as of lazy safety, is not partial to IT-controlled setting. I listen and hear that usually times all the peoples that they love and big fans of the Apple Pay + Touch ID mixture for their online shopping, an action that be before get extra suitable on a conservative PC.

  9. Murugeshkanaga says:

    I Like to xiaomi Redmond 1S Black 8 GB

  10. Hamesia says:

    Organic light emitting diode (OLED) screens have replaced the standard power LEDs in many applications.

  11. Abo Osama says:

    why not they include 4k display

  12. Ciwan Hassien says:

    up to 128 GB internal storage and card slot is expandable that is ahead step by them compare to Samsung and Apple

  13. Wshear Muhammad says:

    The phone available some different color variants such as dark blue, white and gold when it goes on sale later in the first quarter of 2015.

  14. Olas Khan says:

    I need oukitel k6000 in Dubai good price Argent

  15. Munqad says:

    3G + Wifi both is old feature for connectivity... just want g4 lte and advance lte to make more instant browsing on this phone... over all phone is good 8 MP, 3264 x 2448 camera is also capable to take good quality images

  16. Ghalia Arnaout says:

    5.5-inch screen size but has the world most awesome pin sharp display ever used in any phone. So that is why there is more amount of battery and impressive alloy body actually

  17. Mohmad Ismael says:

    Display so crisp in the rival model galaxy s6 which might be hurt and not even each and every person all the time set higher display so they use just 50% brightness level on their device display

  18. Ismail Hayel says:

    it is a thing of mystery to me right now because anything depends on guess right now with the design, size and other things.

  19. Basem ALweher says:

    I was usually fairly really satisfied and because of the economical rates of the google nexus 5x smartphone which packs 2GB of RAM, 2700 mAh battery, 64-bit processor and the previous nexus devices has also a that kind of design but the performance is boasting

  20. Mardene Bendada says:

    the c3 xperia phone is not have long life battery life. not capable to run about your whole day instantly phone is out of power