Find F-240K Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Joy Patalinghug says:

    Dont believe on rumors please thety alway speak rubish....i thing this particular smartphone would be of not more than $8oo

  2. Kamal Mohamed says:

    Edgs ear has started and samsung is the poineer of it and they are doing every best step to become the laeders of the market like Apple at the moment.

  3. Sara Rasol says:

    the phone has IPS panel display 16M colors but the ppi is also not much improve. however same Li-Po battery capacity that is in made not is say that this battery is long lasting of iphone

  4. Azima says:

    innovative features, making the note 3 has experience unlike most products on the market,still willing to accept this comparison of alternative products.

  5. Hazem Salah says:

    may be in future microsoft the only manufacturer for windows phone

  6. Mohamed Mamdouh says:

    Fabulous and not just this is in the durability also with the maximum performance they phone give you a day and no worry about phone heat up while playing games anymore.

  7. Daanyaal Sheikh says:

    so what is the difference between this phone and the newone other than force technology, camera and new iOS; is the battery life give more backup

  8. Yahya Maqbool says:

    what is the prices of the pro 3 with the 256GB storage tell me please i want to buy it

  9. Yahya Saad says:

    style and design all are perfect but need to more increase scree ppi

  10. Atikul Islam Pk says:

    so if they want to make a camera phone.. There is also samsung galaxy k zoom in market… with more features than lumia 1020.. Still but lumia got best pixels

  11. Praba says:

    Pls dont buy bcos we cant use viber and voip discount

  12. Shoaib Bhat says:

    The curves are really very good especialy at the back. This time samsnug really work on its product and comeup with the new design.. i really like its curve and according to me now is as beautiful as samsung at the moment.

  13. Shubhra Halder says:

    This smartphone is far more good from apple because of its functionality and new features. Samsung provide always the best smartphone with new design not with the old design like apple

  14. Jamal Jamil says:

    you just a little better with the iphone 6s

  15. Nizar Alshalabi says:

    few of the front face panels have now leaked with the images so the Black model look very unique because there is no gap i thing between screen and display

  16. Deepakkumar says:

    This mobile now not avilable for our wibsite please told mobile price

  17. Mujtaba Zeidi says:

    Low-light Performance and Flash of the xperia phones is something always bad.. Want sony to imprve this one like lg g3

  18. Zahoir says:

    galaxy k zoom is a nice phone looks a best camera phone

  19. Arboonye Walashee says:

    Screen size is not just wider, but as well with the full support of the a Quad HD resolution 1440 x 2560 pixels that enables for all the users to reach a much high PPi now

  20. Aseer Sy says:

    tell me the information relate to the release date of the device and the pre order is available?