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  1. Faheem says:

    Nokia Lumia 1020 price still not updateany website?

  2. Jai Nawabzada Rajpal says:

    This phone is really a remarkable value I knew that not all the phone got such display and the enough ram.

  3. Abrar Raoof says:

    what are motorola planning in future now . moto 360 watch is best and now moto x2 like best phone that is packed with all high end hardware inside.. i love all the hardware and phone look best with bright colors and cases that motorola more continuously releasing after its availability

  4. Mayada RijabAgha says:

    so this is not so much bigger but not thicker also. The new s pend delivers a bit natural hand writing now that is good and new design philosphy is great

  5. Elrahman says:

    desire 816 design looks quite similar as htc one, but i like its new features and should be have mid range prices

  6. Muna Samir says:

    many like blackberry beacause it is fast for typing and chating with the bbm is very fast. You can aslo share pictures and music instantly

  7. Zaheer Qureshi Zaheer says:

    A large battery is good for any smartphone a larger battery means a long time so that you can multiple work

  8. Furkan Demir says:

    edge is very very good looking because their is more big screen and functions and it is too elegant phone in hands and advanced phone for professionals actually

  9. Doguscan M-Latya says:

    some inexpensive smartphones have such kind of build however there is nice design for the premium xperia z5 only

  10. Farajalwrflle Farajalwrflle says:

    the e ink has many plus point but only with the consumption of the battery not it is eye catching

  11. Modar Zeid says:

    High-Quality Material used while making the phone specially things with the camera

  12. Amin says:

    LG Optimus L4 II E440 screen is not much enrages is to low resolution 3.8 just ?

  13. Thabit Al-hayani says:

    a habit and is very convenient to replace the long depression, which he has never been in iOS.

  14. M Amine El Houari says:

    is this watch got water resistance or it is waterproof as well

  15. Ahmed says:

    like all Samsung mini variants... the best one before is s4 variant and now waiting of Galaxy s5 mini ... hope for the best to be coming soon

  16. Samar Nofal says:

    Creating attractive hardware was always one of the strengths of asus... never mind but samsung and other brand like sony make phones good looking but prices are too much expensive that is bad

  17. Badis Debs says:

    i now able to buy this phone after collection of some money after month.. i buy iphone 6 not a big one because big one is very hard to handle with single hands.. also it is too big for me .. you can not even sit on your car sit when the phone is in your pockets

  18. Katamoto Katamoto says:

    The main or rear camera has a 13 Mp rear camera sensor that is capable to image stabilize the processed image with optics and OIS.

  19. Ahmed Awad says:

    big phones always have to room to get more big battery meaning more battery capacity and life is possible on it. the iphone 6 plus and 6s plus just like that has similar things

  20. Abdul Rabb says:

    personaly I not think that due to high usage phone heat up quickly… if phone capable to run normal games.. Than why this phone just instantly heatup…