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  1. Xahib Jan says:

    There is some rumors saying or it is real that the phone cost too much as like the iPhone 6; well high end specs and many things to be coming next with the curved display

  2. Mugahed Al-Gamrah says:

    Makes it entrance with some of the additional processing power of the A9 chipset a new edition of the chipset by them lonely capable of many things noticeably.

  3. Mahammad Abid says:

    the iPhone 6 makes it very well even under direct sunlight

  4. Dejamaly says:

    this smartphone does not carry the Premium name by chance. It aims to provide a destabilizing factor that they have decided that the resolution of the screen

  5. Ahmed Ahdab says:

    looks to be the most high end device by them with the 4,000mAh and removable options also the sleekest design of the phone got. galaxy a9 will retail for economical cost than will be my next phone definately


    Nice mobile&mobile also good

  7. Shahzaib says:

    This is some how new phone from NOKIA X series... I love tehm

  8. Edward Fernando Tanjung says:

    And there are no issues among sensitivity of radios are not been experiential.

  9. Rasheed says:

    I do not agree with your comments, Samsung Galaxy S4 zoom is great mobile, it is one of the best of mobile of samsung history.

  10. Esam Yassen says:

    write more accurately and even small writing is possible because of more light wegiht on the improved s pen design but this is not with the default software they are using in samsung galaxy note 5.. i witness the performance is different slightly for the external professional applications available for the smart pen

  11. Fahed Salem says:

    blazing with thinner, more shine, wider-screened sheen, a robust primary camera, a retooled but similar look S Pen and durable battery life

  12. Tagalden Mustafa says:

    better camera and battery life but the most strongest part is the internal memory. usage experience with the Oneplus phones is really impressive and great

  13. Farrooq says:

    i like ipads and other tablets.. also yoga lenovo tablets are good replacement for both tab and netbooks... well about microsoft my concern is that it is more premium but having some problems.. so need to improve..

  14. Aruba says:

    So get down to personal acquaintance with the galaxy note series now.. Configuration is identical to the composition of the Phablet phone..changed the model only when my old or lost, or into a state of dead.

  15. Shahed Nawaz says:

    where I get this lenovo vibe z2 phone? and price AED 130.... it's true

  16. Tona Angle says:

    now Apple is is all ready to make available its next hidden display after this one

  17. Reyn says:

    i want this

  18. Salah Siraji says:

    If you compare it with the note 5 phone even with the note 4 you can find out many things far bettery than Apple in Samsung phones but after use their phone in month you see why people say Apple has its own class

  19. MD.IMRAN says:


  20. Ghazal Tarek says:

    for 2015 it is the best one but after the launch of these phones successor in the market the new editions is far more looking awesome with better in housing of camera, ram expandable options on the s7