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  1. Bave Lava says:

    sales probably not be that as they are expecting because they unveil this new lg g5 when others are also involve in launching of their high end phones

  2. Mohsen Bushra says:

    The second spot is closes to me the reference to the S - Pen . What is actually the features and what the S pen doing that microsoft s pen is not capable of?

  3. Mishra says:

    Even LG G3, the device with the same size screen 5.5 '', is considerably smaller than OnePlus One.

  4. Hiba Matar says:

    when coming in markets... i like it stylish body design.. looks good in dark

  5. Hisamadden says:

    The proof is in OS X apparently is optimized for the iMac and MacBook, but works better than Windows on the same machines.

  6. Manal says:

    Width of this kind of phone lets the BlackBerry to offer you with the perfect support of adequate key size, the angle of the thumb typing.

  7. Noor Fadhil says:

    so far they have a design, then they refined each lineup with completely new touch ideal for a new generation? In most cases I think so, why we propose this analysis, to know them better.

  8. Bilal Al-saade says:

    and what about the other models of the G series like G3 screen and beat it is also looking good with bit low prices..

  9. Sama Alasad says:

    great features of their new 12MP camewra a good quality and a bit more sacrifices with the design as well this time with the new samsung s7 this is why we seen may be more things on samsung galaxy note 5

  10. Kumar Ralha says:

    an NFC chipset so as to make easy cell phone payments from side to side the brand Apple Pay service.

  11. Jad Jan says:

    As you can see in the picture below, this is the arrangement of the pixels on screen Nexus 5, talking about a size of tiny pixel (group of red / green / blue lines)

  12. Bashir Bukhari says:

    i think htc finally makes good looking and good in screen size as well phone.. with not expensive prices phone come...good to buy it instead of grand 2

  13. Fatih Sultan Mehmet says:

    not a doubt such features are enough to called this Smartphone first personal phone well on the backside it looks like the person in front of us will goint to see our notifications ?

  14. Ayham AL Zoubani says:

    the new 2016 models supposed to be a killer of some of the huawei, lg and the low end motorola phones with little expensive specs list and good exterior combination on the phones

  15. Moneer Aliraqi says:

    has better features but not mainly with the design. 2800 mAh battery of the lg g5 is low mah will be more than 3000mAh than

  16. Mohamed Ahlam says:

    incredible screen of the watch but the little bit less bezel screen of the square watches.

  17. Beghdadi says:

    note 3 smartphone capable to give you multi taks and also it is more advance phone to many lg g2 and more.. it enables to do a double task with no interruption on your work with fastest performance

  18. Ashish says:

    No price show here

  19. Awad Nimer says:

    as i find there is a 20 mp camera on the device... so they has another plus point as compare to Samsung and apple phone... Camera got more pixels.. what about the battery, CPU and RAM on the phone??

  20. Mohammad Dewaly says:

    what about multi tasking in this phone... is it makes phone slow.. or not