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  1. Khodor Khodor says:

    is the new Stylus pen works totally fine with the note 3

  2. Dilan Hassan says:

    The main camera of this sleek smartphone offers a target of 16MP, 5MP while the front is perfect for taking selfie sharp and bright inside.

  3. Windy Rae DiGiacinto says:

    Love or hate them is a big thing, because yet they actually itself not suggest any release date and shipments dates for this watch… exclusively there is a a lot of options by them to select different models; bands, bracelet

  4. Qebaa Alsyoof says:

    from the back side the phone not looks to much pretty as they other and with the entire aluminum unibody as Apple give

  5. Israa Khaldun says:

    If thin frame, the iPhone 6 PHABLET well controlled with the single hand. I say this for a reason, and based on personal experience of mine with the htc m8

  6. Issam Yasin Krdghli says:

    Nexus 6 provides few of the great as not before hardware applicable for Smartphone any at the instant.

  7. Sulimaan says:

    waiting for lg g2 gold prices from saudi arab

  8. Mikha Eden says:

    Apple has stopped concetrating on its smartphone and that why it has produc this phone and its varient. I want to say only one thing that 5S is far more good than these two phones.

  9. Tirej Haool says:

    it is good to unveil this kind of best accessories with phones. but their is still have to wait for this watch to be on sale .. coming in 2015 next year.

  10. Mohammed Alsayed says:

    If Google Nexus 5 is a Toyota Fortuner afterwords Apple iPhone 5 and iPhoine 5S might be for Audi Q-5

  11. Ahmed Ail says:

    which is trying to distance itself from the first model, but who have decided not to hide here, let us simultaneously changing the amount of RAM and ROM in different versions.

  12. Mohamed Fathi says:

    but it does mean Nokia does not individual all the engineering or sales of the device.

  13. Ahmed Hamdi says:

    But there is a stable group of connoisseurs of compact vehicles, which are not pleased choice Apple.

  14. Zahir Xoshnaw says:

    a USB-C port on this phone and is there is flash led on the front of the iphone Se like new phones or something else thy gonna do

  15. Rashid says:

    I want oppo fi pls call me 0558746752

  16. Hussain Alrubaie says:

    Inface Android also copy iOS as the new Android Marshmallow has some iOS 9 features; see the alternative of Apple SIRI by Google name Google Voice.

  17. Hafidat Edres Al Mojahd says:

    but the amazing display and the brightness not harm eyes.. a revolution actual by Samsung with the perfect diagonal among QHD Display i am saying that 1440 pixels at 515ppi density

  18. Mustafa Kamel says:

    i think this phone is on number 2 after the launch of the Samsung s6 smartphone you can buy is here

  19. Alee Hamza says:

    30 hours of life to the smartphone and the battery is also available to handle the stuff is really very good and amazing. The Smartphone has a wonderful battery.

  20. Bakr Tag says:

    these features are very great and phone rapidly able to charge within an half hr 50 percent