Find Enet Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Jabri Ausaf says:

    why not motorlola makes slim phones like apple with the similar edges motorola phones are good

  2. Mufeez says:

    I am selling a brand new Nexus 6 (used only for 10 days) that I purchased directly from Google. Call me on +971558811624

  3. Ketyar Savra says:

    it literally dwarfs the flagship models like the Galaxy S5 and LG G3

  4. Imran says:

    Where can i buy in doha qatar

  5. Wajde Kasem says:

    they are doing very well with the s series phones. Keep updating all of the modern standards on their galaxy phones

  6. Shiyas M Asbdulla says:

    pls send to me to me leEeco max 2 price details

  7. Ravi says:

    lulu price is 2685.

  8. Sarwar Khadhar says:

    As alike the iPhone 6s and the Plus size phone, The similar kind of unique buil with noticeable antenna bands, software is same and is now updated to new iOS, rounded edges same as iphone 6, and a curved glass protection

  9. Maeena Krar says:

    Some of the rivals are as follow (LG G4, Mate S, Nexus 6P, iPhone 6s Plus) but I really want to try two of this. Note 5 and iPhone 6s Plus; in Apple phones the only issue is with the camera

  10. Moin says:

    when it is going to launch in Dubai

  11. Shams Tabrez says:

    Your right but the thing is, HTC has stopped producing unique smartphones..they are producing just the simple hand sets with some of the changes in the varients and a couple of changes in the models p)

  12. Haytham Ibrahim says:

    in base variant the prices are same to the iphone 6s middle storage whereas Touch ID is too fast! which is some time difficult to access

  13. Mourad Almourad says:

    its 1080p Retina HD well as compare to galaxy s6 still there is a low resolution

  14. Abeel says:

    Hey, i want to buy a smart phone but confused.... which is a good one.....Htc one x or Nexus 4?

  15. Emad Jad says:

    The LG disagree, arguing that the new chipset is heated less than all the others that exist at the moment.

  16. Abdul Ghani says:

    This amazing watch has a wnderful prcessor and if you have not seen the chip on which the complet watch is depending then you must have to see it.

  17. Abdelzaher MO says:

    as you take a look on the new oneplus one smartphone that has the same body and i think the front is bit same but more decrease in the gap between screen

  18. Shda Dani says:

    QHD display with a massive resolution on this master piece is the best thing.

  19. Karmn says:

    waiting for this phone for a long time... huawei is the best brand in manufacturing budgeted phones and all phones are packed with many new features like best camera

  20. Ibrahim Mithoo says:

    It would be a normal smartphone as sony is concentrating on producing normal smartphones.