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  1. Ismail says:

    and what about the motorola moto x 2nd gen 2015 edition mobiel phone is ?? what about the prices and the specification improved 911

  2. Niamatullah Hamdard says:

    some of the things are same as we are using before in Android devices and new included in Apple device for the first time as the keyboard shortcuts, live photos which we can use before as well and is a good alternative that this live photo

  3. Manaal Siddiqui says:

    This is a wonderful phone with so much to do with... you might not have used apple thats why saying all this.

  4. Mostafa Marzouk says:

    The battery in the UAE version is bit seems to be durable than the other I use and equal to 3000mAh.

  5. Abu Ata says:

    very very well design of the phone with high quality material that is used to built asus phones.. bu why not phone is water proof

  6. Syrah Mujeeb says:

    positive qualities are really amazing but just some cons with the durability qualities of the iphone 6s plus because they have really enough room which is not optimize greatly

  7. Masluld says:

    what about its maximum resolution and is there is radio ???

  8. Athahir says:

    just 1.2mp front facing is not good option for the advanced versions come over in 2016

  9. Alperen Saglam says:

    It is fair for this phone in six month to sale out maximum phones but still the ration of apple watches and iphone sales are not like the one s6

  10. Myriam Amar Layal says:

    3GB of RAM is a good selection with the RAM because the iphones hasve low ram and the first time you can clearly see that the blackberry has no lack of technology on this kind of high end phone

  11. Mahmoud Saber Wahrani says:

    I see the photo gallery of the device and it is elegant phablet

  12. Badreddin Smai says:

    it is always a well balance device either the manufacturers by Apple

  13. Hamza says:

    i wanted to move on from Samsung but this smartphone stopped me to do so, now i am doing some research for Samsung Galaxy a8 to know about it more.

  14. Ammar Alabdli says:

    760 is the fastest CPU - for games, and for the operation of the interface. For the first time TouchWiz Samsung has no hint of lags and brakes, the system works as a whole.

  15. Heri says:

    Should be resolution at least 2 k or 3 k on this configuration.. It is FHD Only... Overall very good spec

  16. Lean Rood says:

    Edge technology is also to better and unique because there is different design and bit different look of the device while still they not capable to give best looking device

  17. Ola Ragheb says:

    The two phablets one got the bit similar size as the other phablets but the standard note this time arrive with 5.7 inches diagonal with good slim body and battery is remarkable

  18. Hira Qayyum says:

    The S6 is a smartphone having wonderful stuff in it and if you are a Smartphone lover and want to see some unique kind of a stuff so do buty the Samsung S6 it will blow up your mind.

  19. Ali Awad Zoor says:

    QHD screen, runs Android 6.0 Marshmallow may be have more amount of ram and also storage options extended for us right now. Removable batteries remain unchange as i found this right now

  20. Hoseen Alhoseen says:

    but the ordinary user it will not have much problem with the low amount of ram and lack of removable options on the apple iphone Se..