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  1. Sam Shad says:

    looks like it was a bit of an afterthought with the Oneplus phones which has the same front face and the curved body

  2. Shaymaa Elsawy says:

    Most likely, Nexus Android L 9 will receive immediately at the start of sales and this is not yeat applicable still in UAE

  3. Shamik Zre says:

    Battery life is really durable, for all those who are the heavy user of the Smartphone it is the best phone

  4. Mohammad Al Omari says:

    But it only is not so expensive value such a difference, and chooses intelligently I might have refuse to EDGE.

  5. TAUQEER SATTI says:


  6. Ahmed Yackoube says:

    Silver, gold, or space gray? which color is the best color tell me

  7. Gold Queen says:

    not just people want phone with big huge size and the same body and specs they need something new and different see Samsung first of all they unveiled Note Edge and now the S Edge another experimental phone

  8. Ahmad Shebli says:

    Software, camera show and area of expertise featuring that every Smart phone offering; you like the camera as well as the display.

  9. Juneid Iqbal says:

    As can be seen by the performance, at the lg g3 only three advantages compared to the flagship Sony and Samsung

  10. Mohamed Khalouf says:

    I expect lot more than this as they are offering in the new phone

  11. Moujan Jamil says:

    5.1 mm thickness?? well this is something different and so much attractive because this is one of the most elegant looking with metallic frame phone.. should conside xiaomi mi5 as a one of the best in this era

  12. Amro Alhady says:

    i note that they always make camera more advance with the pixels actually but for the first time we see some of the low lens camera than before model

  13. Manal Mahfouz says:

    strong battery and indeed you find much fun it is a best big phone variety of features inside

  14. Samerr Saleh says:

    Apple has said that the screen contrast - 1300: 1 and brightness - 500 cd / m2 that is not something new and most high.

  15. Ahmed Abad says:

    i find some rumors saying that there is a similar design but different unique colors available for device. software is updated in future

  16. Gyan Kobani says:

    pure new style and pure performance now with the Samsung performance is same as its latest devices but a complete new design

  17. Jumanalam says:

    I nid this mobile phone

  18. Shani Khanoomi says:

    they have to certainly survive in the big market because they are giving their phones really impressive standards. look sleeker indeed

  19. Maleka Zanopia says:

    As an example is a few mm dimension higher than the Lg Nexus 5 in spite of that having a bit small screen (4.7 inches vs 5 inches).

  20. Mehmet Kisacik says:

    Many of the tablets as we previously seen has got such amount of ram and high resolution but there is always some reasons behind why people hat buying such tablets. The one basic is the bulkier body and design of the device. Now the new note 5 and even the s6 galaxy model has good diagonal size and dimension