Find Elephone Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Abdullah Al Kamel says:

    the batteries of their phones are also upgrading but only in the phablet devices why not they increase the mAhs on the compact size devices

  2. Tamer Selim says:

    but Apple has done well to adopt it because it makes it much more comfortable every gesture starting from the edge of the screen, such as swipe side, more and more used to go back in the screens.

  3. Ahmed Ibrahim says:

    time saver edition indeed but how to more extend the life with the help of any other applications for android

  4. Idha says:

    just little difference.

  5. Khaled Mahmoud says:

    its battery life is perfect as compare to LG

  6. Dldar Muna says:

    e perfect tablet like device for multitaskers and social-media addicts

  7. Mahmoud Allam says:

    mobile good as you wish

  8. Tobey Marshall says:

    The phone is getting famous just because of the samsung flagship nothing else. The phone is not even comparable with LG G4 which is cheaper and has so much in it. Must Check G4.

  9. Ahmed Mohamed says:

    so the new phone is now once again got a body desing like samsung galaxy s3 phone in fron as i seen the rumor leak images of front case of galaxy s7

  10. Ali Kramy says:

    the specifications of this mini version of lg g3 suck as compare to xperia z2 mini phone,

  11. Ahmed Ali says:

    in manner of design yes apple always good but not this is good enough to perform fast

  12. Allyan Kalandri says:

    I like the battery that is big and the camera which is providing the best results.

  13. Rami Abd Al Jabbar says:

    rose gold color is the most good looking and with the silver touch. Yellow Sport Band and some other sport bands looks at all bit cheap will try Milanese Loop that looks really awesome apple watch

  14. Ahmed Raza says:

    I think this will be in the market in juts two to three months as there is a large occasion for muslims is coming so company would be having profit if they launch it.

  15. Mohamed Zourob says:

    We have almost polish expressive at length in our respect for the latest Motorola Moto X plan, and the similar be relevant here.

  16. Rodi Uren says:

    after the launch of new iphones everybody is copying their structure and idea to make edges more smooth and round

  17. Ahmed Jolan says:

    As for the materials, the machine really got a metal casing, and entirely made of this material.

  18. Ahlam Alam says:

    this phone is so great and prices are not too much high.. people need a phone like this with smooth body

  19. PAT says:

    how mush is that in USD.

  20. Namrata says:

    By the way, an interesting point: in GALAXY S5 was not the texture on the front panel, and at Aplha she appeared