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  1. Rawend Hattab says:

    well now many apps are avaible as well you can add widgets and you can put now latest doom

  2. Lewa Afanah says:

    3d touch impression is so cool and well pack inside the screen. Overall a good technology and step ahead to give iphone 6s an impressive upgrade

  3. Abdori Yusuf says:

    The phone provides the best desplay in the sunlight or when your out. You dont need to put another hand on it. The best thing i see in this mobile is the thing written above.

  4. Faraz says:

    Phone is looking good and features are also good hope this will create good place among customers.

  5. Raafat Elnesr says:

    Even though now right and left both sides of the screen feature unique curve edges display as like the Note Edge on the S6 Edge edition.

  6. Mohammed Jassim says:

    HTC One M8 iscrafted to perform HTC One M8 is here in a soft metal design with perfection at all angles.

  7. Sajid Ali Prasla says:

    Nokia is a quality product provider and they always maintain the product list they have and thatís why they are famous in the market.

  8. Ahmed Ghazal says:

    The have a different strategy and the follow that strategy and covers a samll but valid share in the market. Sooner according to rumors they would bring someting good or new in the market..

  9. Umm-e Sarah says:

    bit bigger in size than the normal phone but laso there is something unique about the front facing camera as I seen the leaked image of the device there is I think flash on front

  10. Mohamed Elsaady says:

    battle begins with their own family :)

  11. Elsayed Amer says:

    Plastic back still feels cheap and nasty they have to make something like s6 in future because it is not even just high end also a good outer look

  12. Assem Shindy says:

    For design, this design facilitates the use of a smartphone: it follows the shape of the line of the face and thus improves the quality of sound transmission during the conversation

  13. Issam Abodan says:

    people trust now samsung to produce something brilliant and everything has some points that are improved. Might be something different from OLED screen or else stages for their display

  14. Amro Alhady says:

    i note that they always make camera more advance with the pixels actually but for the first time we see some of the low lens camera than before model

  15. Mahmoud G. Abulila says:

    I need to know where to buy this smartphone stylish and comfortable to use as this phone is looking and the new experiment is with the next model edge

  16. Usama Ramdan says:

    The processor is of just 1.5GHz and jsut like the samsung. But the think which makes it unique in its performance is the working criteria of this smartphone and the unique technology used by the Motorola.

  17. Anouar says:

    there is pure new material used to design this phone and yest the black color look good but why there is no more colors like blue color, yellow and orange like nokia lumia's it look good on this kind of phones.. As I say blackberry passport in red I really like it

  18. Ahmed Sadeg Radhi says:

    face-tracking and all like that features on this mobile phone; saturation and sharpness on color is all ok and is perfect looking

  19. Gemy Rock says:

    4K video resolution seams be connected with 240FPS Slo motion and video recording and Time-Lapse video which will responsible to drain the battery life of the phone is going to be ok

  20. Abdullah Haider says:

    is this phone is dual sim phone... and micro sim is acceptable on this t3 phone.. however Your RIght!!!!! Sony is now at its best every where