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  1. Syed Faiq says:

    However, the extra feed illusions about the overall usability of the iPhone 6 Plusis not necessary - it's a classic spade, a huge and merciless to users

  2. Muneer Alaswadi says:

    no problem with their big size infact I am waiting for such phablet by apple. More bigger diagonal size give plenty of space and power too

  3. Om Gehad says:

    without reaching the phablet size this time they take over their own previous tablets with the most stunning beautiful body as well. nice to see samsung galaxy s6 phone with such allumunium design

  4. Dawood says:

    I love the bell tone in iphones, there is no better bell tone than the apple iphone, i hope that i will experience the new version of that tone in apple iphone 7

  5. Zeinab Ahmed says:

    this phone has not best display as compare to OPPO still need more improvment

  6. Maeena Krar says:

    and either it is a software or hardware problem to delete in application cards or else but issue is resolve with the new os update and I wonder will be more easy UI

  7. Maria Dabees says:

    3000mAh is one of the biggest battery in all those smartphones which are having the same specs and launch in this year.

  8. Jaspreet BrAr says:

    To buy or not to buy? The plus phablet because it is bigger in size and there is huge difference among the rates as well of the phone

  9. Mohamad Rajab says:

    6 Plus camera issues but not the same thing with this one it is a good phone and nice handling. other than that the device has been now available in gold colors and new cains plus docks are available

  10. Sunita says:

    i would to like buy this mobile kindy give mail thank u

  11. Samira Ebrahem says:

    not know what is bad in this phone.. look at the prices it is lowest as never before

  12. Kamran Irfan says:

    I never see anywhere officially announcement

  13. Yasser Yaseen says:

    i m using this phone for more than 3 months and having no problem with this phone... a best phone with good scren size and graphics of the phone is good... i watching movies, and play high definition games as well ... ... tell me how can i upgrade my phone now to kitkat???

  14. Kareem Abkarino says:

    offers a perfect balance of premium feel as not any other phone even android phone is not comparable to the iphone 6s device. It is good, fast and ideal choice for Apple fans right now

  15. Goher Shosha says:

    Launch the application menu, launch manager open programs, search

  16. Warv Insaran says:

    Galaxy j5 debut to their previous e series phone and now where is Galaxy A series there is no phone come in 2016.. Well J5 looks good remains a relative mystery how they going to manage in future with such

  17. Anete Ramos says:

    I am actually like there architecture of 64bit that is working well with that kind of phone.. more RAM may increase the abilities with the multi tasking… still missing the landscape multi tasking on iPhone

  18. Ammar Alibrahim says:

    Speading like fire, This phone was sold in the market as the fire capture the surface. People like it a lot and consider it a lot when buying smartphone.

  19. Zaref Adel says:

    Qaud-core 1.2 Ghz is not enough for me i want a smartphone with so many different features and functions.

  20. Ismael says:

    infinix hote 2 black