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  1. Humeira says:

    as well there is 2 more shift pixels to extend the each side angle to view and dual touch home button is just a good thing that is well included on iphone 6 plus

  2. Laela Sror says:

    Microsoft Lumia 535 is impressive due to it offers a 5-inch screen, slim, high-quality camera (main and front) at an attractive prices

  3. Mohamedali Algande says:

    although user of the phone get your thumb even more reliable all across the iphone 5s either it is bit thicker but small also.

  4. Taher Sham says:

    Appearance - the main surprise in the model OnePlus One phone

  5. Ahmaed Alhmyre says:

    Super-efficient processor they are offering and the samsung galaxy s7 for maximum performance with faster cpu. The only camera you'll ever required is 12MP with such capabilities

  6. Sobhe Hafar says:

    it is just a bulky phone I really not like the design of the phone as the edges are not well design and not this phone looks smooth

  7. Mbark Bourgan says:

    3D Touch display also known as force technology and Quick Actions are certainly somewhat you might have to get used to and that is upon you to disable or enable the features

  8. Mohmed Hasan says:

    sale ration of the s6 is really increasing because this time people know what they want is just packs in this amazing device

  9. Ahmad Eb says:

    Two great new cameras with the good battery timing in the iphone 6s plus. A massive step ahead to the rivals more interesting compared to their own phones

  10. Abu Hussein says:

    feel excitement, a lot of little things finalized in the iphone new phone special edition with little economical prices.

  11. Sharoon Malik says:

    You can take any of the design because there are so many design which is design by keeping in mind that there are different kinds of people who have different taste.

  12. Omar Magdy says:

    it is going to be the best innovation in the tablet era. i think this time apple make super size ipad air.. and it look amazing as seen in photo

  13. Jamil Pasha says:

    it maximize the experience of using best high advance phones.. due to its amazing features and you can absolutely love this phone

  14. Wendel Bonatti says:

    when will the next air 3 is coming?

  15. Majid says:

    All are best nexus 4,5 and now 6. The fastest processor and also Ram is 3GB Ram and camera is 13MP.

  16. Ali Aqeed says:

    such a great amazing smartphone ... when galaxy s5 price are come???

  17. Mahmoud El Masre says:

    but needed many things to be enhance as the card slot option needed and yest samsung pay working fine for visa, master card but need alternative methods as well to secure our data

  18. Sami Lakal says:

    Samsung home button and apple home button is never changes whereas all the things on their phone going to change but these things are similar. back of samsung note 5 in blue color is more shinny and good looking also the edges from back is reduce offering palm handling

  19. Hasan Dozoo says:

    well we know about the google project ara but lg just ahead of google right now and make available removable battery with the same concept and even use such feature in their most high end lg g5 phone

  20. Laith A Louis says:

    samsung not seems to be make changes to their note series actually that is why more different models coming with the active, edge and different names.