Find E455 Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Mussadiq says:

    how much is the thickness of this apple new phone??

  2. Khaled Al-shaikh says:

    please tell me is there is any news about the dual sim version of the note 4

  3. Tlha M Alrajeh says:

    Sony Exmor camera and the more slimmest body that has the perfect beauty with aluminum frame

  4. Ayham Kabani says:

    motorola was the first one to make wooden casin and that is very well with the design and not feel heat up issues on these phone.. I like galaxy phones and want same wooden housing on its back

  5. Hasan Abdullah says:

    Hi MAJ, Samsung I9502 Galaxy S4 is easily avaliable in Kuwait city.

  6. Reda Fawzy says:

    the phone is looking so nice and pretty in hands as well.. Red is my fab

  7. Moulay Ismail Ed-dafali says:

    feature a 256GB storage option so non removable but is become the most expensive one may be 200% above the price of prev high end model

  8. Rima Mekdashi says:

    There are quality covers that blend well with the last model and I supposed more better capabilities to be included in the next model

  9. Kaled Alhagali says:

    good news because there is no of edition coming with this watch and yest there is nice colors

  10. Almira says:

    i get moto e phone and it is perfect in performace and in many ways... many peoples love moto Phones because they all are packed with morderen tech..

  11. Abd Er Rahman says:

    very cheap and pretty to everybodies pockets.. many peoples love lenovo Phones due to this that they all are equipped with new features and as well

  12. Tima Dib says:

    The new design is dominated by cold blue and purple hues, fonts have become more subtle and rigorous

  13. Mahmoud Eldoktor says:

    In Blackberry 10 in the present state for the equal brand such no chance. - is not the first and last product I think like this.

  14. Mustafa Dukeen says:

    the size is something people find their phnones hard to be hold btu now giving a bit similar kind of feeling in hands

  15. Sawsan Bakly says:

    system in which you are now put, you have the confidence to spend that money one whose hardware is great; otherwise it has ok display panel and design is actually perfect

  16. Ahmed Afandy says:

    So far, no Smartphone camera has been capable to put back the DSLR, but Apples new devices are usually look upon as one of the most excellent Smartphone cameras out there.

  17. Seniora Jana says:

    all packed with the uniqueness Decent Camera, decent battery and decent Design

  18. Youness Traiy says:

    probably be a nice phone as it looks ... specs are also not too bad like full hd resolutions

  19. Usama Sahi says:

    when they going to release this device what is the actual official date; and is all the specifications updated above is official specs and details about availiblity

  20. Shvan Mhmd says:

    I wonder if now the owners of iPhone owners laugh at, for example, Samsung. Who shovel more work?