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  1. Suha says:

    is this phone is easy to fit into pockets because it looks very big in width???

  2. Haris Ibrahim says:

    improved performance compared to the smartphone Nexus 5x by google: smarter than he focuses on objects, images will be stored with less delay.

  3. Saleh says:

    Galaxy Gear Fit smartwatch should be the best one with galaxy s5... also it looks good in hands i just saw a video of gear fit much useful wearable devices

  4. Alnaji Magdy says:

    Versatile and Reliable thing this one is looking. not like a before model of the surface i like this one and see many of the reviews and all trusty sites reviews are not focusing on the marketing they say what is best and tell clearly a bad things... and i found minor bugsq

  5. Sameera-udeen says:

    It was supposed to be much similar to its brother phones not in term of built they gonna make some changes

  6. Bano Nasr says:

    in the middle of a lot of things many users of the big phablets for nowadays, one action that fits mainly fine by the way is gaming that is continuously increasing.

  7. Saher Mobasher says:

    i not thing that is most amazing thing to just give phone force tech and popul features which is not something relevant to the hardware boast up. however really efferct user interface to quickly access and make visible many things without interup many things

  8. Zahra Kareem says:

    the result of the phone pixels is really great as i know.. v10 is amazin and great phone comes with strong beauty.

  9. Ahmad Alkatabi says:

    nice writing with the new one but because of less size of the screen this time hard to write lot more

  10. Yunis Alshobi says:

    there is so big size as expected, after the success of ultra versions of Sony Xperia each line up i want same ultra like design in orignal final model with all

  11. Taher Shah says:

    is this phone capture multiple shots of the action?? i want many hidden features of note 3 phone... so i get more benefit of it

  12. Moud Gamal El Feky says:

    it can be supposed that more than 70 percent of the Apple A8 and A8x chipset that name draw closer from TSMC among the Samsung offering the balance.

  13. Emre Altun says:

    i have some questions for my apple iphone 6 plus. first one is does the NFC pairing work on iphones fine after update the new OS and should i use apple pay

  14. Sami Zimnako says:

    The samsung not 4 is still cheap.

  15. Shehroz Ali says:

    I want this tablet lg lk430 if you have so plz call me I need 2 My phone number 0561754415

  16. Kashif Bashir says:

    Samsung is a Smartphone company which is very much consious in making wonderful smartphones and thatís why you can see many of its Smartphones having superb look and design

  17. Firnas Faris says:

    A new style is ready so you can have one when ever you want. And the best part you would be having some unique amount of stuff in it.

  18. Shahzad Ansari says:

    A wonderful smartphone that has so much to explore and so much to get. This smartphone has a wonderful camera and a wonderful screen virew so that you can see movies play games and do many other things.

  19. Adel Moussa says:

    lg g3 packed simple camera with laser auto focus 13 mp camera not make this phone able to take pictures like xperia and galaxy new phones...

  20. Fisal El Srehy says:

    but none has the S Pen Samsung, the stylus more precisely the cellular market and also improves each year thanks to the brand name with it is possible to cover needs of both professionals