Find Dupad Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Osama Alaswad says:

    software features has obviously big changes right now because for android users there is so hard to use at the beginning ios while there is many options now are same to each other and also easy to use in iphone 6

  2. Ghazi Ayyash says:

    Oh finally, got the best prices, the close up display is very unique and I am lover of the Note series since the first Galaxy Note arrived I love this device.

  3. Aref Haj Hassan says:

    One more big iossue for the newe devices devices by them has been the platform they are using iOS 8.0 Os made by itself, which was crashing 78 percent more often than iOS 7 and the beta verison.

  4. Abdul Mozid says:

    plz tell me......sir...how much betery power for Samsung galaxy K zoom C111m mobail.

  5. Nawel Hedhli says:

    From the front side, this look so amazing and I think there is glossy body phone as well include and looks a lot like the Note Edge

  6. Muhammad Marzany says:

    Lookg of the Samung S7 revealed now as there is a more big size with reduce in the dimension which make it looks a little bit squarer than its predecessor but more elegant

  7. Rana Abdallah says:

    ut still on the autonomy is significantly affected. Smartphone is enough for a full day of very active use.

  8. Omar Ahmaad says:

    even though the display of their smartphone is always awfull and has nice experience.4K (3,840x2,160-pixel) resolution is really a pin sharp display for us

  9. Salih Liaquat says:

    camera features specially HDR that is great step by VIVO nice latest 5.7mm thinnest Smartphone, people say it is kind of knife

  10. Ibrar Mian says:

    The Galaxy S6 Edge will be operating a fully Lollipop 5.0 android version of TouchWiz out of the box.

  11. SouqMobi Admin says:

    Our suggestion is Lumia 720 is better.

  12. Hamood Alqasim says:

    so the prices are from all orignal stores that is really a good thing i like it.

  13. Eamy Nouri says:

    They say that the Phase detection features got more improved and not just that also Sapphire crystal lens cover and IR Filter is improved and all this include because they want to give snaps true tone flash

  14. Murad Haskani says:

    Apple Iphone 6 is the best phone among all the mobiles and it is still different from the other brands. I keep on searching about its new features and applications. Hope the new model will bring some unique changes.

  15. Mahdy Elmsoudy says:

    Essentially any other flagship will directly compete with the HTC One M9It older hardware platform and thus worse performance.

  16. Bento Rodrigues says:

    Camera is really a best part in this smartphone and you would be loving the camera as it is of one of the best quality.

  17. Usama Ramdan says:

    The processor is of just 1.5GHz and jsut like the samsung. But the think which makes it unique in its performance is the working criteria of this smartphone and the unique technology used by the Motorola.

  18. Mahmoud Valentino says:

    AS we take a look on the Stylus well actually user can not even tell that it is best at all and performing as they want there is some negative point of this still. Decide to buy this phone instead of all this.

  19. Abdullah Sword says:

    Wow yes you are right now the Etsalat is offering at discount but it is limited edition. Tell me which one is limited

  20. Gewan Hebso says:

    Based model storage should be 64GB but now I think they are expanding the storage to upto 128gb storage as the cardslot is included in next models after xperia sony z5 premium