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  1. Muhammad Marzany says:

    Lookg of the Samung S7 revealed now as there is a more big size with reduce in the dimension which make it looks a little bit squarer than its predecessor but more elegant

  2. Maged Samir Malak says:

    Astonishing high end hardware is what place the Notes on the game of Phablet at first place, but two gen later than the innovative software support lastly fixed up to build last year's Note 3 a actually special device.

  3. Yasir says:

    Does any body knows about the SAR of this phone?

  4. Hasan Rashed says:

    like this one and much more excellent display which is crisp and sharp with boast battery durability; elegant designs are like htc phones and just like previous

  5. Ch Mudassar Jutt says:

    The camera features of Z2 allow Simultaneous High Definition video and picture recording.

  6. Saad Ismail says:

    this samsung phone is much better than many phones. 5.7-inch Quad HD (2560x1440) no one is offering like that if offering tell me the name of the phone'

  7. Narjis Gul says:

    What that loud quickly with the modest Apple A8 chipset and/or Metallic and sharp graphics load up can actual do its best

  8. Mohammed Elsega says:

    The best game I know is the Airborne Asphalt working so nice now and it is my fav racing game also just with the Apple

  9. Moon Ellani says:

    Its categorized with support of the press with Force Touch technology as we saw in their Smartwatch, but with major features for the Smartphone and dissimilar levels of pressure is a whole new thing.

  10. Um Ameer says:

    sd slot on I am also a fan of having an external storage. I have a galaxy note 4 and me goes great with external storage e exchanging batteries whenever I depletes the cell.

  11. Zaki Matter says:

    The only important thing will pass, and you can only set the mode. Lasts one hour, do not worry about forgetting to look back.

  12. Iqrazz Khan says:

    On the main individuality of brightness, viewing angles, color reproduction display can be more even good and enhanced in future that is what I believe.

  13. Kareem says:

    flop one, actually it is just a boring model with another similar body design

  14. Mahmoud Masrawy says:

    from the sides there is a different layer lemon color look bit elegant. Also more colors available contains Pearl White, Onyx Black, Laser Yellow

  15. Emad says:

    if they make it look like moto 360 watches in round full it will be more room

  16. Mahmoud Khalaf says:

    Samsung has given its users the freedom to uninstall or disable many of the app pre-installed (except the app needed to the system itself).

  17. Abdul Muhsi says:

    very nice smartphone also video recording resolution is perfect for me /

  18. Moad Alkbir says:

    Inside this phone is set exactly the same sensor as in Note 3

  19. Nisar Satti says:

    Owner of the phone might notice that lots of Display and visual is now improved with the applications as before some icons are little blury

  20. Hicham Roumani says:

    the v plus mobile phone available?