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  1. Kashif Khan says:

    iam wating for z5 because he support two sim card and z4 is support this option

  2. Yemen Berivan says:

    modifications suppossed to be made on the phone material as well as the design of the front changes to give us more big diagonal size by reducing or hide the home key just like lg phones. means we will see next iphone 7 without home button

  3. Kaiser Ali says:

    310 mAh (42 mm) for the big size apple watch and has all the same connectivity options with support of pedometer and heart rate sensor on the device

  4. Tofeeq UR Rehman says:

    4.7 inches of large screen is best for doing many things and if you are an Apple lover so you would be feeling so good to have one

  5. Nadeem says:

    I need glaxy core where i can buy original

  6. Ahmad Ali says:

    not this phone has something like Scrapbook and other tool

  7. Brens Nezar says:

    the big phablet is now launch so soon in Indian markets well there is no official day yet about the availibility in Arab region

  8. Nusayb says:

    it is not a good phone..having many issues.. now..handset continously disconnected while browsing through wifi.. for 3g usage moto g is not perfect phone

  9. Trojan says:

    Dear Fellows could you please tell me this new Nokia XL support online streaming?

  10. Dublaa Shafter says:

    Due to its small size and thinness that is just 6.7mmit perfectly grip with hand.

  11. Aziz Rajawi says:

    as we know that everywhere we can found the Google Android phones but later may be they use something else compare to google OS or google unveil more advanced version than Android M on phones like Samsung note 7

  12. Eslam Elesawy says:

    being smaller than the iPhone 6 and the same screen has speakers on the front plus), absence of an full NFC (in fact, today, there is not even Apple Play, so you do not have useful capacity NFC)

  13. Hannan Kobani says:

    great camera. And that's both handsets note 4 and iphone 6 plus i like.. but more i like iphone 6 if the prices are more come to low. not this phone having the richest specification ever also not the most slimmest phone in market. so why prices are so much

  14. Malek Ahshad says:

    In fact, this we all know Home button with it all, well, very simple.

  15. Hema Saleh says:

    every one by means of the similar refined plan, which we all will travel around in additional feature a small later on.

  16. Rozelia says:

    Best phones with ultra slim and light weight.. But what about front stereo.. Is this time sony include as well speakers on front.. Not found by seen in pics

  17. Shaikh Zaid says:

    Asus battery is awesome and work very fast..

  18. Lasanthi says:

    Can i know price? And need to buy.

  19. Manuel Ramirez says:

    deserves serious consideration among its rivals; where as some has more less amount of storage, battery life but still offering some great features. Phones like lg g3, one plus two and now s7 comes with a lot good things

  20. Hamesia says:

    Organic light emitting diode (OLED) screens have replaced the standard power LEDs in many applications.