Find Dupad Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Nohad says:

    when this phone is release??

  2. Kamael says:

    was a chronic weakness of the company's previous Xperia devices and life-LCD is muted maintain true and vibrant colors , while strong enough to appear black is really black , and the viewing angles are almost ( but well ) greater only one HTC, iPhone 5S good quality

  3. Farag Salah says:

    this is a challenge for all, anybody else have any idea to make this kind of phone??

  4. Mansoor Noor says:

    responsive screen, and design much look like htc one...phones so many people really like.. this mid range phone equipped with good features and plastic body

  5. Mohd Rizwan says:

    Dear sir. I order honor 4x color golden phone needed saudi Arabia 00966507931929. My number

  6. Khaleel Alhusein says:

    camera of this phone is capable to capture as well precious moments blur free and clarity is perfect of each image

  7. Mohamad Halabye says:

    perhaps the another best experiment for this decade is the g flex

  8. Kamran Ali says:

    having problem on my lumia 720, it just restart after switch off

  9. Seif Mohamed says:

    where the brand smartphones unconditional champions, even with not the most powerful batteries.

  10. Mouhamed Helala says:

    The big phone display can be chosen for it as your sketch board and sketch the sign that the rest of the squad perceives on the wider screen mostly.

  11. Hedil Khedher says:

    after 31 march 2015 it is sure that this phone is out but still not got full availability in international market

  12. Asher Ahmad Alvi says:

    I just take a look on the new unveil by sony phone called xperia c5 ultra just see the screen this is so amazing that is what I am expecting from Samsung to make

  13. Vasanth says:

    Can you deliver the Nokia 222 0529193351

  14. Faheem says:

    price update of this cell phone??

  15. Mohammed Waddah says:

    The product lineup is the right one and consumers are responding positively. Surface Pro 3 is currently available in 28 marketplaces and significantly we have enhanced the business economics of this product line up.

  16. Ala Bashiti says:

    All that has been cleanly change and modified each and every features. There is almost no plastic anymore on the Korean devices specially they say good bye to S Series.

  17. MD Saddam Hossain says:


  18. Tanveer Ijaz says:

    that is great that sony include a higher front facing camera this time.. and specs of phones are as well not much high end.. so price should be mid range

  19. Alshoubaki says:

    No expandable storage, USB Type C standard still very young that is why may be apple not included such options in the iphone 6s. but indeed some phones required to use such things so far

  20. Mohamed Hassan says:

    Following new gen galaxy series are ordinary oversights in the device sphere, but South Korean has been a die-hard to give their next devices extendable card slot for increase memory, until now in the galaxy s6 successor