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  1. Aamirah says:

    as compare to new galaxy s5 still have many good features ... the phone is good.. have many brigh colors.. accessories.. and many no of features...

  2. Ahmad Bajeer says:

    Product info from the view point of next time big release, in line with the previous judgment.

  3. Yassmen Gordany says:

    nokia phones design is very beautiful in looking i am waiting for this model and also lumia 930

  4. Nsser says:

    I am waiting for xiaomi mi 5 when its available in bangladesh.

  5. Nona Nona says:

    there is far more improved cpu performance

  6. Abdul Saood says:

    This will be the most amazing Apple phone ever! might be more costly ..... i check some reviews for this phone.. and some people saying that this phone called iphone air so is it true or not???

  7. Nawaf Alnumir says:

    also i like the xiaomi phone after this new upcoming phone i really found this phone the most high end phone with the perfect stylish body and yes Vivo make it

  8. Ubed Murad says:

    much bigger screen and have much powerful efficient battery

  9. Malik Mahmood says:

    But it seem like each moments of memory deficits. Programs run fast enough, but not immediately.

  10. Ibrahim Ahmad Angoka says:

    For Face Time talk it got more better than ever no other phone got this kind of bes things and in accordance with the FaceTime-camera as well notably pumped.

  11. Amir Mashish says:

    the best phone is here now .. what is the prices tell me .?? it is coming in october and now october comes

  12. Abdul Badee says:

    less weight / thickness of xperia z3 phone. in how many colors the phone is available only white?? i see some reviews and see the picture of the phones to be included more bright colors than before

  13. Fateh Boulkadra says:

    Unfortunately By, it will probably work for one day. More detailed information about this, we learn by doing a full review of Nexus 6.

  14. Mikaeel says:

    for business purpose this is a perfect flagship... just see its slim body desing sure it is a best replacement of ur laptop in a form of tablet.. u can attach keyboard and make instant browsing with the help of touch and wireless mouse is as well connect with it..

  15. Mohamed Ragab says:

    well we all hear that the some first impressions regarding the apple iphone 6 never impress many poeople but just after the release of its new generation over the iphone 6 it is painfull for others

  16. Hussein Khalid says:

    commonly they just make changes to the display, sizes, resolution and ram which is why people know what is coming with the note family all the time. asmore powerful battery many times just exclude in their innovation which is the thing required

  17. Amr Omar says:

    Additionally to this, the wider S6 Edge plus and the other plus has an improved People Edge so it be able to send images and emoticons (that is now update also). The latest news is these modifications are as well being roll out for the new S.

  18. Hassan Souqi says:

    Typically, companies are trying to introduce in its flagship new materials or technologies, Blackberry did neither one nor the other.

  19. Abokarim says:

    and when xperia z3 is coming????

  20. Aldakhil says:

    find best ipad air price here ,... thanx