Find Dupad Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Ras Biju says:

    price around 3000 AED

  2. Waleed Al Zyoud says:

    Galaxy Note Edge visually looks more brighter than the note 4 LCD screens are not well as the Note edge screen is, as well as on the screen of the Smartphone Edge is often essential to look at least at a slight angle.

  3. Inaara Rahim says:

    Everyone is happy to have iphone 5s as it has so many amazing features and functions to have some great amount of quality of work to the customers and thats why it is famous in the market.

  4. Irudhayaraj Anthony Samy says:

    The battery is really very good. I went on a long trip where i use it alot by chatting taking photos and i made hours of video and i do it all in my trip and it ends after 13 hours and when i check my battery it was 37% left. that was quite shcoking to me

  5. Mobeen says:

    looks alike sp is not??

  6. Mohamed Khames Ramdan says:

    The visuals of the phone actually are very nice that is because of same technology used by them as in huge phones in small screen. That make icons more sharp and colors vibrant

  7. Abdulmannan M Yaseen says:

    One of the flaps fully covered a SD card slot this is so much like the bofore, so Z3 Compact is the just Smartphone with expandable storage here no obviously now not.

  8. Kumar says:

    they create a better and obviously more than the standard setters such as the level of the industry , and one important in that , they are remarkably worse .

  9. Sohail Khan says:

    Really the display is beautiful and is nice looking on wrist watch but has a lack of many features

  10. Ismael says:

    infinix hote 2 black

  11. Amarilis Perez says:

    wide screen to see this time but the expensive prices as well ... pricing breakdown quitely now

  12. Ahmad Akil says:

    It is also likely in this Smartphone might not be common to all of the button «Home», and every button placed directly on the bottom side of the display.

  13. Hamood says:

    note edge has totally fantastic body with the curved screen

  14. Rami Souleman says:

    Use dissimilarity among the last G3 do not feel it is certainly like valuable product even if the curvature of the display is pretty.

  15. Rubb Gerdazi. says:

    This is depend as what do you want to be in phone. I would like to just say please research in both mobile for the major differences. The decision will be your choice. iphone 5C is lower end phone, so naturally the 5S will be better phone.

  16. Ahmed Shaheen says:

    and now introduced the pink phones specially made for girls :)

  17. Zeyad Nuhilla says:

    Do not seem to be similarities with the Galaxy Note Edge , as we had originally planned, the edges are thinner and less brilliant finish.

  18. Zeeshan Ahmed says:

    Shatter proof glass tecnology I think was introduced by the samsung and apple has adopted this amazing technology and now it is putting it on its screen. They have to give creadit to the Samsung.

  19. Naser Kassim says:

    so the new found‘Error 53’ in the apple iphone 6 after year of its launch now Apple software update come out to execute your iPhone 6

  20. Karim says:

    they claim that there is the most advanced made Camera on their phone packed in Dual Edge S6... anyone test it with the iPhone