Find Droid Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Md. Sagir says:

    l need nokia 222 one piece

  2. Fafeed says:

    Apple iPad Air 32GB WiFi is available in MYGSM Store

  3. Kioum Akand Kioum Akand says:

    It has a sapphire display glass which is amazing...and this device could be wirelessly charge easily..Apple does not make a watch it has made a small phone biut the difference is, it coulc not make calls hahahaahahaha

  4. Raju Zakaria says:

    heat up instantly

  5. Hoda Ahmed says:

    G Pro Lite price are the best prices now ,much better smartphone than samsung

  6. Souad Kezadri says:

    If you love LG Smartrphone's because of there big size and interact display now the best phone for you is the Note Edge. Alpha like body design is missing but may be in S6 Edge model this all is included.

  7. Osama Muaddi says:

    left and right edges as compare to lg g2, galaxy s5 and other phones bit thick but the smartphone screen size is so personal for handling and yes iphone 5s has good ui and enough grip for us

  8. Mohammad Walid says:

    Any body knows when this phablet will be available in the market?

  9. Yahya Dhl says:

    This mobile is marketed in indicative prices now in AED many stores available with all color variations

  10. Sylla Ismael says:

    I want infinix hote 2 black

  11. Maan Suliman Aljuboury says:

    of superb design and giving it has little bit round edges; gorgeous looking phne but hard to use with the single hand xperia devices

  12. Walid Elsabry says:

    well if the battery is removable than it will be a nice thing because you can do many things than

  13. Ridwan Hisen says:

    with AMOLED-display all the time Samsung become master.

  14. Yubraj Kumar says:

    super model iphone 5c model

  15. Shibu says:

    when can I9502 available in UAE?

  16. Muhammad Kashif Mehboob says:

    Samsung give the impression of being one to experiment once more Edge in the new S6 pack metal frames that is the best thing to do next, QHD displays is used many times for now, powerful high end phone specification, sophisticated software and a handful of new-fangled features containing an better fingerprint recognizer and a modest Smartphone payments app.

  17. Armaan Mann says:

    A good smartphone with an affordable price and normal specs. Good for a normal user.

  18. Mona Alkazzaz says:

    well this time change in the color combination of their phones as i see in photos that samsung give it great silver and black color combinations and also the glass protection on the body make it look far more different and more premium. Its screen could get a smidge bigger because might be they exclude the button on the front

  19. ROOPESH says:

    where i get this mobile?

  20. Muna Soad says:

    screen display is ok of this phone. there is not a doubt that motorola make world cheap phone with top class hardware