Find Droid Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Alaa Alkesba says:

    some handle their set price tag require some time to learn some of the new include camera features which is not just ease as we seen apple devices and galaxy Android devices

  2. Al-Mateen says:

    from the parameter point of view Samsung GALAXY S4 and LG G2 gap is very obvious.and that is when more than 300 ppi, in terms of display upgrade will be very limited.

  3. Umairuddin says:

    I need iphone 7

  4. Gammal Abozaed says:

    any special offer for this mobile phone i am in searching of it

  5. Raxmo Shaiif says:

    what about the galaxy round phone is the prices are similar and the specs is also bit alike to each other

  6. Hassan Alfatairy says:

    the great and impressive technology coming now with the Microsoft only few now just repeat their old fashion as HTC, Sony need to make something different

  7. Jana Marym Talaat says:

    smartphone also supports fast charging, which allows you to get 60% charge in about 30 minutes.

  8. Akhir says:

    With all Mobile Phones capabilities, this is almost the big brother to the Galaxy Note 2 :P

  9. Erandi Kawshalya Gallage says:

    S6 is comparable to iphone 6 just few things are change in them like Iphone 6 has SD card support and S6 does not support the SD card and same in the battery S6 has larger battery and iphone is having a smaller.

  10. Fatima Lahninia says:

    Due to the small, at first glance, the difference iPhone 6 felt much thinner, and in spite of the large size is negligible gained weight

  11. Amas says:

    any person guide me that what is the difference in neo version of the grand series.. It is good or bad..

  12. Karim Alshikh says:

    In general,... because of what a nexus biggy one gives the impression of an empty sleaze. And I love the display of the phone which has perfect ppi

  13. Rainalyn Natha Abanto says:

    the design of the phone once more time as like its brtohers are waterproof .. you like the setting and unique design as well very much

  14. Losang Veerababu says:

    for the present time either user need a tab or need of a laptop or notebook in equal dimension that is slim, thin and stylish; Enjoy with all this with the best Microsoft innovation

  15. Shwana Mohamad says:

    s pen is creative but two things need to include in the devices; one is the finger print sensor it useful and quick way with best security; the next is the removable options

  16. Hadi Bezdi Sani says:

    nexus 6p is unveiled so totally different look from the rear top but will be going to available in nice prices in canada and as well in UK first

  17. Ahmed El Tokhy says:

    life unfold on a big well they going to use 6 inches display on the next note device or may be balance more configuration in the same screen size by increasing the resolution of the note 6

  18. Alaa Edris says:

    and the phone is now more than ever tries to jump out of the hands due to smooth shape

  19. Hakan Tulek says:

    a not big deal if they give a whole new ways to connect the same thing again and again.. and maybe such feature is not the actually thing that their focus is on right now. not helpful with the design if ther is same thicker battery on their phones and phablets once again.

  20. Ammar Adil says:

    I want any application like that by which I can easily found that which apps are destroying my galaxy grand 2 and battry