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  1. Patrek Tarek says:

    The phone is really amazing and shocking to see how the Smartphone supervise to stay the 3.5mm audio jack as moreover running to be 4.85mm thick.

  2. 0wqU says:

    how do one upgrade from 2.3 gingerbread to 4.0 ICS

  3. Adel Karam says:

    in red color I love this laptop

  4. German says:

    i love sony xperia Like this . .xperia .

  5. Hind Khalil says:

    Pressure-Sensitive Drawing I just use this feature drawing and sketches are nice through it

  6. Rabea Asad says:

    Phone is good but am facing too much difficulty while connecting with wifi router. Secondary and Primary camera performance is very excellent.

  7. Dennis D says:

    the edge is so nice and beautiful device, there is packed now the single speaker working so fine and a astonishingly amount of clear sound without any kind of noice, generally nice camera also

  8. Safaa Polus says:

    there are good power of the mAh and power consumption with the software Android 6.0 will be more durable and boomsound suppossed to be more enhanced in future phones

  9. Imran Gill Imran Gill says:

    I donít like the secondary camera of this particular smartphone as it has no proper kind of a output I donít now that why have samsung put it here.

  10. Ahmed Mohmed Amen says:

    barely better than BlackBerry Priv of this mobile phone well both performance is equal as I tested the performance of the blackberry and apple phones batteries that is equal actually

  11. Osamah Abo Mhamd says:

    that keep revenue and profits high this is small beast actually coming for us and a perfect strategy to deliver the same in small sizes

  12. Jacob says:

    iPhone 6s 64 gb new for purchase as quoted

  13. Mohammad Chbib says:

    its compelte potential until developers to do lot of things with the new devices even to make applications and games. As 3D Touch is something new but will be fully explained after time by time

  14. Abd Errahman Mawkib says:

    it is better to choose the iphone 6s apple against the galaxy s6, s7 or the lg g5 either because it is too much faster and good looking

  15. Saif Ullah Khan says:

    Huawei might contain be a small extra bold in its design option to remain it look attractive.

  16. Sohaib Zafar says:

    I want a smartphone having a larger battery and I have found LG G Flex 2 having a larger battery and amazing features that is wonderful and I think it is best for meÖ

  17. Mustafa Ibrahim says:

    May 26 is the release date of this phone and might be there are some of the sony gears coming with this one

  18. Om Ali says:

    thumbs up with the spectacular slim design of the nokia tablet but it is still rumor is not it is? As nokia going to launch in mwc 2016 new nokia n1 tablet

  19. Abdulrahman Abosife says:

    many apps are not yet optimized for the new resolution of the iPhone 6 and are seen enlarged and grainy

  20. Yemen Berivan says:

    modifications suppossed to be made on the phone material as well as the design of the front changes to give us more big diagonal size by reducing or hide the home key just like lg phones. means we will see next iphone 7 without home button