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  1. Saba Noman says:

    possibilties that 12MP camera with all new capabilities with the low light as well that is awesome of they improve there features like OIS

  2. Mousa says:

    i like huawei phones .. low in cost and all useful hardware is in this phone

  3. Abu Abdissalam says:

    what is actually the weight of the Gear VR...?? is it is comfortable to wear this for long time period.. and what is the prices for bluetooth speakers attach with VR

  4. Sohag says:

    I want OPPO f1

  5. Anam Lalani says:

    You can run Multiple apps on it and it is the best choice for the businessman who can save their money not buying the expensive desktop pcs and laptops.

  6. Ancillary Moaned says:

    so which one is the biggest competitor of moto 360; apple watch?? no it still not available internationally

  7. Sami Zimnako says:

    The samsung not 4 is still cheap.

  8. Anokha Ji says:

    Show an excellent brightness level uniqueness and decent color accuracy,. This phone get

  9. Maeena Krar says:

    That is, there will be three versions: 32 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB. Everyone will be able to choose the device on its requests.

  10. Abo Wesaam says:

    confusing design that looks after all design errors you indicate (charger, pulse reader, right-click without functions, etc

  11. Majed Abo Dyab says:

    so they still not get to the 20MP and the other has the 20MP camera with lot of amazing features in just 5 inches display, iphone 7 must have good camera and RAM

  12. Dasoki says:

    please sir tell me the best prices for LG L90

  13. Yousef Alhoot says:

    the phone price is more less than the orignal m8 and is the mid range model offering same camera and more same features…

  14. Gianni Versace says:

    separate models for this phone come ...? 4G work in Middle East?

  15. Abo Ahmad says:

    not much compromises with the front style actually just got the different material housing with different back and edge is totally different in that way. I like note 5 but why not they exclude home button from the front

  16. Nyoman says:

    I don't know who you wrote this for but you helped a brtoehr out.

  17. Mezin Mostafa says:

    Design and build feels pretty weighty in the hand as compare to the iphone 6 may be is more because of more among of ram and housing of different hardware as well as new camera lens on the iphone 6s

  18. Ridha Ridha says:

    you might be not like this one if you are using for long while android wear like moto 360 because they are cheap and is so different style of the body

  19. Rashed Samawi says:

    The iPhone 5 will be defective condition; Finally, Apple offers to pay compensation if the user was forced to replace the button on its own.

  20. Mosab Qablan says:

    It might however be much more efficient if the force itself was not as development. Need to drag your finger all along the middle button, it impress a two-handed use