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  1. Hawre Kasnazani says:

    stunning camera, in addition there is stunning fingerprint sensor as well working so accurate and fast, wireless charging round compelling package Battery life might be even more better in future but it will take at least one day maybe longer, depending on the application

  2. Amjad Khan says:

    it is amazing that this phone is using the new os made by apple.... i want to use this phone let my salary come i will buy this phone first (Y)

  3. AJ_o1o says:

    just send me an email regarding your concern. I can help you with that. [email protected]

  4. Hasseeb says:

    8inches screen size is ok not too bit not too small mid range specs

  5. Ahmed says:

    It seems much nice and comfortable, thanks to the very nice equipped design and edges that are more smooth much thinner than the previous

  6. Ibrahem Hamzah says:

    the best thing is that there is no big issue with any application as i found some issues with the new versions

  7. Khaled S Omar says:

    I am sure 2016 is amazing for us and the phone not look alike the other traditional phone designs we seen before because of new display and other technology.

  8. Azharuddin Ehtesham Farooqui says:

    The most expensive in Qatar? This phone is so much costly and for 3G based model it still is not fall down

  9. Yusuf says:

    The processor include on this device is in fact what they did the more challenging this time for their rivals due to it is not the SoC 810

  10. Yaseen Hamad says:

    The 810 snapdragon is really working good and this is the best part in this phone and thats why this phone is very much popliuar now a days.

  11. Maqsood Nadec says:

    Oh yes you are diffidently saying a right words that the many other are now busy to make replica’s after Samsung S6 new series. But nobody knows how to make a best display phone either Apple not capable of. So I think the next with that kind of features will be LG G4 and HTC M9 phone with more good camera. Well not sure how much is the size of both.. will they both got same 5.1 inches best pocket able body.

  12. Hamdi Alasha says:

    not 4 is also similar looking but the location of speakers is also changed and the back glass make it look prettier and still it is nonremovable

  13. Norhan says:

    and this is in no way associated with the games. Since they do not start me once.... but camera is good and i think all think i want in phone is inside

  14. Mh Bidi says:

    Enjoy the World of Music now with great phone audio, and FM radio, this phone really Enhanced Android experience of mine

  15. Zaiba Nauman Khwaja says:

    Though, the build excellence foliage a lot to be preferred. This create us consider that the plastic second-hand for the back case is not of a extremely high quality.

  16. Sudhakar says:

    i need to order for htc mobile

  17. Freddie Barbar says:

    well in the durability these phones are so great but has heatup issue with such material phone from the backside heatup instantly

  18. Khaled Elzahar says:

    first of all after buy this watch you have to make pair of your watch with your smartphone device.

  19. Siyaf Mustafa says:

    start showing off this phone in pictures right now the big one in sizes and also ergonomics all set in advance mode right now for both galaxy s7 and edge s7 mobile phone. kept the design elements similar to the earlier models which is a nice part of their users

  20. Mowafak Olabie says:

    customers are feeling great always with their newest device but as they know such phones are not much durable which is why every year modifications can be seen on the galaxy s series