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  1. Omar Alqayyeh says:

    prices should be more less because of no camera in this phone... also phone is not for brand like samsung and apple.. so why still expensive prices

  2. Younes says:

    you can still capture Live Photos and this time with the low price phone the best phone for single hand use it is amazing one

  3. Safana Bashar says:

    There is continuously been few of the charge left, and if you are just using it for notifications you will simply get more than one days from a single charge.

  4. Abu Wadha says:

    a very nice visual effect which is further enhanced by a dark matte finish around the screen and on the back of the smartphone. Also they use smoothing glass.

  5. Taher Shah says:

    is this phone capture multiple shots of the action?? i want many hidden features of note 3 phone... so i get more benefit of it

  6. Ibo Ibrahim says:

    tell me is there is NFC option on iphone? What is the use of it in Apple devices. Same as android?

  7. Ahmad ALamry says:

    after s5 there are some of the shocking innovations in the galaxy series and also the put additional screesn after the release of note 4. a new thing and quite brave step

  8. Besam Alhalim says:

    not i think camera is such bad if you compare it with other 8MP camera far more nice and comparable to even 16MP cameras the iphone 6 is really nice phone and phone not hangs for a while

  9. AL Samawi says:

    Dual Shot and also best fast continuous shot and optical stabilization with the 16MP auto focus camera is working great

  10. Qaesr El Skark says:

    I notice after this iphone se lauching many other rivals expand their high end line up by reducing the sizes of their smartphones

  11. Yasir Zaman says:

    Each gen of Samsung Smartphone on the whole have comparatively uniform appearance genetic material is now improved, the Samsung GALAXY A5 similar with this generation of Samsung's

  12. Shahidislam says:

    I'm madiena zaid 0508408985

  13. Mohamed Elhassi says:

    appreciable design of the yotaphone

  14. Md Faruk says:

    I want buy oppo f1

  15. Suzan Rabbaa says:

    couple of years we seen many phones with same big sizes and dimensions time and after time cut. All the galaxy phones are big and housing of plastic material; but 2015 we have many nice upgrades over the material

  16. Prashant Khandekar says:

    We want purchese lava iris fuel 60.

  17. Yosf Amara says:

    they always using all brilliant new technology for improvements to their screens and give it more brightness, sharpness, crisp display even the same with the mid size phones and large size phablets. that is why same is with the note 5 and new galaxy s6

  18. Salam Khalaf says:

    9.2 updated?? Will be the same performance or there is more improvments because I recently updated my OS and once again there is a new updates available

  19. Alsood Clalu says:

    finding the way with this phone is good with the gps guide features .. good connect with satellite

  20. Luay Ibrahem says:

    nice stuff all the time we seen from the iphone models and the samsung galaxy s6 is the only rival phone got the micro sd cardslot but now with the new galaxy s6 model we miss this features.. so iphone 6 remains just an ordinary phone this time