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  1. Hasan Wahid says:

    that will happen: Due to a fall on the screen was covered all through cracked glass that does not significantly affect the performance of your Blackberry Passport…..!!!

  2. Annabi Holigenz says:

    exceptional clarity and sharpness but the screen is too small that is why it is little harder to manage controls by touching the screen of the apple watch

  3. Majdi Tibi says:

    5 months with Apple's smartwatch and now I am thinking that they need to change the design after all people not like to wear again and again same kind of thing on their wrist

  4. Mezoos Simon says:

    Edge version, but other rumors suggest that there is difference in the sizes may be the edge plus model is more bigger screen with more resolution

  5. Abdelghani Talhi says:

    First, I bought my S7 like phones right from South Koreans so there were no carrier additions, then logically the device vessels with Samsung’s currently evasion TouchWiz application for the Android over the leading of the new Marshmallow 6.0 operating system.

  6. Goutham says:

    Ya beast iphone

  7. Mohamed Husam says:

    It is good that they continue with the microSD card slot and removable battery options with a whole new way, even with the metallic unibody look make it even more prettier and eye catching, this all seems to be an innovative thing after along time.

  8. Hamza Khan says:

    Wow i love to work.. hopefully it will give a bit competitor to iPhone 6.

  9. Asmita Charoliya says:

    The Smartphone is fast and if you love to play games on it so you can play and enjoy yourself so much it is faster and it is best for those who spend more time with this smartphone.

  10. Nedal Alatassi says:

    The display is switched off for more than five inches - the matter is that big black frame.

  11. Mohamed Ramadan says:

    and in future in think Apple comes up with more good wireless charging features and quickness of mobile phone to charge more quickly is helpful

  12. Muhammad Shiply says:

    However indeed, regardless it climbs over the back surface....

  13. Ahmad Alrais says:

    the Stylus Pen is housing in the bottom edge too whereas the South Koreans rights the modest Stylus Pen is either more correct and accurate to the previous pen and smooth to use whereas smart pen is best to draw but not to write

  14. Mohamed Medo says:

    The image is not so much good as we saw in the sony erricson not even in the sony. I have totally different taste and i want it to provide the best ever and quality image as i want.

  15. Hazem Maryam says:

    graphics of the phone is just ok... not going to compare this phones with other popluar brands... but lenovo phones and oppo phones are too better than this smart phone

  16. Mahadeen Sozan says:

    makes multitasking as well and good user friendly interface of this phone

  17. Zaheer Yousaf says:

    The major external difference "2014 edition" from iPhone 5S is the diagonal of the screen size. In the "old" size is 4 inches, the iPhone 6 - 4.7.

  18. SouqMobi Admin says:

    Hi Moshen you The best price is from "Silver Vision" which is 1315 AED. Souqmobi Admin

  19. Mohammed Shaker says:

    comparing with the xperia which has bit different dimensions .2mm more than iphone is still not manage to give you a promising battery life as they do with the 1715 mAh battery

  20. Mahesh says:

    desire 816 launching date in india??