Find Doogee Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Gayas Younes says:

    length and deigns is not good really bad i like moto 360 any way

  2. Mohamed Fathi says:

    4.7 inches display will be enough for this device

  3. Mohamed Dozan says:

    so it is very expensive no flip discount

  4. Ra Milu says:

    design and display is really good well I prefered the basic model which has all of these things even in more less prices

  5. Mohamed Idan says:

    this is a new one and spectacular model got many new things but not the finger print scanner and still no extendable cardslot

  6. Larah says:

    do you still have this unit? how much? i want to buy 1 piece only pink color i hope yoou still have.. thank you

  7. Abbood Rayes says:

    2699 is nice prices for this phone but i say that little bit need to slim this phone and if possible blackberry now make the edges of the phone bit round

  8. Sanya Salehani says:

    I was wondering that this smartphone is of high defination and it will provide some good kind of stuff to me but I was wrong and I think that this is not a good smartphone instead it is just a waste of money.

  9. Ahmad Shebli says:

    Software, camera show and area of expertise featuring that every Smart phone offering; you like the camera as well as the display.

  10. Lovely Jojo says:

    Mac OS X Yosemite Beta 5 is really provviding some thing good and amazing in this Pad and i think you'd be feeling good while using this Smartphone.

  11. Rona Mahde says:

    For instance I want to talk about the iphone 6 batter life as with the 90min video high resultion with the full brightness and ofcourse some notifications keep coming time after time with the connectivity to social media apps phone drop one and half cells; that is impressive for me.

  12. Mohamed Emad says:

    other than that there is alos new include power saving mode on this phone which is not previously included now the shortcut and also you can jump to songs and many things

  13. Naser Hmide says:

    Additionally, the wrap makes by now quite long widget even more heavy and weighty.

  14. Aina Abdulrahman Antao says:

    The Incipio DualPro Protective Cases for Note 5 are decent but bit alike as iPhone; choices for reasonable protection with the dust, scratches and little drops.

  15. Musab says:

    the idea that it be able to get the identical chassis, have a small tinker, throw in a fresh CPU, somewhat improved battery and camera, and describe it an completely successful machine.

  16. Rafique Jokhio says:

    Power ful specs means that you are having so many different stuff and this is the best part you can do what ever you want.

  17. AmmAr Shaban says:

    though, there are few rumors to propose that the iPhone 7 might have several changes with the design features.

  18. Erdi Bulut says:

    not such low capacity may be they just reduce the graphics and make it low resolution for a big like the s6 but not possible they compromise with the camera at all in galaxys7 mini

  19. Omer Musa says:

    bigger battery life after the test than the S6 either their is low mah on the iphone 6s battery but big different in the performance of the iphone 6s. just the same they do with the ram and chipset which is best combination I know

  20. Tarek Cabo says:

    these phones are good