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  1. Ayser Alganabi says:

    I give this phone 10 out of 9 the reason I am not giving 10 out of 10 because there is still expensive prices for this

  2. Mohamed Abobaker says:

    so there is the same as the other phone this phone has turbo charger new, best of google Operating System lollipop and 4K video capture

  3. Mostafa Barzanji says:

    Samsung has introduced a section calle Quality and sound effects to show that every single aspect of the Edge has been studied in detail.

  4. Shawqi says:

    mmm not a bad phone

  5. Nafisa Jutex says:

    the new firmware it will be more improved

  6. Hafeez Shahid says:

    i like this phone but not like mini version of this phone... me waiting for next huawei mulan

  7. Zubair says:

    Touch ID - very convenient - imprint accept the payment in AppStore, unlock and simply, as already stated above, it is possible to surprise friends of the Owner Sony, Samsung,

  8. Jahanzeb says:

    any person who is yet using google glass what is about its new upgraded features... in explorer editions??

  9. Ritaj Algerai says:

    all i need is the phone like this well the 11 hr battery life time with the full use of internet with Wifi and with 3G and 4G is looking just fine as before

  10. Noor Alshimery says:

    any phone by them with all these qualities in little screen and without curve

  11. Shaheer says:

    Samsung Galaxy S5 comparative evaluation of the LG G3 is the previous generation flagship product upgrades G2 models

  12. Dlshan Omar says:

    the phone looks ok to me.. but why not much slim like z3 and t series of phone... i like graphics of sony and now 5MP front camera that sony include in it is good for video calling

  13. Chadija Liebsch says:

    so they going to make mini version as well of the iphone 6 ?? Because there is absence of 4.7 inches Smart phone this time

  14. Mohammad Osman says:

    different that the last year three iteration Korean’s has not think it essential to add to the diagonal size of the Note 4, so it firewood among the similar 5.7-inch dimensions look alike the note 3.

  15. Mangesh Deherkar says:

    It is a smartphone having wonderful specs and amazing Ram and I love to play games on it as it is a fast mobile and provide a wonderful result.

  16. Hamoude Mosa says:

    The new phone has 16MP camera sensor, among the elegant OIS for the low light performance, with support of the f 2.0 aperture that is well. and the front facing camera is not 5MP but still look alike to give 3.7MP front camera

  17. Al-Mateen says:

    from the parameter point of view Samsung GALAXY S4 and LG G2 gap is very obvious.and that is when more than 300 ppi, in terms of display upgrade will be very limited.

  18. Isra says:

    I have a decent wifi network connection but still having one issue with my phone or connection… skype video call is dropped ..

  19. Oliulalam says:


  20. Nuha Mujahed says:

    Samsung is very much consern about the gamers and thats why they have to show you a Smartphone having higher power efficient graphics Adreno 430.