Find Desire Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Walid Salah says:

    Shatter-proof screen a latest low–light sensor plus the good amount of ram in iphone 6 apple phone; with faster, more precise on it.

  2. Muna Ilyas says:

    Apple devices are not for each one and I am not try to entail that Apple ecology and environment is excellent to other options.

  3. Asad Altaf says:

    i having little problem on thisphone... phone not able to connect with bluetooth.. whenever i connect it it automatically turn off... tell me what to do

  4. Hamza Ali says:

    I think in silver color this phone looks more pretty and quite similar look as lg g3 and g2 phones are looking

  5. Hammad says:

    i am waiting for this one to be come ... and want best prices ..

  6. Waseem Bhatti says:

    5.5 inches of wider screen means that you are going to watch a lots of movie on it.

  7. Ebrahem Shef Hurghada says:

    There are two ready-mode, standard and bright, and user mode with manual correction on four scales: hue, saturation, contrast and intensity.

  8. Ravi Kumar says:

    Where in uae it available

  9. Abdullah Alabdali says:

    well the dimension i do not think is the only thing what about the camera? people say that iphone 6s has brilliant camera 12MP as compare to other phones with 16MP.. now galaxy s7 comes with 12MP lens with more variety what else now???

  10. Medo BnAmer says:

    when this new tablet is available and hit the markets of UAE specially dubai.

  11. Ajit says:

    If we order the product from Saudi Arabia,will it cover the warranty in India.

  12. Al Sood says:

    i like this if the prices more come to low definitely going to buy mini 3. but not front camera is too low?

  13. Haroon Arshad says:

    can i able to remover blink screen in htc one smartphones??? how is it possible.. i want blank screen just need to show Wallpepar and 4 app

  14. Dhurgham Mohammed says:

    As making comparison to nearly everyone other flagship in such prices but the screen appears and is crisper but low desnity

  15. Abu Omar says:

    nice mid range phablet.. looks great as compare to samsungs new grand 2...

  16. Mohammed Ali says:

    i just see a review of this phone looks so pretty bit look alike the old iPhone not is it?

  17. Bahman Mohamad says:

    Tell me, if the new iOS will probably not be called 10 iOS and iOS X?

  18. Horiya Al Fahd says:

    unique meets and advance tech to make this phone a best one of this year. It's gorgeous i like the lovely design and decent shiny silver color of the phone.. it is sleek but not sleek enough that is the slimmest one.. but a good phone

  19. Thelma Samson says:

    Excellent Phone (Y). I have it and want to use it more.

  20. Honeylee says:

    how much the price in uae the iphone6 and when arrive the fone