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  1. Badraoui Ramzi says:

    impress me with the force touch it is really an amazing upgrade. I can say this now this is actually a new phone

  2. Mohamed Ali says:

    extend the resolution and explore the whole modest Lolliop in expressive high HD resolution among the beautifully made nexus 8

  3. Ahmed Almalky says:

    seems to have revived the fortunes of the Galaxy S series by launching the Galaxy S6 and S6 Galaxy Edge, its variant curve.

  4. Ahmed Khalifa says:

    as compare to the new note5 both has nano sim and 5.7 inches screen size but note 5 has more amount of ram whereas nexus 6p packs 8Mp front facing camera

  5. Boyca Uc says:

    when the new iPhone come they first of all set a best event date and then just people got crazy to buy this one. iPhone new got a best look and in hands very nice smoothness

  6. Hisham Al Wahsh says:

    contrary among those phones which borrow force technology but even the introducer of this tech is Apple

  7. Ahmad Sattar says:

    note 5 or xperia z5 premium both has similar specs list in manner of performance but the xperia device has more pixels

  8. Husyn Ubeyd says:

    the basics specs include the support the 6s with the apple pay and yes the new phones with the force technology make it more amazing

  9. Yahya Abo MOhammad says:

    The phone will be of A9 processor and Android 5.7 or 9 or may be 6.0. Apple will bring something not new but shocking for us in this phone because of its fall in iphone 6.

  10. Kasm Salman says:

    so the phablet phone still got the minimum level RAM and the GPU is ok but what about the resolution and ppi it is not enough

  11. Ahmad Alali says:

    i facing an issue while upgrading my os but now is all ok after factory default my phone

  12. Habibulla Khan says:

    The Edge is quite good having 2 sided curve and a heavy look. The Curves are the as same as the LG smartphone idea Shown in the january but samsung has enhace this idea and come up with different smartphone.

  13. Anwarhussain says:

    yes you can call and receive call

  14. Tuw Ali says:

    i am really glad to you and now buy this iphone plus first big phone like lg g3.

  15. Marwan says:

    it is great than galaxy s3 ??? i want to buy but dont know which one is good s3 or s4mini

  16. WorthLess Lad says:

    metal or glass body it think have samsung s6 that is prev use in galaxy alpha

  17. Amal says:

    I would like to buy this phone nokia 6700 silver

  18. Mufti Usman Farooqi says:

    The use of S pen is now over people are working on the air technology and samsung is till standing at the backyard and working on the pen devices. The smartphone is quite good but the things it has added in it is not good

  19. Mahmoud Samawi says:

    more powerful hardware in support of the large size phone. nice finger print scanner, more advanced camera and the new health features

  20. Maryam says:

    both phone UI has a lot of similarities, although in different ways to achieve functional, but the same thing, hard to score.