Find Dell Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Rania Idk says:

    2 GB RAM still a best option in such prices...

  2. Haru Thomson says:

    The rands has maintain the Smartphone uniquness, alpthoug the final few months it is open the entrance somewhat to non-invitees.

  3. Huda Billal says:

    Particular support is called high-speed LTE, NFC chip, laser-focus camera, shooting 4K video and overpriced for the lg g4

  4. Yemen Nasir says:

    is this watch having all functions same for fitness tracking etc as samsung gears has.. not i use before sony or apple smart watches..

  5. Hanan says:

    what is its expected prices??? tell please

  6. Sullaf says:

    HP 8 is new tab, what about its pricing

  7. Housem Affes says:

    at the same time as displaying a bright screen at half the full brightness in manual adjustment rise to 360 cd

  8. Om Rana says:

    well the 5s is the best one of its time because of size and the performance with the hardness as well

  9. Khalid Alhadi says:

    the camera hardware set for the note 7 galaxy will be more greater than 20MP or be more identical within the same 16MP camera lens

  10. Elaraby Elemam says:

    modest and front-facing selfie flash will be grateful to take some snaps in dim light but the saturation of taking pictures with the help os flash is pretty unnatural

  11. Mohammad Jamaal says:

    i heard that in this phone and x series Whatsapp and some more applications are not running ?? is it true??... overall handset looking good and quality phone

  12. Rehman says:

    while the Hi-Fi Plus module’s socket is specially made for the audio enhancment this module does add another headphone socket which is just a best option I know in the new additional accessory to include multiple headsets to your phone

  13. Zhian Alfaily says:

    Nicer in many points although extremely good-looking aluminum, tinted in body colors that are different and back cover has noticeable feel with this skin.

  14. Andrew says:

    I want to know the price of nokia n82 .. Thanks

  15. Hadeer De says:

    There are also modern wireless modules 3G HSPA +, Wi-Fi b / g / n, Bluetooth 4.0 and GPS / GLONASS.

  16. Ahmed Nabil says:

    actually no performance issue with the apple iphones. even chips are faster and more capable than before with the well balance iOs updates

  17. Yaseen says:

    What is the actual price of this cell phone ??? I am from dubai

  18. Ayan Khan says:

    desire give you this time all best with good camera features also this phone is packed with.. You can take the best shots with its Selective Focus feature that also note 3 is packed with

  19. Mzr Khn Mmd says:

    Edge has a better camera than the S6. It shows the high defination results and a best resolution which is as equal as the DSLR one

  20. Adnan Kobani says:

    all markets though now the prices of this phone is really great and I found it here :) AED 1999 is best price