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  1. Emad Albidlha says:

    After a short associate among the iPhone 6, we had the chance to provide it additional

  2. Khaled Alkassar says:

    look like a good tab.. capable of many things

  3. Ibrahim Ali says:

    Active noise cancellation with dedicated mic and some improvments are well well given to their speakers

  4. Mido Ahmed says:

    there all devices are really nice for multimedia; because of high in demand now in middle east prices of predecessor are still bit low

  5. Imran says:

    I want 2 nokia 515

  6. Jamil Alomoush says:

    If you hold the smartphone arms bent in front of the eyes, it creates a surround sound effect. The sound is quite good quality.

  7. Kulthum Ali says:

    I will compete this phone with the desire 816 that is good camera phone

  8. Ahmad Eb says:

    Two great new cameras with the good battery timing in the iphone 6s plus. A massive step ahead to the rivals more interesting compared to their own phones

  9. Mahmoud Hamdy Eltoukhy says:

    I want to know about the sound result of the phone while calling

  10. Abeer Roses says:

    there is a need of the the much accurate sensor, the 2nd is the scientific method, If Apple likely sense and solve both issues wearable device to bring meaning is enormous.

  11. Hamza Al-Hajj says:

    The phone is so slow and do not work properly if you run two or more Applications at once which is not so good.

  12. Hodaifa Fakhri says:

    Google engineers have worked hard to unify the work on all devices, and those who will not take this into account, will experience the wrath and indignation of the community.

  13. Husam Mahrok says:

    design is just leaked and seems to be the same but more colorful, a sapphire display used and mass production for uae markets as well

  14. AsadUllah says:

    I think after buy Nokia Microsoft having a lot of money to get ready to offer more reliability in windows phones.

  15. Griadlle Najdawi says:

    slightly smaller and slimmest but now everybody need these two capabilities in any flahship. need more fasrt performance and especially battery life

  16. Abokarem Badawy says:

    In the latest issue of internal : Apple delayed the released of 12.9-inch tablet iPad Pro until next year and so because of it the leader is Microsoft

  17. Mohamed Badawe says:

    13 MP, 4128 x 3096 pixels primary camera so it will be the same as the other rivals but you can find more unique features with normal price tag

  18. Hameed says:

    representative of the line g Despite the high-gloss finish cover on the rear panel noticeable pattern of this sleek phone.

  19. Carolina Moreira says:

    this means more the less level of the RAM is offered for applications which need to be high actually, since a wider large piece of memory for VRAM, it is no top secret that Apple operating system handles memory all managements so well

  20. Ahmead Elsayed says:

    5.5 inches of big screen is really very good. If you have a Smartphone of this much big screen you might be enjoying it.