Find defy Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Osamah Melhem says:

    issues will arise on the first edge so far as the battery is not well and more things like the sensitive touch screen

  2. Ghani says:

    its superb fone i really appreciate motorola for mhataking this.... please make like more

  3. Anwar Rabee says:

    no single crystal found in many devices included the big size model galaxy s6 plus but will be a nice finishing and smooth like apple phones finishing actually

  4. Pablo says:

    Where can I buy Samsung Mini s5 in Doha Qatar? I need quick reply.. please..and how much?

  5. Rukia Jarrar says:

    The new upcoming Samsung Galaxy E7 will feature a 2,950mAh battery.??? This is too low

  6. Rico Nepali says:

    Where can i get this phone in dubai?

  7. Sardar Nasir says:

    i want to purchase new mobile , please advice which mobile phone should i buy, Lumia 1020 or Lumia 925.

  8. Cyrus Lyte says:

    As i am yet using the note 3 from a long as per my hope, and is now my plan to buy S6 edge or the note edge because I like the big phones and the edge note is big and has nice high end features it works and worth spending money on koreans mobile phones.

  9. Saima Zaidi says:

    The screen is really very and i think this phone is only for those who loves to enjoy the game and videos over the big Screen.

  10. Mostafa Saleh says:

    Expensive at any level their every product but clever interface give a lot more things. a fantastic smartwatch however but costly

  11. Tofeeq UR Rehman says:

    4.7 inches of large screen is best for doing many things and if you are an Apple lover so you would be feeling so good to have one

  12. Talal Ibrahem says:

    is really upgrade model throuhg software actually and the design is compeletely change but no usb 3.0, cardslot and still not so much shiny looking phone

  13. Obsasash says:

    hope this one prices are cheap

  14. Mushtaq says:

    when it is available in markets i know in 2014 but in which quarter??

  15. Dirsm Hseen says:

    this phone has 17hrs life which is one of the greatest of all time feature give by them and also in future offering Marshmallow in their devices

  16. Rami Souleman says:

    Use dissimilarity among the last G3 do not feel it is certainly like valuable product even if the curvature of the display is pretty.

  17. Adel A Merhi says:

    good camera and has the full high resolution dipslay as comapre to the Samsung S5 phone is more slimmer and has excellent quality

  18. Rawend Hattab says:

    lights or lit screens of the apple watch appears each application can be run directly on the screen but hard to select many times because of little display

  19. Monirul says:

    i need nokia 1202

  20. ButcHr G says:

    Have not gone away traditional trumps this manufacturer - expansion slot, and a removable battery