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  1. Amr Gamal says:

    may be the best part of this phone for many peoples and users is note the 4k screen because xperia users always find most nice resolution and camera pixels with such features before. The new thing need to be improved and people wanted is the use of material alloy body and reduce the thickness of the xperia series well z5 premium has the same issue

  2. Al-jazazy Ahmad says:

    Well, to make a full presentation of the lg new g4 we propose to look at it & Support:

  3. Alhaj says:

    I want c3 phone badly just in searching of best prices and still not found any where :(

  4. Samra says:

    Force Touch technology receipts it to the following equal, carrying an entire latest and modest knowledge to the Apple iPhone 6S and Plus models by wounding out strips of additional correspondents.

  5. Asim says:

    I thing, Samsang Gravity Q T289 is not avaliable in market.

  6. Oussama says:

    is this ipad come after iphone 6 or with this phone... also want to know that is new iwatch is coming with these devices

  7. Musaddir says:

    it can reduce energy consumption by 50%, while 20% performance boost, graphics performance 50%. because Apple does not release has been announced details of specific parameters, so we can not know A8 processor is a dual-core or quad-core.

  8. Omar Abo Alhassan says:

    It should be about time for a complete review for this lte advance version of G3

  9. Larah says:

    do you still have this unit? how much? i want to buy 1 piece only pink color i hope yoou still have.. thank you

  10. Ferhad Frehad says:

    the classic watch has also similar features and as usual there is low prices

  11. Soso Saeed says:

    High-performance Smartphone might attract gamers, and particular "gadgets" for the camera might appeal to fans of shoot on the device.

  12. Ab Maher says:

    the Apple if unveiling this phone this year than it is a best thing because there is a need of next device with good resolution and high end battery as no other is offering... Apple is best they has to make it possible to include high durable battery in such dimension

  13. Nadia S Matalqa says:

    Either you are the user of Apple devices, then you will actually distinguish all the advacnment in the note series with the superb sharpness and not just that the more things that matters really is the amoung of storage and stunning RAM

  14. Ragab Fahmy says:

    the performance they are offering is more good with the higher resolution what i know. Top-tier chipsets plus the amazing Wrap-up technology

  15. Salem Almnssore says:

    and the truth is that this phone got increased in size just.. No the pixels density is too much high and resol still not so good but yest the colors and brightness level is good set by Apple.

  16. Hsain Husain says:

    Might be they would be saying some bad stuff to this phone in the MWC. The phone is the major cause of losing Apple customer.

  17. Ibn Halab says:

    slippery to hold because of big size ofcourse frosted glass back doesn't such glossy as the iphones

  18. Mariem Tarek says:

    the perfect and good camera on this affordable good phone

  19. Serif Shanin Smajic says:

    give me the list of best fighting and shooting games for iPhone 6 plus

  20. Adel Lachmi says:

    is this phone is also flexible... what about its display resolution...???