Find D686 Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Sohail says:

    930 looking a good phoen after lumi 1520

  2. Asif Samir says:

    longer battery life that is really improved in this huge phone. i like the huge lon lasting battery and retina HD

  3. Ayser Alganabi says:

    I give this phone 10 out of 9 the reason I am not giving 10 out of 10 because there is still expensive prices for this

  4. Abdul Latif says:

    The phone is quite good and i think the best cause it has no heating and the hanging problem.

  5. Shailendra says:

    ipod touch uae prices are now low down

  6. Hajar Ali says:

    However, to begin with, to analyze "head" peculiarities of Android-cell phone and ios-gadget cannot be, as we have over and again said, and besides, on account of Apple

  7. Hakem Jmael says:

    I check out this mobile phone and it is working so fine and the battery life of the desire eye is just ok I say not much better as the m8 got.

  8. Aimen Elsiti says:

    might be we will see some of the radical reinventions on the apple iphone 7 also rumors talking about the cardslot features

  9. Nasir Hashim says:

    wonderful and amazing... it has a wide screen and also a good resolution display as compare to other tablets

  10. Ahmed Hmad says:

    true Blackberry, never might go for good-looking interfaces iOS, favor no additional software basic function - work with the mail.

  11. Nizamani Abdul Razaque says:

    The wide 85 dgree front camera is really very amazing and good to take the best and quality images.

  12. Hassan Khalil says:

    no new design it is same and not the slimmest one still thick but look so good in such new colors and look to premium

  13. Farhad Jalal says:

    well some of the upccoming products by them this year include large size ipad, macbooks, apple tv 2015 and iphone7 may be this year

  14. Ghayath Ibrahim says:

    Appearance in the different menus is made in the Material Design, interface elements and monochrome flat, if you just open any application, then

  15. Ahmed Abd El-raouf says:

    there is new Watch OS 2.2 on the new bands and it looks really nice with the combination of such bright bands.

  16. Mahmoud Alshridy says:

    some how they are giving more pixels to their camera but still not such higher resolution and that display on the iphone 6s last time

  17. Abdul Aleem says:

    ), the dimensions of Grand seemed to me quite comfortably...The z3 theoretically can easily fit in a pocket of jeans, pants or jacket.

  18. Rao Naaz says:

    No details regarding this smartphone as this is a smartphone having multiple new stuff for the users.

  19. Mandeep Singh says:

    4GB of RAM and Exynos 7420 chipset combination is extreme for their phones such hardware. not much sure that how good and beneficial is Built-in (Qi, Powermat) wireless charging on note 5 samsung

  20. Waleed says: