Find D686 Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Haitham says:

    when available for sale in the markets of uae... i am extremely waiting for this

  2. Mustafa says:

    0508061075 please call

  3. Saif Alyazl says:

    head to head this one with the surface tabs

  4. Gemey Elking says:

    i am telling u all that sony Xperia T3 is a good phone.. 8 MP, 3264 x 2448 pixels camera and include good features for cameras like geo tagging and more

  5. Abraheem says:

    the only apple wearable device which is just perfect looking on wrist. well-constructed watch and overall a reliable one

  6. Charu Puri says:

    You can upload to Apple Watch your favorite photos and carry them with you to show your friends, well, or just for yourself, but it's certainly sentiment.

  7. Walid Se says:

    I compare that phone with the LG nexus 2015 version which is a mid ranger I think and this one has some great CPU, Camera and battery

  8. Sardar Mousa says:

    but the nexus and the note get more wide angles and they claim that this phone is slimmest not this is to slim phone.. m8 is good

  9. Baxtyar Nanakaly says:

    I saw the image of the iphone Se inside the box and it is now confirm that they going to give us on 2016 march 22 the new edition of the iphone 5s

  10. Ali Riaz says:

    There is a good roomy space to explore with nexus and good battery life.

  11. Tushar Pandit says:

    The battery timmings are long hours I play games and watch movies and at the end I got a large battery to do other kind of work.

  12. Mohamd Alhussiny says:

    Does its 12MP camera do anything unique? As compare to other in markets but however the small in size give more good grip in hands while taking snaps and making videos through iphone se

  13. Amr Sayed says:

    feel free not because the phone not afraid of getting wet. Running and speed of the cardslot is really fast.

  14. Crazee Saurav says:

    Samsung is trying to get the higest rank in the market and as we can see that Apple is making mistakes so it is becoming more simpler for the Sasmsung

  15. Alaninmos Omani says:

    why not htc make the phone that have full metallic material and slim not I think that after htc one series any series is good enough

  16. Khaleel Alhusein says:

    camera of this phone is capable to capture as well precious moments blur free and clarity is perfect of each image

  17. Azaan Shah says:

    Apple should maintain its quality as this smartphone is so good so that next varient should also have to be as much good as this is .

  18. Hegazi Hegazi says:

    it is the best phone of this year i think if the prices are low than samsung s5. larger screen size and handset hardware are really remarkable

  19. Vishal says:


  20. NOUSHAD says:

    052 7965605