Find D684 Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. PAT says:

    how mush is that in USD.

  2. Mohammed Saad says:

    awesome,dont go for other option.really appreciatable front camera for selfie..yes yes buy it best phone ... but its making me confused to wait for next one because some features are not good

  3. Taimoor says:

    if you want a color screen and strong performance, then the this phone is your best choice.. but not like camera of the phone i am expecting 16 mp camera

  4. Ghaith Alali says:

    Beneath the camera sensor is measure the heart rate: it is sufficient to place this phone on the key finger of the Smartphone to calculate the pulse

  5. Faraz KhAn says:

    The front camera for the selfies point of view is also very good. You would not get tired of taking selfies with it.

  6. Saer Albakour says:

    Better Than Galaxy S6 as iphone doest not hangs up and perform even same with the durability after playing games it manage applications very well than

  7. Aadil says:

    i need brand new nokia c1-00. Aadil from Rawalpindi 03445711262

  8. Hossein says:

    consumers are more willing to buy its account, how to make it do better! i thing big phone attract consumers very much..

  9. RaziULLAH says:

    it is similar as galaxy s 2 previous///// what is the difference? only 720 p.. and 5pixels camera is it is a joke???

  10. Hasan Sorany says:

    to be the best they have to use some of the things on their phone regarding the built. Plain and simply? but not the good smooth and comfortable handling of such phone withing the phablet size. feels like hard device to pick up

  11. Rida Ali says:

    They continuously include more change to its retail sales procedure among a totally new approach to in-store demo for the each edition is applicable for what is the Apple 1st product to cross over keen on the fashion world.

  12. Mahmoud Mostfa says:

    Gorilla Glass 5 offering really nice quality and first implemented in the samsung note 7 smartphone. announced itself that the only phone right now still in the market with such capabilities

  13. Danish says:

    fingerprint recognition, heart rate monitor to improve the overall user experience is very important.

  14. Hikmat Ola says:

    tell me about the calling performance of the iPhone 6. Many peoples saying or the rumors flowing that the iphone 6 has just an average phone with average calling performance

  15. Qayyooom says:

    Home key and two touch keys, but because it is a flat design, so the body is not very significant large, generally male users will be able to touch the one hand all the screen.

  16. Jasur says:

    micor sd is available

  17. Iqbal Mugal says:

    This is quite slim and looks so beautiful. I like its design without the home button. The perfect design for me. :)

  18. Vishal Patil says:

    The camera of 20.7 megapixels is amazing and good for those who llove to capture images and want to hold every second of their lives.

  19. Lawring Mridha says:

    was too little actually but not so much smaller in sizes that looks ugly on wrist. nice and very good combination of colors and material with the apple watch

  20. Sami Hassouna says:

    Quad-core smartphone Snapdragon 805 processor with a clock frequency of 2.7 GHz is identical to what it cost models Note 4; so it is being a mystery what this phone is capable of and I am waiting to see this