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  1. Hasani Adil says:

    Dust & Water Resistant this phone is?

  2. Youssef Rajawi says:

    really nice handling and it is so slim phone in nexus category

  3. Ali Bhallai Bhallai says:

    The camera is really very good and if you are a LG lover so you would be loving the camera result as it is best in providing a lively image and a flash is providing amazing image in the dark it has a powerful flash.

  4. Hana Celebic Hadzalic says:

    Well there is many identical things need to change such as the speakers, mic, headphone jack, USB 3.0 need to use ,

  5. Sarosh Mubashar says:

    Not I like the battery because it is non removable, and even the phone missed card slot expandable.

  6. Saeed Houss says:

    Classy exterior design as not you can find out such technology anywhere else. you should be glad if you have an apple watch i really like the clever case from Twelve South for apple watch

  7. Arwen DeSpain says:

    The good device due to best features and obviously the great brand, its value spending cost on that one,, I am using yet Galaxy S5 and now thinking to go for the edge..

  8. Nicole Strever says:

    The last year note4 model is prettier looking phone but in hands has totally similar feeling like the Note 3 while at the other side there is all new specs and hardware; Apple comes with a ipad air like design which is more nice feel in hands

  9. Abo Alkasem says:

    Unlock and scrolling - two fingers, stop recording obtained with the tenth attempt, well, double clicking in all applications fairly annoying.

  10. Omerfaruk Gok says:

    compare to the galaxy s5 there is no micro sd cardslot even display ppi density of the galaxy phone is more compare to the iphone 6

  11. Said Madridi says:

    The wearable Smartwatch is good-looking and talented the most motivated wearable that exist right now.

  12. Kala Koko says:

    As if the digital pen for drawing working fine on this big screen it is good

  13. Hisham Shkeir says:

    What's more, a nice 16MP camera 13MP snapper, but not bad for 3 weeks - ideal selfies - also newAdvanced S Pen stylus 06 .. i like note 4 with all these

  14. Mohamed Amjad says:

    this is a big question. How to put this phone inside pockets?

  15. Ali Riaz says:

    There is a good roomy space to explore with nexus and good battery life.

  16. Abd Elaziz says:

    because as soon as the gadget goes on sale, we will declare the contest, the grand prize which will be Apple Watch!

  17. Mazin Alhusein says:

    So the all the x android series phone now hit the shelves. but not nokia make something best as they expecting .. also nokia set very cheap prices for these phones but not that make the phone good

  18. Atef Safwat says:

    Better Looking, and More Durable but the best part is that the phone become more luxurious actually the phone body design is totally changed

  19. Ahmed says:

    Samsung galaxy note series have been my favorite for years, it allows me to create and edit lots of content and images which is difficult to do with other smartphones, its performance is lot more than it cost

  20. Kate says:

    i want this phone 2 pcs...pls call me...