Find D1 Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Ahmad Wasfee Bakkayah says:

    there is double strap also availalbe so i think it is something unique by them; like a wrist bracelet on new fashion style and colors look great

  2. Omar W. Rubeedy says:

    Under the big size phone, by the way, has also adapted the 1.3 million apps on the apple store.

  3. Omar Rahsed says:

    so this perfect old phone got new lollipop 5.0 and i hope that it works fine

  4. Upasana Gupta says:

    any official feature of this phone all all is according to tumors?

  5. Omar Fikrat says:

    size of the phone is pretty more in term of width nut height is manage beautifully; other than that slim phone it is

  6. Arebi Hari says:

    so upgrade from this one to the new one is more easy but if there is removable card slot it become even more easily

  7. Basel Syrian says:

    s watch work with this?

  8. Kamal Abu Suaileek says:

    the same body, that the current model has is with the m10 also and we seen the same appearance on the htc m8 so they are continuously repeated there own built time after time without any innovations

  9. Othman Homidan says:

    adopt many things right now with Android phablets phone as they are now offering more amount of ram, chipset improves but this is something far more greater and high in performance agains android devices

  10. Abdel-Ghani Ibrahim says:

    With 3G talk time of this phone is not to much better 10.4 days (250 hours) is the stand by time and talk time of the iphone 6 with the 3G network is approx 12hrs indeed.

  11. Fatma Abo El Azem says:

    display is always great looking in galaxy s devices. specifications and hardware of the s7 compare to the previous galaxy s6 is just same as they give it cardslot and waterproof features

  12. Juudy Ahmed says:

    Improved Wi-fi connection the most advanced new chipset in 6/6 Plus rises the speed of data transmission in the most advanced LTE-networks connectivity of up to 150 Mpbs (the iPhone 5 / 5S, the figure was 100 Mbit / c).

  13. Essa Sref says:

    This phone is amazing but it could not be comparable with the Apple iPhone 6 becasue of its os and many other things.

  14. Ajit says:

    If we order the product from Saudi Arabia,will it cover the warranty in India.

  15. Ahmad says:

    although the overall smartphone tries to pull the maximum quality.

  16. Omer says:

    wow find price for xperia t3 first at here... very well prices.. tell me is thesre are for 32GB

  17. Imran says:

    impressive performance .. good design immediately extend battery life, for listening to music and watching movies when amplified sound of the phone, and is equipped with a convenient position to use hands-free group conference calls and built-in microphone

  18. Mohamad Othman says:

    For the volume button of the oneplus one when the tap is turned off, you can activate the music controls when long press the up or down keys to switch tracks.

  19. Ahmad Alkatabi says:

    nice writing with the new one but because of less size of the screen this time hard to write lot more

  20. Sanam Butt says:

    Even one cannot say whether it would be value if it was rounding on both sides and the front face surface might be fully symmetrical But if we evaluate the design in isolation from the technical innovative devices, the proposed solution even more interesting.