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  1. Mussadiq says:

    how much is the thickness of this apple new phone??

  2. Abdullah says:

    just ok phone .equipped with normal features

  3. Shahab says:

    have to say .. Nokia make now something new ...

  4. Mervat Sherif says:

    there are many more in markets the camera phones also you can attach other camera phone supported lens

  5. Arraoui Jalal says:

    Apple Safari browser is in fact a much more creative example of influence landscape mode in this major size: to put it like tabs in the upper area as we seen in the iPad, but in portrait mode, looks the same as before in the iphone 6 and same way for the 6 plus phone.

  6. Salah Sidera says:

    need a thinner iPhone with multiple features as well as the increase in multitask functionalities that they are offering before in 5S like devices

  7. Haya Daragmeh says:

    the prices of the Smartphones matter; all are expensive too much and with the capabilities like that prices should be like S6 Samsung phone not more than that

  8. Md Jalal Uddin says:

    Oppo. F1 Mobile. 1. P. Md jalal uddin +971558900895 Plz. Sir. Call

  9. Arafat Alshormani says:

    but there is also more models available by different brands with such camera but no one has such kind of features include 2GB of RAM

  10. Azize Aseed says:

    tell me when lg is releasing this kind of phones.. With kitkat I find lg bello like phone that look prettier as compare to moto e

  11. Aghiad Alobaisie says:

    Packing iPad Air 2 is virtually identical to the previous generation of the tablet packaging.

  12. Kareem Abadi says:

    how much time is required to charge my device well Fast Wireless Charging is the s7 but there is more mAh on this one

  13. Siyaf Ahmad says:

    look of th iphone 6 is similar in way as iphone 5 has but now like other brand apple make it more thin and light in weight .

  14. Ayam Ali says:

    another similar model like Samsung galaxy mega 5.8.. all main spec are same so why lg make another devices with different names

  15. Manar Ghaibour says:

    they need to include features to personalized Spotlight interface for enhanced the abilities of the phone which we also seen in iphone 6s phone but need to more optimized the spotlight interface on iphone 7.

  16. Zaffar Ullah says:

    g4 is a nice phone but they make its own rival model name lg v10 with the more higher ergonomics also the more amount of ram plus additional screen; well v10 has may be battery draining issues found in some threads

  17. Jahanzeb says:

    waiting to get my hands on it

  18. Hoda Elfeiki says:

    Because of its smooth design it is easy to handle, back in your hands nice and thick.

  19. Omar Mohammad Amin says:

    The impression behind Z Launcher, which is called after a sign that lets you transcribe out literatures right on the display

  20. Shekh Luqman says:

    only alterations made is for the still photos like when you are snap with the food containing different colors you can notice all the alterations