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  1. Mouhamed Tolba says:

    Camera application works quickly, and looks more cute. From the main screen it is possible to quickly enable or disable HDR

  2. Saima Ayaz says:

    The 5 megapixels of camera is good to take the selfies and you would like your selfie taken by this camera because the camera is really amazing.

  3. Husam Al Khaled says:

    both devices iphone 6s and nexus 6p has actually a similar alumunium construction for somewhat a reason to ake them rival of each other. But as we take a look on the sale which is generated by apple iphone 6s is far more greater than google phones

  4. Nisar Hassan says:

    For video chat and selfies purposes it has a front facing camera of but need to improve the low light performance of front camera of ipad air2Nisar Hassan

  5. Tammam Soufi says:

    are actually affordable to its rivals like iphone 6s; will discover this truth that the also making now the more powerful device note 6 but infact a big screen size than the galaxy s7

  6. Mustafa Jamal says:

    To start with a look at our video review of the smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

  7. Matias Rozalez says:

    there is a nice landscape mode and is split window perfectly because of huge size and is more good because of RAM

  8. Kaiser Ali says:

    This is expensive but according to me it has to be expensive as it belongs to a qulaity that worth it

  9. Ezekiel Joshua Martin says:

    not htc will give up with the same design as always just make it more slim as compare to the last time

  10. Bisam Alamad says:

    it is clearly better as compare the galaxy note 4, main idea of ??note is to deliver best display in the market.

  11. Khaled Saeed says:

    Korean is lastly rising up, and the resultant attempt is leaving to create a group of people happy.

  12. Ibrahim AL-Ezi says:

    Just particular Qualcomm chipest with the similar more variations well the US carrier there is also Gear VR headset… but I am in waiting to use it with the Oculus VR

  13. Karim Mohammed says:

    it can be supposed that the new ipad air 2 is much faster than before models and be the sum of its parts

  14. Bu Naseer Al Baloshi says:

    so which one is should go for; the note edge or else

  15. Jasem says:

    The exact price of sony xperia z1

  16. Zamzam Khalifa says:

    pebble also make a nice watches and the design is totally look same as this clock. however the newest one is nice looking in hands but not too slim and light in weight. also the watch heat up

  17. Waheed says:

    I want pure 1 one pice

  18. Zuhaib Khan says:

    Speed data transmission via Wi-Fi has tripled (802.11ac standard is supported instead gradually aging 802.11n).

  19. Hafidat Edres Al Mojahd says:

    download videos and watch live streaming is just possible in 2013 with few Smartphone.. the Note is on top

  20. Osama Mohamed says:

    support for LTE and water repellent coating. And the design is really looking cool