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  1. Abel Arroyo says:

    The battery life is enough for you to see the video in Full HD quality at maximum brightness of the screen for 11 hours in the galaxy a series.

  2. Khaled Numais says:

    yes their design is awesome also edge screen is helpful in many ways for us

  3. Ham Seh says:

    so they going to adopt edge screen from korean? Or there is something different coming soon in iphone 7

  4. Moah Rafeeq says:

    both upcoming iphones… with 4 and 5 inches have similar specifications or its display is change.. And as well prices are different to each other in both phones??

  5. Glem Fontanares says:

    Samsung GALAXY A5 prices reasonable, then the Samsung S3 performance is not alike that which is also a good phone

  6. Hanaa ALsafy says:

    why not more than 2 mo front camera... phone include 4g connectivity and i think many peoples love to make video calls... so good front camera make this phone more better and useful for them

  7. Israr Hussain says:

    as we take a look ahead, we can say that the stuffing pulled up to date, In all tests of autonomy Note 3 proved to be the champion.

  8. Walat Barazi says:

    time saver edition with the extra screen options. the phone camera result is more crisp than before and the result is as like same as the galaxy s6 phone

  9. Malik Shahid Awan says:

    really a good option for those who like to use s6 in more big screen. Why not they made any tablet now?

  10. Alrouh Mousa says:

    The need for a large diagonal overdue and Apple released the 6-ku with a screen 4.7 inches, while for Phablet left screen of 5.5 inches

  11. Mohamed Abd El-Aziz says:

    The thicker latest device are not a huge screen and bulky, either they working so well and performance is fast, as I have begin to expect from Apple next

  12. Samer Almoadel says:

    one of the advantage of using the galaxy tab s2 excellent bright and juicy screen. Cross sensitivity capacitive touchscreen. Interesting notion of a "sidewall" display.

  13. Ahmed Majed says:

    nice mobile phone and as well the prices are now very well set by Sony for this amazing looking stylish Smartphone

  14. Khaled Eddhabi says:

    equipped with a landscaping feature no shutter button control and new instant in camera feature that allows users to capture photographs and selfies at best result

  15. Bavi Birhat says:

    Not surprisingly, the Galaxy Note 4 locks onto photo features of Galaxy S5: thus regains its 16 megapixel sensor format 1 / 2.6 inches, and won passage optical stabilization

  16. Roni says:

    most attractive iPhone yet

  17. Husni Abdullah says:

    Enormous no split-screen just made to perform even more faster while doing multitasking. Is the right candidate to carry their compact phones

  18. Hamza Shery says:

    The smartphone works in networks GSM, HSDPA and LTE (4G).

  19. SouqMobi Admin says:

    It's not official price of Apple iPhone 6. It will launch on 20 September in UAE.

  20. Muhammad Mashkur Hussain says:

    This smartphone would be available in the egypt soon and only selected stores are providing this smartphone not all.