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  1. Warvin Mehar says:

    There are also some possibilities to get the Samsung note 5 Stylus Pen trapped just inside the frame of the smartphone as I face this issue and possible you might broke something inside.

  2. Ali Khalid says:

    it is a great smartphone but what about micro SD??

  3. Baha Noore says:

    Welcome all the similar Koreanís capability to hold phablets size measurements in all thing identical to those of which gives us a screen that occupies 75% of the product surface.

  4. Muntaqim says:

    any notifaction for the available store for iphone 6. public security and order. all info i want sir

  5. Karrar AL-Shuhmany says:

    i agreed that this phone is still going to sell in UAE

  6. Shining Rai Rajpoot says:

    The battery is of 2650mAh but not big LG is having 3000mAh of battery and having some good kinds of stuff them this.

  7. Hicham Kasemi says:

    is these prices for the 3G version or the LTE

  8. Yahya Rasol says:

    In the past of the line Smartphone GALAXY there has never been a metal models all has the same body but not with this phone and other coming with the name of A.

  9. Rajesh Kapoor says:

    Just cant wait for hands on with note4...incredible machine ?

  10. Alajmi Hamad says:

    New A9-Based 4-Inch iPhone is just another on its way this year well no one knows about the codename might be called as apple iphone 6c comes to replace small size phones. Whereas the giant phones are to give tough time to the phablets on the market

  11. Ali Algzeri says:

    well you are right the the premium phones with Android platform new Marshmallow is a nice options because the prices are low and the new models galaxy s7 has cardslot option

  12. James Shai says:

    Apple has released a demo of "smart" watches Watch, presented in the framework of the presentation in California. About the "new chapter in the history of the company

  13. Moamen Algokr says:

    the full hd sharp display plus there is nice RAM and water resistance capability is needed. Why not Apple and Samsung not make like this slim tablets

  14. Abdul Khaliq says:

    Low budget phone and i want to say the best phone for only those who wants to see so many things but can not buy expensive phones.

  15. Yoasf Mohamed says:

    There is some of the more problems found with the mobile phone OIS that the issue is with the bigger model more noticeable because of big screen, failing to successfully stabilize.

  16. Haroon Arshad says:

    can i able to remover blink screen in htc one smartphones??? how is it possible.. i want blank screen just need to show Wallpepar and 4 app

  17. Samar Bayomi says:

    So the contrast of color really look great and such hardware capabilities is even better than iphone

  18. Yasmin Hussain says:

    Portability (size / weight) may be totally change in the future as well the battery life and design factor

  19. Belal Ali says:

    just a big display but not good looking in hands too much in width .. Need many improvements including os of this smartphone

  20. Esmet Ali says:

    this not in the list of the cheapest phones because their is combination with the additional accessories meaning the more it advance more it will cost