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  1. Falah Hassan says:

    All the new experiments starts when they first introduced the round Galaxy phone little pretty look of the phone but not as curved as the g flex.

  2. Maiser says:

    the big screen as compare to note and iPhone and i think the fight between all is still happening but nexus 6has more unique and Curves Are more Essential

  3. Mustafa Alnahi says:

    only three colors but I find phone is also available in black and gold, orange/red and gold in 128gb lte

  4. Ahmed Tahir says:

    Yes you are right because many large amount of the Apple iPhone 6 users right they have been left palm nearly valueless phones as Apples new born platform that forever incapacitates the Smartphone if it senses that a patch-up has been approved out by a non-Apple technician.

  5. Adeel Ahmed says:

    I need a battery of this model. is it available?

  6. Slyman Omran says:

    It looks like that the Sony future contribution with the mobile phone and tablet is been damaged now.

  7. Hamza Khoja says:

    13 MP camera and the all features include Radio, loudspeaker is enhanced and Li-Ion 3080 mAh battery

  8. Aashir says:

    Connect it all with just one touch... that is something real featutre htc include.. also user now can Magnify Your Screen with a Triple-Tap

  9. Farag Salah says:

    this is a challenge for all, anybody else have any idea to make this kind of phone??

  10. Aljanoob says:

    the smartphone battery barely exceeds 1800 mAh and the curved screen of a smartphone is more looking good..

  11. Hawre Kasnazani says:

    stunning camera, in addition there is stunning fingerprint sensor as well working so accurate and fast, wireless charging round compelling package Battery life might be even more better in future but it will take at least one day maybe longer, depending on the application

  12. Hazem Salah says:

    A bundle of the great lot of games have also been optimized for the latest hardware and OS, and a group of the more are on the way to be arrived and that is another best part of it

  13. Mahmoud Saad says:

    available in four colors.. Copper, Black, White and Blue color.. well the prices of 64 gb copper is not updated

  14. Asad Ullah says:

    The result is also a slightly higher weight, but we did not find the annoying difference

  15. Faheem Hoosen says:

    I dont like its camera and the screen out put but the new varients of it is quite good and having quality in them.

  16. Sara Hassan says:

    some modes I really need and they include in this phone Duplex shooting, Mode HDR is more enhanced and the camera works so fine with it and more include Panorama, Selective AF , Virtual Tour, post-effects), including shooting modes.

  17. Badawy Superlawyer says:

    At least, the striking differences I have not seen in this phone, the display on the screen is just got bigger.

  18. Abdulbaari says:

    a battery little bit drain instantly because of the notification light and additnal screen on the edge phones which features are always on

  19. Gamal Mohamed says:

    S6 runs the similar version of Android custom known as the TouchWiz and the Edge just as S6 almost the edge of the screen applications

  20. Sami Ali says:

    looks less cheap just by using bit glass covern on the back; at this point they pass the modest built qualities