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  1. Mohammed American says:

    truly they step in the future now because people complains that the models has some ugly feeling in hands but now changes much established and is the best yet device galaxy s6

  2. Nedal Cheikmosa Musa says:

    even the greatest but other than that they work on the design this time and make it look shinny as Apple phones

  3. Mai Kan says:

    it's beautiful. I'm waiting for more updation on this phones. its best phone camera of this year but not most advance features.. same like galaxy s5

  4. Mohmad Wrdat says:

    however samsung is now using flash storage 256gb and it is more fast to read and write.. and apple is right now on the way to give the another edition with little upgrade after 2 years?

  5. Chadija Liebsch says:

    so they going to make mini version as well of the iphone 6 ?? Because there is absence of 4.7 inches Smart phone this time

  6. Shehryar Khan says:

    Samsung S6 Edge is a wonderful Smartphone and the best part of this amazing Smartphone is its Edges on both sides which is making me to buy this Smartphone and I think it is the best for me because it has unique stuff and I like unique stuff products.

  7. Reham M-Saied says:

    tell me the watch edition is available in market?? What is the prices

  8. Umar Butt says:

    Good to see that LG is doing some really good work in the market and providing some reallt very good stuff.

  9. Mohamed Khalil says:

    Looks better but similar to the iPhone 6 because the same color combination in some color matches like silver, white and bold colors. however i like samsung galaxy s6 alot but not actually galaxy s6 edge is such good phone it is bit expensive and also not so useful thing with the curvy screen for me

  10. Kabir Shawon says:

    i want to talk about their upgrade plans as it looks not so affordable with the downpayments and installments but they offering for some regins some high rates

  11. Rani Abbas says:

    just 1 day ago and they gonna unveil something amazing in the galaxy category..

  12. Raja Riz says:

    The software comes with multiple layers, comprising a major app carousel and fanatical app menu

  13. Abdalla says:

    as compare to the latest galaxy s7 Lousy multi-tasking of the note 5 and stylus pen is just as before no innovation on it

  14. Haji Alqasim says:

    so all options of this phone prices are now pretty also many new variants of s5 is come in market now

  15. Qaasim Abdul says:

    how is the battery performance of nexus 6 ? i want up to 3000mAh

  16. DoHa MuSt says:

    the phone is so good but , you must manually change the settings on the aspect ratio of 4: 3

  17. Busa Jevin says:

    huawei have to make something very big... still a small screen and its resolution looks lag

  18. Hammeed says:

    Samsung has every year releases new flagship smartphones. GALAXY alpha - the top model in 2014, and i really appreciate that how it looks like

  19. Sarajein K Abdulatip says:

    Temporarily, other reports have designated that Apple is still making for record of iPhone 6s sales, preparingmanufacture ahead of the demanding holiday period.

  20. Nadia Durrani says:

    This new Smartphone is amazing and it is the best Smartphone having a larger screen and providing some quality so if you want a smartphone with a perfect resolution that is amazing