Find CUBOT Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Mohamed Yusuf says:

    wen its available in uae

  2. Tauseef Usmani says:

    The camera is not according to my need. I need a big camera which can provide me the wonderful output when i capture the image. but i was so disappointed when i saw the result.

  3. Zoheb Shaikh says:

    can u help me with the price of oppo find 7 m really looking forward to buy it asap

  4. Baktyar Tayab says:

    received mostly negative assessments with their built that is little thicker and also not so personal for use. They must give oneplus phones nice built

  5. RAJU SOLANKI says:


  6. Waleed says:

    Thank you for your helping hand .

  7. Tamer Hamed Diab says:

    increase its shares as well recently and also makes some of the watches and htc re camera is useful in some ways but a different kind of thing in design

  8. Hussein AL-Mandalawi says:

    compare to the lg g4 smartphone there is different in the size of the both phones but has good QHD screen display in the note 5 and a body thicker and have a better autonomy in lg g4

  9. Ridwan Hisen says:

    the phone is all ready to virtualling all the things but the battery performance still need to be upgraded now

  10. Ahmed Abd Alaaty says:

    size comparison reveal that they are master of making with the nice dimension phones

  11. Fathima Nuzra says:

    waterproofing on the iphone s series will be plus point as their rivals are using such capabilities to make as powerful as they can.

  12. Ali Alghoubari says:

    It seems to me, Samsung did the maximum possible in matters of energy optimization program, the next step - a radical new energy sources,

  13. Ahmed Azaam says:

    7.6 mm in dimension is the new phone where as the previous one has so thick body

  14. Falah ALsaqer says:

    awesome material choice whihc is may be the best thing in this because glass on both sides make it look stylish and shape is same as before

  15. Mohamed Amr says:

    the most high end in this family well there is might he heat up issue remain with the 4K ?

  16. Qasim Dandoush says:

    Not a good premium looks whereas to make the screen more less bezel they are reducing their sizes for a bit. Z3 is too expensive phone but good for photography

  17. Abdelrhman Amara says:

    Specifically spent time and checked on a fully working sample sensitivity compared to commercial S5, it is at the same level or even slightly better.

  18. Abas Al Bakkal says:

    I need a charging holder stand for my watch how much is the prices and I have black sport Apple watch so need a same color or silver holder

  19. Medo BnAmer says:

    Apple phone got a latest battery saver functions that is maintain to keep the battery life long as possible.. the Smartphone got more 1hour now.

  20. Dhafer Alnajar says:

    usually that has stunning exynos processor chipset alongside with RAM and camera