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  1. Rachid Bouhouch says:

    user-friendly features of this phone and also the freindly price tag by Samsung that i hope

  2. Amine Benziane says:

    google has settled on an high screen resolution and the display features for there every new device. while the QHD has its own display quality and best match up of the pixels and the sharpness for google huawei nexus 6p

  3. Maysem Aldoori says:

    but there is a bulky size alike the g flex which is dislike by many consumers because it is not pocket friendly are they making tablet, phablet or Smartphone what it is actually?

  4. Umair Asghar Umair Asghar says:

    As Apple Watch is the perfect heart rate monitor! In the sale of this beauty will go at the beginning of 2015 year, and it will cost a very simple modification of $ 349

  5. Hamed Mohammed says:

    the phone is available in good prices and the 3,630mAh battery promising up to 48 hours that is something really awesome I love this durability features

  6. Samiya Kaisaraniy says:

    yes there is Active noise cancellation with dedicated mic also talk time is Up to 24 h

  7. Eren says:

    The note is arrived as they attract many consumers because it got a nice look, high ednd specifications and the best processors and they perform so well..

  8. Labehy says:

    so mini version i think is the same as ipad air just apple gonna make the screen size of ipad small.

  9. Jhanzaib says:

    I am still using the S4, and here we have the s6 now, but still in love with the features of Samsung galaxy s4, i will gonna buy Samsung galaxy s6 after few months.

  10. Ali Elbadawy says:

    2560x1440 pixel screen resolution just same thing as seen in the note 5, galaxy s6 and all this kind of things and Quad HD Amoled is using by HTC for long time

  11. Kamran Bashir says:

    they improve the LTE 4G 5.5 inch size of the phone is just as the Samsung is offering with note.. So everbody knows why Apple is doing all that

  12. Ahmed Alle says:

    a little while inflating the data sheet. The first giant smartphone he still distinguished from its competitors?

  13. Mostafa Agha says:

    i like 816 desire phone .. battery style and all is best..might be impressive phone in this screen size ... but moto e and other phones prices are very low so what htc now make for this mobile

  14. Silmaan says:

    another bad phhone by nokia is Asha 230

  15. Mhmoodd Back says:

    alright with that phone now you connect the smart gears.. special for me is the moto 360 watch

  16. Naddo Ghorab says:

    So those who are not interested in the functionality of a device with a stylus because it is just addon and may be no more we seen in the future not, most likely opt for the spectacular tech flagship.

  17. Hussein Fayad says:

    yes it is a nice module and a whole new taste they are offering on their phones right now. slide out battery and all of the functionalities like camera grip accessory and more on the new lg g5

  18. Mido Mustafa Shamot says:

    color Super AMOLED matrix can directly first-class and the main mode and offering a balanced image, while particular modes for photo or video is already open the possibility of the matrix more widely, albeit slightly at the expense of reliability colors

  19. Kaiser Ali says:

    This is expensive but according to me it has to be expensive as it belongs to a qulaity that worth it

  20. Mishal Zarrar says:

    The 5S is a smartphone having a new kaind of a camera and thatís why it is being famous in the market. I like its camera a lot.