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  1. Adam Khan says:

    South Korean brand is now agreed to get hold of the provider of Smartphone wallet way out with the LoopPay

  2. Senan Abdlwhb says:

    the Samsung Note is in its 4th gen as the iPhone 6 Plus was the first Phablet made by Apple very late 2014..

  3. Fahad says:

    i have seen it today in Hyper panda in dammam for SR. 1999.

  4. Abdelrahman Qulqila says:

    I refuse before buying there phones because of bad display quality and graphics; but here is a nice spin with the new one

  5. Shda Dani says:

    QHD display with a massive resolution on this master piece is the best thing.

  6. Abdalla M. Jafar 050-8189373 says:

    please call me i want to purchase the mobile camless but with GPS

  7. Alebrahemy says:

    unique Variant by Sony, play HD videos on it, will get it soon

  8.  Saymon Jhon says:

    Samsung mIni is just a copy of this particular phone and i won't recommand all of you to buy that phone because this phone is not good how this copy could be good.

  9. Zaheer Yousaf says:

    yes also cost not seems to be much high and phone has 2GB RAM quite good

  10. Usama Hany says:

    now in the Gitext shopper 2015 there is the best offers avaialble for this mobile phone I know… because new Apple gadgets is arrived

  11. Kanood Kh says:

    the experience of surfing web and doing multi tasking is more better than edge because the phone consume low power and nice to hold in single hand

  12. Malak Kamishlo says:

    could have the all same things in this smartphone as the same 18 chipset and processor we saw in the iphone 6 but is actually a smaller version with same capabilities iphone 6 and iphone 5s has.

  13. Dana Muhamad says:

    By the way, normally, the camera with the highest setting offering much more, but there is still absence of level stability makes vibrations much capable of being heard.

  14. Rahsed Noor says:

    i am in searching for a best surface pad for my iphone 6 . can u please suggest me any place so i can buy the best one

  15. Seszar Alsabty says:

    i looks so nice to me and the split screen multi tasking with the landscape is ok thing to do

  16. Najeh Freedom says:

    now I really not like the grand models… as the prime got expensive price tag and still has not lot of RAM… as it is not so premium looking phone

  17. Adel Karam says:

    in red color I love this laptop

  18. Almistarehi Mohammad says:

    the screen is both are among the best devices and it seems the iPhone 6 is the best LCD that have proven

  19. Katrina Quines Barao says:

    The camera result is very owesome and the LED is more brighter than the older version. I also like the 0.7 sec to make your camera open to take the best shoot. because sometimes camera took a lot of time to open and we miss the shot....but now it won't be a problem.

  20. Laila Engno says:

    The company's flagship Sony Xperia Z4 after a short time appeared on the shelves I think will be the high end phone with slimmest thinnest body