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  1. Mhamad Abdalla says:

    increase the strength of Gorilla Glass by about 20%. LG calls it «Dura-Guard Glass» and notes that this technology is more effective at the edges, where ordinary glass Gorilla Glass may crack.

  2. Mohamad Moneb says:

    constant prices still after its launch for the gold edition which is popular because of luxurious look i think. many may found the additional glass little bit worst looking

  3. Abdelhalim Ahmed says:

    obviously not a big bulky one to desire to buy, the Galaxy Note 4 is still a pleasing update of a grown-up gadget.

  4. Khosi Saleh says:

    Choose this device can be if you are one of those people who do not accept plastic, ready to pay for a lot of metal case and is not looking at the

  5. Naif AL Hamedi says:

    quite different weight level as opt for the Sport model or classic. The former has a weight in its version of 42 mm very accomplished: 30 grams leash

  6. Hossein says:

    the speed of internet in this phone is good and phone include advance camera and is slim and good design

  7. Khadra Lujly says:

    By no means mind curved extra screen seems like a best phone with unique concept.

  8. Sridharsh says:

    iOS is very bad . I hate it . I like the samsung galaxy s5. I hope there should be samsung galaxy s6 also.

  9. Mohmad Hassn says:

    The manufacturing supporter said that the response on the 3,000-mAh capacity for the Note 5 and such big phones and a best, and South Korean will be rise the inheritor's volume by at least 20%.

  10. Ayman Zeno says:

    The 8 megapixel camera is of Apple not the samsung or HTC. 8 mp of Apple is equals to 20 mp of samsung. You can check if you dont believe it.

  11. Ali Benaissa says:

    yes actually lenovo stole their design but good experience for those who like to see apple with android :)

  12. Juleana Esho says:

    well xperia z1 compact is the best phone ever...

  13. Shakila Tagari says:

    The 32GB internal storage but there is no expandable storage, may be in future there is expandable storage and removable battery

  14. Gamal Helmy says:

    I like Android Wear and circular screen clocks go unnoticed as a normal watch.

  15. Shahbaz Ali says:

    2915mAh of battery is also good and this the best for a power user like me I have taken it at a long drive and I have found out that it is a Smartpohone which is of good quality and its bettary is so much powerful to bear my heavy stuff.

  16. Saeed Sy says:

    nexus and now the new upcoming moto g 2015 edition has similar kind of backside packed that looks really elegant and impressive

  17. Alaa Hani says:

    rumors spread without a proper explanation what is the source for the iphone 7 pro i do not found any official information just some rumors gossips about the phone all around than

  18. Mai Mohamed says:

    The building of the case, and the notice to feature paid to basics fundamentals similar to the digital crown and strap connector that are exceptional.

  19. Barkat Ahmed says:

    There is more work required to make s-pen to work more natural.

  20. Mohammed Rafat says:

    the impression of the cheapness of the device that should make it metal? Saving a cheap and strong impression.