Find Cube Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Gharby Carino Med says:

    But Android users have had a good candidate for the purchase of well-known brand with a decent appearance

  2. Ahmed says:

    I love to check this phone

  3. Muhammad Khizer says:

    i wish that this new mobile will be available very soon... i realy like this device and also this colorful new design

  4. Omed M. Saeed says:

    its supersized dimensions not a doubt within their bezel less display launching new flagships. the scales at a hefty 192g is more good to the iphone 6s plus compare to iphone 6 plus

  5. Saad Saad says:

    i understand that why the battery life is bit more than the edge model because of little more big and also increase in dimension

  6. Danish Lateef Teewno says:

    Desire eye finally something new with HTC come, I really like the HTC Smartphone design but not like camera much. Now with this phone I really find nice experience in future

  7. Prince Amer says:

    but it also has its own features - such as the use of ultra-thin metal body design.

  8. Sreekumar says:

    i need moto g 4g but saudi arabia were available? please replay........

  9. Abo Hamde Baz says:

    Hope this phone will bring all the latest option and could be satisfied me otherwise i will not suggest anyone to buy this phone.

  10. Hamid Tobakoo says:

    I wanted to analyze the Nexus 6, because I love (love) the Nexus and all phones that offer excellent performance found in the clean layer of Android.

  11. Ali Imran says:

    can i edit photos and images insight of my browser... i found application that support this featute but not able to edit photos... no option are coming tell me the best photo edit browser

  12. Sahar Albalkhi says:

    the most high end prices i found here relate to xperia z5 premium is for the 128GB Gold color obviously after some weeks when more rivals of the device like galaxy s7, lg g5 launch will be low rates

  13. ASHARAF says:


  14. Hussam Khaled says:

    Battery case has many things as many of other rivals has also same like this. Cases offering no of well balanced performance and defense for now very cheap rates than before.

  15. RK Verma says:

    Apple was planning to introduce a watch that can capture a whole market of gadget and I think the first step has been taken by the Apple but the best part is this that people love it and took part in it.

  16. Mohmmad Jazi says:

    The Smartphone is a great deal better Smart devices over the Oneplus predecessor model

  17. Mohammad Azharuddin says:

    If there is no Panasonic eluga turbo then we don't need other mobile's....

  18. Rose A Zeiny says:

    In the section of the camera, Google and LG have done a remarkable effort against which was its predecessor integrating a new module with image stabilization and is expected to help improve the quality in low light and quick shots freehand.

  19. Raees Shaikh says:

    has the same body design

  20. Al Taha says:

    Li-Ion 3220 mAh battery why not as note 4 has.. display is better than note 4 and many features instead of battery.