Find Ctroniq Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Yahya Altawrah says:

    We have to continue coming backside to it as it sense good-looking in the hand, and specification evil person might note it is not fairly got the tech within to truthfully backside up the prices.

  2. Farouk says:


  3. Khaled Khattab says:

    differnt to its previous phones in design but not the specs characteristics are so much high is actually in mid right now compare to note, nexus and iphones for the same reason i say lg v10 is far better than this one

  4. Ahamd says:

    comparison - the battery the iPhone 6 Plus is much more than 3000 mAh. it is higher than iphone 5s so not say the iphone 6 battery is not change.. it is big change with this also

  5. Asmae Rachid Goodan says:

    the display rather be more excellent and all-metal chassis for this phone so feel smooth in hands

  6. Seif Khald says:

    the back cover, as assume, there are a range of bands and other accessories as well. Somehow they spoil the look, to be honest.

  7. Abdul Saood says:

    In these phone I think you can not customize many things like nav buttons remaing same.. And also not u can capable to adjust size of keyboard

  8. Waleed Omar says:

    dual-lens module is something i am expecting from the galaxy note 6 and the 20MP camera lens make it extra ordinary with the suprised feature alot for us

  9. Nouman Sadiq says:

    Chinese smartphones are of lower quality but this Smartphone has made me think that are of high quality as well because it is working so much fine and providing some quality stuff.

  10. Naveen Goud says:

    please inform me when rate is dropped

  11. Kulthum Ali says:

    I will compete this phone with the desire 816 that is good camera phone

  12. Mabrok Burawi says:

    2K screen display buw with the camera need 4k recording

  13. Tarun says:

    I need I phone 6 plz content me 09111112973 india

  14. Mahmud Qesar says:

    i really appreciate the way company make this phone all good features as well track your fitness level at perfect accurate measures... nexus is something bigger and better

  15. Doaa Amin says:

    yes camera is great but what about the performance of the battery?

  16. Abdul Mueed says:

    device is looking identical... Also note the high risk of slipping out of this expeansive machine.. any thing to further protect my surface pro from accidental fall

  17. Ammar Nasser Hussien says:

    nice plan set by Sony to launch in CES the new line up of Xperia Z4 tablets and Smartphones

  18. Kader Ferrah says:

    Still high prices for this phone... why i buy this if iphone 5s is come to near this one

  19. Aaqib says:

    anyone found any issue of nokia xl phone.. Camera quality in twilight is I think very very low on this phone.

  20. Shahrukh Afaq says:

    This is a stuff which i was look at for many days or may be for many weeks. The phone has perfect specs and design and it is crafted according to my need.