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  1. Rajkumar says:

    Very good

  2. Nor Nor Mohmmad says:

    may be the great choice for playing high graphic games without draining the battery life of the device

  3. Yousef Eldhan says:

    Judging by the first beta of iOS will look like in the release version edition, of course we will not, but simply demonstrate the opportunities that are available to the ordinary developer

  4. Ibn E Khattab says:

    stand alone ahead of LG, HTC and Motorol not I include apple smartphones because of totally different ui with iOS.. These phones has nothing comparable to the android devices

  5. RAMPHOOL says:

    I want buy a xiaomi mi not pro 64gb White

  6. Hamod says:

    like Huawei Ascend G6 .. and waiting for its 4G version to perform fast internet... good one

  7. Samir Bayou says:

    This self healing is not only offered by LG for the first time also there is little bit akind of that thing in prev G Flex

  8. Mostfa Albhadly says:

    in the upcoming devices they must increased low-light photography with also giving more advance OIS. Possible the high in class results within the same camera lens 12MP

  9. Samir Beiruti says:

    With just aheating problem the image of this phone is getting down, Else the phone is wonderful.

  10. Waled Abdon says:

    Live Photos support, but no 3D Touch and entire phone body is made of metal meaning there is nice and smooth handling of the small phone than ever. Not sure either the iphone Se got update with the apple pay and other new security features

  11. Magdy El Gendy says:

    a cover that facilitates more secure grip, even at the expense of premium hide that fact that they have finished with devices using glass as the htc m9.

  12. Remsha Fazli says:

    so this phone is not capable to give HD Bright, crisp screen

  13. Monjed Ismael Albaw says:

    i want such a beautiful thing but please make it available for uae which version is for middle east region?

  14. Sozan Marim says:

    actually the new new Maps application is now available for the watch have iOS 9.3 platform

  15. Anwar Sheriff says:

    where can to buy

  16. Hade Diaa says:

    the design is looking pretty

  17. Alrabi Karimove says:

    what about the camera of this phone.. Is this is good to take best quality images without blur

  18. Reyan Malokra says:

    What some mobile phone has missing is a fingerprint sensor, which falls the security options for screen lock instant and for money transactions it is usable.

  19. Simo Tirit says:

    i identify somethings on these phones plus and the modern iphone 6s as they big one has more good graphics and it looks little bit more high end and more life

  20. Waqas Hisham says:

    offering full hd video recording and now a whole ne gaming experience and view experience on a big screen