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  1. Ajaykumar says:


  2. Bhajan says:

    in which price, LG Optimus G Pad 8.3 will be available in market?

  3. Rayan Omar says:

    this looks prettier than the previous devices; full of innovation i really like it

  4. Zainab says:

    so great with the new version of the enw adroid phone note 6 will be a great of all time and stand alone against many

  5. Yaser Ali says:

    what about the gold color.. is there is finishing of gold in all the sides of the phone... the backside is also in gold

  6. Shan says:

    Contact me as soon as possible 0527476870

  7. Aleena Naeem says:

    This phone is only for the normal user not for the multi user..

  8. Moustafa Mohamed says:

    some things that are ideal for note 3 phone is the 5.7 inches with 13 MP camera but the phone is just bigger in size not the hardware is prettier

  9. Griadlle Nour says:

    wow there are no of new thing in this mobile phone. i check out this edge screen is hands on review wiht note edhe what a nice flagship you can also swap edge screen and up and down wiht touch and make no of shortcuts

  10. Muniyaraj says:

    I want buy galaxy fame,how to i no.0555371387 pls call me

  11. Ibrahem Ababneh says:

    Here I must confess that this trendy hue gives me a sharp rejection, so for myself, I would choose more option Gunmetal Gray.

  12. Nesma Abdelazem says:

    note 5 offering nice grips in hands and optimize performance as never before even is the most high end yet

  13. Saran Elashara says:

    video recording on the iphone 6 plus will be 60 fps and a resolution of 2 MP. Well, are not going anywhere delayed video shooting (slo-mo) with a frame rate of 240 fps and express video shooting.

  14. Ashar Faheem says:

    please share the price of Motorola DROID Maxx?

  15. Marium says:

    i always prefer the mid range smartphones of Samsung like galaxy j3, it is such an amazing phone with the most reasonable cost.

  16. Wafaa Amamra says:

    One of the largest innovation in the 2014 by the Google, I see first Google Glass with lot of new tech inside it and as well now Google increase tech of Smartphone same year.

  17. Mohammed AboZaid says:

    like the ability to automatically change the themes and contents of the desktop, depending on the location

  18. Mohamad Eisa Musa says:

    what new is coming with the Huawei Mate tell me I am waiting for the next

  19. Fiasal Nasser says:

    respectively, slightly condensed and maximum clarity of the video on the monitor. the screen image of the true video output one-to-one, just on the border of the screen in true resolution Full HD Graphics

  20. Ahmed Damascus says:

    super slim body needed to the htc m9. front glass allegedly as leak before