Find Coolpad Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Randa Assaf says:

    tell me the Google glass price and released date in Dubai, UAE

  2. Haleem Amiri says:

    It can be seen that the colors have not altered radically in both screens and the brightness of the Samsung point of view is notably higher.

  3. Wael Al Khateeb says:

    This phone is too much expensive, also another I know bit different Smartphone and too expensive is a Blackberry Passport but not worthy like Note Edge phone.

  4. Essam Yassin says:

    In mixture among other a low-resolution screen (1280 x 720 pixels), this GALAXY ALPHA offers Hustler work and excellent performance benchmarks.

  5. Amjad Masood says:

    The best phone with the great Android development forums, this be different from the latest phone many of discussions are now held about the device based on the material.

  6. Aldren Calibo Malo says:

    Which look quite same as in Sony xperia. LG is not making copy but they are also not launching any thing unique in th market.

  7. Omar Amer says:

    also i think it is familiar as htc one mini 2... or it is same device coming with same specs

  8. Suleiman Altaf says:

    what is the launch date of the note new series call edge series. I have the LG G3 Smartphone and it is also so good but note edge as i see the company make it to perform with each query on a whole new way. battery charges very quickly on both of the new Notes

  9. Nazir Hussain says:

    Samsung Galaxy Note comes with the newest Qualcomm’s newest Snapdragon 800 chipset as well as it is powered by quad-core 4002.3GHz Krait processor.

  10. Ikram says:

    You have Samsung golden3

  11. Aqsa Rameez says:

    be sure that this is the only device with that kind of dual feature...??

  12. Saood Mazin says:

    in many ways the phone is pretty with prices… look of the phone is quite differ with samsung s5 phone but colors are good that samsung choose for this pretty one

  13. Farhat Sbiba says:

    infared on the lg phones and yes the battery life of the lg g5 and other previous g series is great and available in Silver, Titan, Gold, Pink color

  14. Nahyan says:

    it is not mega pixel but ultra Pixel as well ... The quality of a picture >4 Mega Pixel with Ultra-pixel....

  15. Salim says:

    Android world to a similar screen size, but with this level of finish.

  16. Alhalabi says:

    love galaxy series... of smartwatches, tell me the galaxy gear 2 price

  17. Ad Nani says:

    Crystal clear images on this phone like all other new advance tech mobiles have??

  18. Majeed Ali says:

    Second, the support has been implemented 1080p video recording at a rate of not only 30, but 60 frames per second.

  19. Mmfarooq Ahamed says:

    Yeah, I resembling the entire glass face cause to be one's that pop up last month improved. I am using the M8 since it is available i bought the one 2014 model after month of its release now i do the same with the M9; i also use Apple phones

  20. Shubham Saini says:

    nice phone