Find Coolpad Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Abeer Alward says:

    cursed be the disappearance of the really functional covers i found there phone just look stylish and slim other than that not such high specs list

  2. Saravan says:


  3. Areej El-shennawy says:

    I have just spend some time with this phone and there is best fingerprint reader performing so well and fast as not like before. But incredible another feature is the surprising edge model

  4. Amera Mohammad says:

    they all the time has remarkable values for their phones with just budgeted prices as not other has.. we actually not find it looking an elegant phone but has nice batteryn updates, work great with the camera obviously which is why for sure my next phone is lg g5

  5. Alkhaldey says:

    may be in galaxy note 6 we also seen sonovation new technology for your mobile phone security. secondary camera is morem advanced and more than 8MP or dual video call, Auto HDR LED flash

  6. Cagatay Ergezer says:

    Style Moto X and Nexus, waiting to be said about them, I keep a flame of hope.

  7. Kasim Muhammed says:

    the best yet is the note 4 and lg g3 is also so good phone but i am waiting for htc

  8. Akram Aljbri says:

    Enthusiasts and are just interested in the mobile device market history of the emergence of the smartphone OnePlus One should be well known.

  9. Mam Shami says:

    sacrificing elegance in favor of a more capacious battery there is need to be rise in durability of the next ascend phone that is required

  10. Alya Al-abadi says:

    i am with the turbo and i consider same with the other line up that motorola make more turbo with the moto x and moto g series with the cheap prices and different design

  11. Latifa Belgacem says:

    please tell me that this phone has LTE connectivity?

  12. Basme Almajede says:

    iPhone 6, all of the technical features are remain same other than some of the processing features another highlighted is the new chipset use which we all know about

  13. Nadori Med says:

    There is no growth with the MP count in Samsung S6 and edge is also more good things… overall iPhone has its own uniqueness

  14. Faisal Mayo says:

    still i say that... it is one of the most amazing phone with exceptional and morderen features that i know yet... u can do more with its hidden features

  15. Anmar Ibraheem says:

    expensive modules but really the lovely screen,wide-angle and dual camera lens is amazing and something new we seen on the device.

  16. Noman Tariq says:

    I have the 64 GB storage smartphone and I think it is best. I have an account on icloud and if I got some extra data I put it there.

  17. Ghayath Ibrahim says:

    Samsung continously updating their different series; some with alloy material and some offering metallic body

  18. Nidal Abdullah says:

    the note and this one has just one different features "S-pen" as they are using different processor chipsets

  19. Nokia says:


  20. Mahhend Alnaji says:

    so the camera is ok and able to take continuous shots.. after seeing such a cool things on this note 3 i realize that i have to buy this phone one more time.. yet using lg g2