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  1. Mohammed Faisal says:

    Samsung Galaxy s2 is still better than HTC desire 501 2013 model...... which is makes its appearance on 2011.... So HTC is going down

  2. Naruemon says:

    using an equivalent facts as the note 4 but the more higher resolution with more amount of pixels density

  3. Rona Omar says:

    This phone is absolutely has top stuffing and is one of the most powerful and modest design

  4. Rux Jabeen says:

    This is a high quality smartphone I have seen the details and one of my frined used to have one but that was some other brand. I personaliy like this company.

  5. Abd Alwhab Alkli says:

    what is the global release date for this phone I am using the xperia ultra device it is so good looking in purple color

  6. Amrit Kumar says:

    2.5 GHz of processor means you can do multiple work at one time and this is heaven for those who are gamers.

  7. Ahmed Mohsen says:

    improvements "wow effect", that is, we admire it and the phone feels in hands even more unusual with the extra screen than if such a top end feature was not.

  8. Tanveer Brohi says:

    may be futher more addons and widgets we will see; or infact removable options with the battery, cardslot else. will feature a design similar to iphone 6 and 5s; a bit improve glassy body and back with the black color

  9. Osama Alwah says:

    became an integral part of the birth of a new device from major manufacturers.

  10. Mahmoud Salh Seraj says:

    may be once again we seen same 12MP with the iphone 7 but more pixels may be given to the front camera lens and more aperture with speed modifications

  11. Duran.soriano says:

    where can ipurchase the parts of my blackberry z10 imhere in ksa. my phone is need to repair

  12. Muzmmal Hussain says:

    Still, the Smartphone feels more best than the Galaxy S5 and the careful use of metal set aside the Alpha light, at 115g it weighs as a great deal as the old 4" iPhone 5s.

  13. Rahim says:

    How to create video calls in HTC V 4G? Please tell me

  14. Ehmed Badn says:

    Personally, I find the visual similarities, and when you take the smartphone in your hand, the tactile feel of these devices are completely different. If you do not think so

  15. Ali Osman says:

    looks like a killer deal .. i like iphone 6 plus black version with 64GB . i want buy this phone

  16. Om Wael says:

    detection, panorama, HDR such all camera features they arae using for their rear side camera is actually previously included in galaxy note model whereas the pixels are lower but same quality i find on both note 5 and xperia z5 premium

  17. Rodwan Hassan says:

    how much is the battery capacity

  18. Mohammad Yaghgmour says:

    battle of the phablets is now at end I think after this phone because now they as well recuce the sizes of their phones

  19. Honey Sinu says:

    1.2 GHz quad-core processor that is a good option also not the ram is too low 1GB is good and enhancement

  20. Serena Prandin says:

    Apple works on the battery but not as much as it works on the 5s..the samrtphone is good but people are saying that the 5s was more good than the new one.