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  1. Honey Singh says:

    Samsung Galaxy J7 has a good zoom even it is really good with the good batteries even the combinations of their performance with the software.

  2. Mafaq Tarpooush says:

    a great phone will be the more working required in the design because it is not good looking phone

  3. Yasmina PerTy says:

    the phone prices is still not offical for some regions … please notify me when you update the rates of the vibe shot..

  4. Reem Ubed says:

    now there is special gadgets coming

  5. Abdulhadi Zangir says:

    i like bbm application but i need whts app as well because in some phones bbm not working and my frends dnt have bb phone... so i need whts app to compeletely working on this

  6. Rahima Akram says:

    On the operating systems, this "being optimized for the hardware mount is that it is much easier to get effective system" is almost an urban legend.

  7. Sami Smew says:

    there is no need to make anything different from the actual size just need to enhanced the performances and the storage as well which is very very low

  8. Yasen says:

    but htc has got almost everything here in this phone.. designed for pure speed like a racing car , htc one phone stripped down to its barest essential is ,

  9.  Nafees Ahmed says:

    Apple smartphones are really very good and the money theu asked for is realy a money which worth. The most wonderful stuff is the new and amazing features which you have never seen in any other smartphones.

  10. Tipu Ali says:

    I think iphone 6 is meant ofr a normal user not for a power user that’s why it has a lower battery and those who are power user they should try iphone 6 plus because that is the best for them

  11. Mohammed Albayati says:

    i am for long time awaiting for Note 4 to be come

  12. Thamer Alsalem says:

    especial phone with bundle of amazing and beautiful features.. i am yet using this phone and find no problem.. there is some issues while updating Operating System from KitKat to Lollipop in some phones but this one come with Lollipop no issue.. and there is many good options

  13. Tite says:

    RED: The same here!!!! I already msised a concert by them but thank God they are here!!! Tip: if you want the front of the stage come early to get a chance to enter first!! That's what I always do, and I always got the center of the stage!! IT'S GONNA BE HUUUUUGE inshallah ;D

  14. Naeem Bhatti says:

    Not you can compare this phone with the latest iPhone 6 in manner of the screen resolution it is high but not there is comparison of design of both phones.

  15. Shahzad says:

    I need oppo f1

  16. Muhammad Ch says:

    lack of a IR blaster that is useful feature well there is also a lack of removable battery and it is not much long life

  17. Rose A Zeiny says:

    In the section of the camera, Google and LG have done a remarkable effort against which was its predecessor integrating a new module with image stabilization and is expected to help improve the quality in low light and quick shots freehand.

  18. Akhlaque Ahmad says:

    How much sar .

  19. Hekayt Roh says:

    The device is a solid - not pressed and bends, and well, without backlash, collected.

  20. Walaa Alramy says:

    specific model after a long time