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  1. Warv Insaran says:

    Galaxy j5 debut to their previous e series phone and now where is Galaxy A series there is no phone come in 2016.. Well J5 looks good remains a relative mystery how they going to manage in future with such

  2. Edwan Alkami says:

    Splash resistant what is this please any body tell me? is this is the first motorola that is water proof??

  3. Ad Nani says:

    Crystal clear images on this phone like all other new advance tech mobiles have??

  4. Mohammed Rifky says:

    In terms of placement controls the main difference between iPad Air 2 from the first iPad Air - is the lack of lock lever (in the iPad Air, he was placed on the volume keys).

  5. Khaleel says:

    I want to buy oppoF1 for 65 dhrhms

  6. Javeria Khalid says:

    sir which do you prefer me the 6splus or the simple galaxy s6 model or lg g4. i now that the camera is the plus point in galaxy phone but what about the other things like battery, CPU, Graphics and style

  7. Hidayat Kurwe says:

    OnePlus One has some amazing plans for entertaining the users and that’s why they have installed a Non-removable Li-Po 3300 mAh battery

  8. Tamanna Habibi says:

    looks nice one waiting for it....

  9. Saepul Arjuna says:

    now every body is making the bigger because they think bigger is best, metallic shell is good and the size of previous iPhone 5 is so nice for me gives the premium feel

  10. Khwar Jatt says:

    Additionally to the front panel has been now detached slot for the microphone, at the present opening will be set on the bottom panel.

  11. Mohammed Al Obiedat says:

    delivery until September 25 or may be next month, but in years as we take a look for the iPhone 6 few blessed consumers have received their iPhones slightly earlier same I am expecting from them this time.

  12. Zoza Ali says:

    Lumia 525 is something what i am looking for a long time... completely a nice package

  13. Jak says:

    Overall, the surface is no longer the only characteristic of the LG G Flex series.

  14. Adil Hussain says:

    this is just price different -:)

  15. Rangzaib Mughal says:

    very, very high quality, clear screen with natural colors Feels like, between the screen and the glass is no air gap, and the picture as if lying on its surface.

  16. Kha L Ed says:

    Especially in good light. But if the lighting is worse, the possible options.

  17. Faizan Hassan says:

    note 4 has 7.7 inches Screen size a perfect phone with the unique special size. i am waiting for the lite versions of the Note 2014

  18. Ale Alale says:

    it looks so elegant and more big than its predecessor

  19. Hadi Nasher says:

    Color white padfone inifinity 2 , please

  20. Sara Magdi says:

    And in the gray scale can work almost anyplace, even watch videos - but it might be little gray in color, which is not as well too nice and reliable look.