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  1. Choudhary Faisal says:

    I think that Google should have to be in their limit as they are just a search engine and they are good in that stuff but when it comes to the smartphone they are not good they are producing such a cheak quality Smartphones which is letting down their name in the market.

  2. Maad Qutainy says:

    the best smartphone galaxy s6 was for multimedia and brilliant screen. slightly you are right about the life of the phone and the durability. Finally a good Galaxy s phone after a long time

  3. Arif says:

    grand line up phones are all good .. the processor requirements are higher, it will to some extent affect the overall performance of the machine.

  4. DoHa MuSt says:

    the phone is so good but , you must manually change the settings on the aspect ratio of 4: 3

  5. Sihad Hassan says:

    m9 is really an elegant phone runs nice platform, good in performance but still expensive device. m10 suppossed ot be in the range of expensive phones and i guess the prices of htc m10 is in mid of iphone 7 and galaxy s7

  6. Zaki Abd Elftah says:

    The iOs 7 is raelly very wonderful and i think this phone is got famous just because of this particular OS not just because of the camrea result.

  7. Saajid Mahmoud says:

    galaxy j looks very nice and also take a look on its features quite similar to note 3 but it is a good one

  8. Malk Adam says:

    Button! Large and functional button! All is good looking with the watch

  9.  Haroon Mahmood says:

    Those who are saying that the 2600mAh battery is good they all dont know that what is going on and what it can and can not do.

  10. Snehajlal says:

    i want one at abu dhabi where can i buy one

  11. Belal Alkaial says:

    there is a battery issue i found as compare to other phones like lg g4, htc m9 and iphone even that is capable to give you more hours than this phone

  12. Rayan Awadat says:

    To loyal to all of you, I really like the dimensions of my past iPhones and now either there is so thin body than before and smooth edges but after increase in the size it is bit hard to handle

  13. Ghalia Alkadi says:

    Overall the picture is still positive: strength, good sliding screen , clicks francs buttons, almost perfect assembling the various parts ... There is a very slight depression in the rear seat when pressing on the center,

  14. Adnan Pusa says:

    such high rates of the phone because of high specs list just have a look on it ... what about the others with just little bit upgrade features reach the high level

  15. Hassan Garira says:

    In an attempt to offer a slim Smartphone with a metallic uni-body Korean has detached the micro-SD slot, infertile right of entry to the battery life.

  16. El Bahrawy says:

    compatible with smartphones based on Snapdragon processor 800 and newer, which contain an additional chip on the motherboard that controls the charging process

  17. Waleed Basheer says:

    I am really sure that my Smartphone is doing many things well in future with the new OS updates

  18. Abdelrazik Alrefabl says:

    there is nice external keys to controle volume and power on off also with that you can go to sleep and there is nice Touch ID sensor

  19. Haroon says:

    I want samsung galaxy s3.

  20. Donia Eladly says:

    After a complete year Samsung come to make a wonderful mobile but the phone is not good enough to let the image of samsung high in the sky.