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  1. Ramy Adel Zaki says:

    Therefore doubtful to iPhone consumer may be move forward to this phone, due to that Apple - is not simply one right now with the metal body

  2. Umair Ch says:

    And that is smooth additional likely due to the greater battery and combination of their UI and battery saving mode more expressed with new Marshmallow update

  3. Alaa Derbas says:

    By the way, GALAXY Note 3 the world's first smartphone with 3 GB of RAM no other in that time has such specs and hardware.. The leading phablet and best selling phablet still

  4. Hadeel Moktar says:

    shape is so nice and also I like the excellent mid size

  5. Asif Qudwai says:

    Nokia Lumia 1520 is same mobile phone like Nokia Lumia 925.

  6. Osman Pasha says:

    really the look of this smartwatch is Customizable so you can give this watch ur own look

  7. Arshad Rao says:

    In the next year more edge models are coming in 2015 were evidence that Galaxy Note 4 can get Android 5.0, aka Android L

  8. Mariam Maikeh says:

    1080p display and a quad-core smartphone is no longer does not sell itself We are still working to . really pays off switch on stereo speakers desire 816

  9. Huzaifa Farasat says:

    LG has done some amaizng kind of a work on it and thatís why people are switching to LG rather then the samsung and the Apple as they are of high pricing.

  10. Mohit Sethi says:

    They are famous in the market just because to produce quality products.

  11. Abdullah Mohammed says:

    What is the prices of this one in 24k GLold, Rose Gold color and in LTE and 3G without 4G

  12. Saleh Elkasas says:

    What's more, the Z2 has get some more price decrease that resolve create it still more attractive for few - but luckily Sony is addition lots of assistance to the predecessor phone by stuffing it through an inform that comprise high resolution audio

  13. Alaya says:

    for SIM-card nano SIM and ... the screen lock button and turn off the iPhone.

  14. Mustafa Zaidi says:

    Does anyone know if it will be dual sim phone ? awesome specs whit awesome body design.. i want apple to also make a device with big screen size like lg

  15. Hussein Ali says:

    red one is in stock? and what about the featueres of this newest BlackBerry 10.3 OS it is good and perfect

  16. Naemar says:

    Now, with the Samsung Galaxy gear SmartWatch, you can have a clock that separates functionality from your smartphone

  17. Abdullah Syr says:

    In news since last month; tell me how the screen protector work on the force touch technology because there is some reasons

  18. Ibrahim Bakhtiyar says:

    4 megapixel of front camera is quite good but i was expecting some thing more than this from HTC. The new Smartphone has to be well enough to bear the requirements.

  19. Dante Pangilinan says:

    Either you just picked up recently the iPhone new 2014 version probably you enjoy this phone in the beginning and the re build design is actually enjoyable you might notice that there is many application on store of Apple now

  20. Abdlkadr Idrissi says:

    forward gorgeously crafted glass not found in any other phone plus the perfect balance among the hardware and software on the iphone 6 plus; perfect companion to its rivals.