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  1. Mimed Khaled says:

    so can this mobile phone more features are same as other phone like moto x 2014 with hdr and panoramoa mode.. i knew that iphone 6 is good to take photos with brust more..

  2. Abdul Muhaimin says:

    This phone is the shit best phone I've ever had

  3. Altamimi J Ammar says:

    In general, quite a controversial decision, let's see who and how will explain this element in the design of the smartphone.

  4. Abdo Aljaje says:

    Slim and Light in weight galaxy v phone is looking i will be keep searching this site to get this phone price as soon as possible

  5. Vijay Gift Ghar says:

    another success from the Sony side. They are going to bring a new featured smartphone which is loaded with many functions and features.

  6. Ahmed Ataieb says:

    The big screen is just the different thing in this smartphone from the iphone 6. elsa the rest of the stuff is quite similar in boht of them.

  7. Gold Queen says:

    Or - a stuff of taste - take for entire these reason a 6 plus, if you do not puzzle its size and with the dimension

  8. Puja Bhattrai says:

    very nice all features are totally in favor of good tablets

  9. Nouri Amar says:

    storage space for 16 / 32GB optional and can be expanded via microSD card to a maximum of 128GB

  10. Ahmed Waqas says:

    Both phones nexus and note are come after month and form factor is similar but weight is bit more light of note 4 as compare to nexus but again Apple lead with the weight and have more light weight

  11. Vishwendra Shankaram says:

    Very nice

  12. Abdul Aleem says:

    so the sensitive new touch display is more improved... withsapphire crystal display each wallpaper set in watch to display look more ptretty in handds.. as compare to gorilla glass that samsung is is more screatch resistant...

  13. Suleiman says:

    note smartphone in black color look good.. but it look more premium and good in hands in silver and blue color... blue is my favorite one

  14. Aish Khan says:

    you might be a apple user or you have used the samrtphone first time. because this is one of the best smartphone made by samsung.. i have it and it is working fine enough

  15. Noor Alhalabi says:

    a new way to touch it and new way required to handle this phone. Multi tasking is well manage with the new iOS

  16. Fatima Bhimani says:

    Rumors are really getting the market or the positive market to be excat.. They are saying that this smartphone will be in the market when the muslims Eid would be near.

  17. Waad AlTurk says:

    The most usual scenario for using 3D Touch is the same as they are using in the apple watch previously also in some apple devices- force touch on the icon and a just fast as your phone can it give you the options and transition are really faster in the iphones. But they have to do little bit more with the iphone 7 by giving it more good functionalities to make it a master in this way.

  18. Raheem Misr says:

    Samsung is providing a metal body in Note 5 but an in S6 we cant hear any reliable info. Samsung is going to launch S6 in coming months but the Note 5 will be in the ending months. So the users have to wait to get both the Smartphones.

  19. Sahar Albalkhi says:

    excellently reaching up to terminals and LG G2 , Galaxy E series and some other devices which has some same specs before as galaxy j7 packs

  20. Sunny Bhambri says:

    A new direction in the field of wrist watches as it was meant to provide time but this concept is now old and to play games and do fun work it is the new concept