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  1. Ghazali says:

    Two of the new added features on this phone is the WiFi calling support and wifi is really more enhance with fast 802.11ac this is nice cellular improvement on this phone

  2. Khaled Rabbeya says:

    a8 with m8 so something the best like note 3 with multiple processor included inside to enhance the performance. overall dimension of the phone is i like it feels good in hands

  3. Al-Rehani22 says:

    make dramatic changes actually by changing the sizes of the screen and look more elegant. industrial design not such premium features found in any other device

  4. Mohammad Rashed says:

    A good weight for a screen diagonal: the flagship of the LG G3 with a diagonal of 5.5 weighs 149 grams and 5.5-inch

  5. Alhabibi says:

    immersive and breath-taking new things as they introduced the 3d touch and functionaility but not the display of the phone with such crisp as compare to the galaxy s6; iphone 6 is some how good with the performance

  6. Ahmed Wageh says:

    Make a payment using your phone is bit unsecure thing for some people but for me it is a good method and also valuable one not need to worry about much.. And all need to put your finger on it

  7. Ahmed Abd Elsattar says:

    Clever front-facing camera flash agains its rivals; Battery will deter power usersn and that is not that beeneficial than

  8. Karem Abd says:

    to increase the diagonal screen in their flagship, and, as a consequence, increase the size of the devices.

  9. Virginia Fung says:

    I impressed with this phone camera, though images are a quietly too much sharp and with nice saturation. Battery life performing so well and the 4hts of more screend time and the total on time period of the phone is approx 20hrs, probably the QHD display make it easier of the phone to give more life

  10. Shady Abdelkany says:

    can this big phone is able to keep alive up to 14hrs with 3g 4g

  11. Mushtaq Qadir says:

    the strength difference among the life of the phones battery because the capacity is low

  12. Fawaz Moussa says:

    The leaked images or might be rumors leaked details highlight a Smartphone in sync alongside with Sony OmniBalance visual display the same design viewpoint which has been paying attention on well balance and regularity ever since the officially release of the Z series.

  13. Khalid Khayyam says:

    so the new dual led flash as we seen in many new devices allows you to take better photos with frames than traditional high-end, you can even bring their scope to limit the selfie Wide mode which I expected from galaxy s7

  14. Ali Hamza says:

    I will wait for galaxy s5

  15. Mohamed Ahmed says:

    Midnight Blue D10831 is available now ?? Please give me the prices I want the white versions and of course the storage is 64gb approx… is this is lte version?

  16. Najeeb says:

    Q10 is extremely design for all smart phone user, awesome working.

  17. Salih Liaquat says:

    camera features specially HDR that is great step by VIVO nice latest 5.7mm thinnest Smartphone, people say it is kind of knife

  18. Ransy Elmor says:

    concept of this note 3 comes so soon and look even flat but this has same body plastic and size is so big.. Also has many issues with battery life and heat up of the battery

  19. Neven Ashraf says:

    a lot more cheaper is the nexus 6 but a big giant phone with bit low specs than iphone.

  20. Aman Jaisinghani says:

    The phone is really cheap and providing some good stuff. i recommand you all to buy one to see what is the difference it is genrating with the other smartphones.