Find China Mobiles Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Galal Khodor says:

    release date UAE. needed

  2. Karem Waleed says:

    a higher resolution screen actually required even more density and sharpness; comparing 2K display to the iPhone there is big difference

  3. Hadi Bezdi Sani says:

    750x1334 pixels for the 4.7 inches screen is still a good thing but why not they increase their phones ram.

  4. Sarah Yahya says:

    can be disputed with super-fast charging just like its rivals of Samsung, lg and htc, built-in wireless (not-so-quick before with the iphone 6) but now iphone 6s charging and an ultra power saving mode

  5. Moiz Khan says:

    Slim is design but fast in performance this is the new Z4 Tablet. If you think that you can hold a slimest tablet so buy sony z4 it is light in weight and best in performance

  6. Raflo says:

    u need phone or only the display?im having network problem in it,except that phone is good.

  7. Hatem says:

    good that apple make this phone curves because not sony feels good in pockets ...despite in large screen phones..

  8. Farhan says:

    Can you please tell me when it will be launching in Dubai. I m expected some thing new and much harder than this?

  9. Riyad Saleh says:

    looks complete unit also packs with the top noth hardware with a good combination of display.

  10. Mohammed Saad says:

    awesome,dont go for other option.really appreciatable front camera for selfie..yes yes buy it best phone ... but its making me confused to wait for next one because some features are not good

  11. Mostafa Soliman says:

    why samsung again n again making same tablet devices... what new in this

  12. Mouhamed Sidi Mouhamed says:

    they have to exclude the home button which is responsible for note 4 bulky size. the same size of the phone which has no front home button will be look more impressive with more big screen diagonal size

  13. Mohmed Motawa says:

    Apple too Good because Android smartphones have already mastered and 2, and 3 GB of RAM

  14. Akram Palabra says:

    such a great the premium and the basic model xperia z5 is newest smartphones in the near future i think will be slighter in weight and slim

  15. Amer Ahmad Anbar says:

    there is multi tasking features so well working on the latest iPad but other hand many other brands are offering many good features as like the water resistance and more good RAM is included

  16. Tom Arthur Kenrick-Wagner says:

    battery issues with this phone but with the save mode much of battery life is optimize and consumption is low

  17. Soltan Amani says:

    the battery life of the 2014 version of Moto X is really great and improve really a pure new editon this is

  18. Malik says:

    Available for shap message for my email address Lenovo vibe p1m

  19. Naveed says:

    what is the price of LG G2?

  20. Ammar Alasadi says:

    might be Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is a monster Phone to smash all the windows phone-kind