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  1. Refat says:

    rates of the phone drop a little after release of iphone 7 but not expected to be the same as iphone se. but such premium features upgraded I am really glad to see specially

  2. Rewan Nasir says:

    screen resolution will be similar which is not so crisp but may be changes with the GPU

  3. Abas Gardi says:

    Apple isn't messing with a better thing; external finishes looks really really great and in hands be more grateful as compare to iphone 6 because of its more better and enhanced the display

  4. Nooral Diar says:

    According to the technology gurus, iPhone 6 is expected to come in a new design.

  5. Feras At says:

    In the dock, you can change the plastic part in the center to charge Z1, but also to get her not so simple

  6. Khaled Kamal Amr says:

    Galaxy Note 5 is regarding the best phablet with best specifications in this segment

  7. Avi Qualities says:

    where a large screen can be used for drawing with the stylus S-Pen.

  8. Omar Ibrahim says:

    Amusingly, exchanging all among the Google Android Lollipop and the KitKat also form is as well an available alternative.

  9. Maryam Khan says:

    Place your most modest 6S to grind with these 10 significant applications that together recover the full Apple UI experience with more improved UI

  10. Shan says:

    Contact me as soon as possible 0527476870

  11. Nour Eldawody says:

    I do not expect a lot of changes and mofifications in their phones right now.. Mainly in this year we cannot see a big changes because they change after 2 years

  12. Ahmed El Elaimy says:

    apple take sales on holiday and also in new year and good deal found for the basic model actually of the 16gb apple iphone 6s

  13. Ayoub says:

    this phone is absolutely bad as compare to previous htc one .. only it is water resistant phone ...

  14. Boualem Khalwi says:

    the 12MP still image or else there is different kind of resolution when take images through the same primary camera?

  15. Mehtab Ali says:

    I need this oppo R9 with 54 AED.

  16. Akhtar Shadi says:

    offers high-quality data and connectivity options like Bluetooth, WI-FI, USB Tethering, the computer synchronization, OTA synchronization etc.

  17. Annisa Chacha says:

    A perfect phone for the businesman. Big screen HD quality result and best performance.

  18. Neaz Bozan says:

    It is the ordinary way of thinking, if you have the uppermost profit between all Smartphone manufacturers.Apple is Best..!!

  19. Asheeniya Lahaba says:

    LG G3 back material is polycarbonate, although the plastic but LG at its top with a layer of sprayed coatings, but also have the effect of brushed metal in general, feel very good, is excellent ability to resist fingerprints

  20. Salameh Mohamed says:

    the dimension is not what i am expecting it should be 5mm i think that look very slim