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  1. Anwar Rabee says:

    A LG lacks only get rid of layers of software customization to be the lowest in android.. but not after update with the marshmallow in lg v10 it will be great for use

  2. RT Renthlei says:

    I like its camera which is showing some good quality of results and it also has a fast processing so It never hang

  3. Afaf says:

    I recently buy Galaxy note 10.1 performance is v.fast and graphics as well but 8.0 camera is little bit disappointment for me seems to be 5.0 mega pixel

  4. Anwar Yousif says:

    this time I feel save with my phone because of good protection features and other than that the galaxy s7 phone has micro sd option after a long time ago we seen such things on such phones

  5. Ghada Aldahdooh says:

    yeas good with the designs also with the rapid charging and wireless charging things changes alot, of course the new marshmallow update give alot options, to look at more than the premium segment.

  6. Asmar Ali says:

    yes g3 is best one but not capable to give you best camera features and slow mo as apple iphone 6 plus is capable of

  7. Hassan says:

    price in uae??

  8. Ali Elbadawy says:

    2560x1440 pixel screen resolution just same thing as seen in the note 5, galaxy s6 and all this kind of things and Quad HD Amoled is using by HTC for long time

  9. Anis Hanen says:

    when iPhone get too big but they not manage with the hardware of their big phones previously now as a result of it we saw mini version of iphone 6s actually. more practical companies like Samsung and lg also make some of nice phones this time

  10. Hassan Moustafa says:

    really i love the S Pen that makes easy for users to go to anywhere more instantly.

  11. Ousama says:

    it is not just about the design all the time it is a well balance with good specs list but not comparable to the samsung phones because they have brilliant sharp display

  12. Al Torres Lugue says:

    curve is really ver beautiful and i am thinking that how would i use those curve menu. i mean to say i have to use my other hand or should i need to use only my one hand for the menu if i need to use them confuse

  13. Majeeb says:

    Apple iPad Pro was originally conceived as a device-oriented business segment, so the fear of loss of revenue due to the late arrival on the market, Apple is minimal.

  14. Azharnawaz says:


  15. Mohamed Masmoudi says:

    if they include in this model phone exapndable storage it will be awesome for us and easy to transfer data from iphone 6 to iphone 6s plus without any need of time

  16. Al Faruk Aluasat says:

    it looks like now the HTC is experimenting something special with the Himaliyan tag name

  17. Hamid Fageeh says:

    fingerprint sensor directly changes and they gonna used now the IRIS scanner that will be a different thing for everybody

  18. Atef Ibrahim says:

    vs g5 and the nexus phones it is bit stand in the mid actually. galaxy s7 edge has more good gpu features but the prices are the big difference on the other hand

  19. Falcon Garah says:

    why not they upgrading their speakers there is need to improve the sound quality and also make it more noise free actually.

  20. Samiran says:

    I have been using Apple iPhone 4 White 8GB, for last 1.5 years, its awesome mobile, no mobile phone can not compare it.