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  1. Mohammed Humza says:

    Both iphones have just a different screen size but camera and all other features or same?? or phablet one is equipped with more improved things..is iphone is water proof??

  2. Abid Zaheer Khan says:

    what is the price of Samsung Galaxy Light UAE...

  3. Mona Znaty says:

    Conferring to the note, predictorssuppose Apple to progress screen toughness and build superiority, and to also strengthen the specs of the phone in addition to the camera.

  4. Gwme Mhmed says:

    Korean’s is the best make of Google Android devices additionally good-looking design, a vivid display, an powerful processor, and a crispy better camera for professionals.

  5. Esam Yassen says:

    write more accurately and even small writing is possible because of more light wegiht on the improved s pen design but this is not with the default software they are using in samsung galaxy note 5.. i witness the performance is different slightly for the external professional applications available for the smart pen

  6. Sddam Krem says:

    was now involve in making some kind of luxurious looking phones that gave Apple’s designers a run for their values

  7. Baiz Said says:

    Playing asphalt game and when dropped on the roadway out of the car (the height of not more than half a meter) - at the bottom of the glass chipping and scratches on the case. Asphalt is a relatively soft material, granite is not any ...

  8. Shailendra Kandara says:

    stunning shots in any light with the newest model moto x 2014 it is the best with nature shot modes

  9. Marten Maged says:

    the successor is always good and the iphone 6 is certainly according to their own trend and give true life to their phones now adays and is one of the best selling phones this year. but yes the big phablet is not something give such impression to their customers

  10. Remsha Malik Rj Malik says:

    quad core Intel CPU that is 64bit and nice GPU to more enhance the graphics of this first best tablet with android platform by Nokia

  11. Ahmed Ezz says:

    Apple iPhone 6s and can now shoot 4K video recording for both smartphone and even we see the extra ordinary things in iphone 7 and a first for any Apple handset to packs such features.

  12. Tehreem says:

    LG has no match with the other phone, it has its own features like other have, which cannot be compared with other smartphones today.

  13. Noor Omair says:

    the best of best and the greatest of all time is here.. note 4 i love this phone

  14. Jullanar Noah says:

    5MP camera with the flash and the video recording at 2592 х 1944 well that has so nice results because of that

  15. Anas Hassn says:

    is this phone include FM radio with RDS?

  16. Ahmed Khafaguie says:

    Dear sir, please i search for mobile E65 gray colour

  17. Qutebha Thanoon says:

    a huge display wiht the good tablet design Enough space on the screen, you can make characters larger this is the first tablet by Nokia with the highest resolution

  18. Saef Ali says:

    Samsung is an korean brand and this is the main reason why i buy it every year. Korean Makes tough smartphone which is design in such way to bear the un thinkable conditions and they are best to use in any atmosphere.

  19. Saman Moosab says:

    camera of the phone is good in day light but in low light in not gives good colors

  20. Ayat Ellah says:

    1900 mAh battery in the a3 and the galaxy a5 has just the same performance quality but infact more capacity 2300 mAh battery.