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  1. Ahmed Yackoube says:

    Silver, gold, or space gray? which color is the best color tell me

  2. Hamido Mokni says:

    i impressed by Samsung because the 4.5 inches size of the device is not too small and not too big

  3. Waseem Alani says:

    Large screen size on smartphones only the good thing not other i like for LG

  4. Alraheem Jarema says:

    the crown at the side of the watch is bit bigger than the normal crowns we seen in many other wartches and also button is big

  5. Cristal Mendoza says:

    This is the device with the awesomeness, but I founded the os to be bit laggy one and stutter in whole few things as I noticed, while with the some applications it take lot more time to arrived and you even press the button of multi task and need much more wait as I noticed… is this is software issue or something else?

  6. Hassan Rafat says:

    It is also available in gold, silver and space grey color choices.

  7. Abed Neme says:

    Keyboard smartphone isolated and much more reliable: you can adjust the height and more things.

  8. Hosaen Ba Duhare says:

    at the same time in the iPhone 6s updated biometric sensor in the "home button" why he became a fire faster; sensor work so fine

  9. Sabin Shrestha says:

    new version of slate 6 tab is very nice with kitkat operating system n 8 megapixel camera

  10. Asmita Charoliya says:

    The Smartphone is fast and if you love to play games on it so you can play and enjoy yourself so much it is faster and it is best for those who spend more time with this smartphone.

  11. Aamir says:

    in one review of iphone 6 phone I found that smart phone has display problems… so there is possibilities that iphone 6 display is now change

  12. Rajendra Regmi says:

    u can tell when relese xl in qatar market

  13. Omar Alhariri says:

    The rear cover is removable. Under it we see the battery 3000 mAh and microSD card slot and Micro-SIM.

  14. Saddam Khanx says:

    An amazing camera tells the complete story of an smartphone and that’s why samsung is getting famous in the market

  15. Hussen Almazruai says:

    5.2 inches screen size with the 554 ppi pixel density is the advance and far more better than the apple phone, as well phone has Fingerprint sensor and it is (PayPal certified)

  16. Al Neshmi says:

    5.1inches screen size for the galaxy s7 edge and 1440x2560 pixels so the phone sizes are reduce which means more within more compact body

  17. Moon Insky says:

    However, the Samsung did say that it will focus on more low and mid-range Smartphone, following terrible sales of the Galaxy S6.

  18. Vijay Kumar says:

    with the stylus it is become more unique

  19. Ana Nour says:

    as i knew that in lg phones i can set different kind of screen locks as triple clicking and taping your phone as long as you set to get access of your phone; can i do same things and perform our secrets taks sometimes.. i am saying can we make shortcuts of any action in lg g5

  20. Samar Omran Um Arafat says:

    in september available in uae in all colors and options. Well the style variant is also looking good.