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  1. Saydi Tayeb says:

    390x312 pixels of the device and it is available in creamic back and gold case as well. what about the water resistance capabilities of thiss one

  2. Ibo Ibrahim says:

    tell me is there is NFC option on iphone? What is the use of it in Apple devices. Same as android?

  3. Hdfxsts says:

    SM-N910S is a Samsung exynos

  4. Aslam Khan says:

    The buttons are of good style and now let see would it remain the same or the Apple has some other plans for that.

  5. Nb Sufizada says:

    you have to be a little crazy to daily carry in your pocket a smartphone, but it's quite possible that when you rotate the store this stuff

  6. Nana Bhai says:

    i like therescren and the phone has gread design and all stuff is nice except two things; non removable battery and still not in all colors phone is available

  7. Hamada Zara says:

    is the latest gadget Android device from the same company fully focusing on design and glass-metal powerhouse by means of one of the stunning cameras

  8. Moh Ayhm says:

    people love Samsung so as I, not because they are famous because they continuously unveiling innovation

  9. Vivek Dhiman says:

    Camera resulr is amazing and a common user like a normal user would like it so much. The Dslr quality image would be loved by the user I think.

  10. Waleed Jamali says:

    very smart new look with impressive smooth design

  11. Akram Elyamany says:

    the last twos are not so much different actually from the front side and also compare to the thickness and dimension of the note 4 and note 5 same .. But body changes with the glass use and not cheap plastic on the new model

  12. Kumar Ralha says:

    an NFC chipset so as to make easy cell phone payments from side to side the brand Apple Pay service.

  13. Wilma Pascua Montalla says:

    It is worth mention that Samsung has now formally sent official Mobile World Congress (MWC2015) conference invitation to the media

  14. Abu Ahmed says:

    The idea happens to make small animations with a decent quality - something between previous GIF making images-, and most interesting is that we do not put it as a special feature of the iphone 6 plus

  15. Doug Woll says:

    Phablet, upper limit, smarted finally - the last with the Arab point of view, the most adequate.

  16. Qaiser Manzoor says:

    What The Price of this phone nexus 6

  17. Shabeer says:

    i am waiting

  18. Abubakar Mustafa says:

    But in terms of ease of use in this display - it's probably the best smartphone of all that I have seen

  19. Heba Farouk says:

    A perfect Pad for only those who love to see video in it and want to play games over it. If you have a stand you can put on it and can enjoy the movie with the best display.

  20. Mahafuzur Rahman says:

    how I collect this phone from Qatar.?