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  1. Ayad Aftabahmed says:

    i like this new and massive tech watch, There is nothing surprising in this, all-metal body creates problems for the radio.

  2. Radwan Al-saleh says:

    well it seems like this is enough for us and if they gonna use the same fast storage will be remarkable than

  3. Roni says:

    most attractive iPhone yet

  4. Basim Almullah says:

    it is much better than ipad 4 i m using it now

  5. Foad Milani says:

    conclusion with some of the pones like lg x cam and nexus 5x phone because iphone Se specs looks to be grateful but match to those economical devices

  6. Refaey Gadou says:

    Microsoft attaches great importance to multi-colored variants so same as the nokia is doing with the lumia phones and no big change with the Microsoft just logo is different now

  7. Md Afjal Husan says:

    I m waiting for iphone 7

  8. Mudassir says:

    best yet computerized wrist smart watch. so it is best for fitness, simply adopting many things with motorola 360 watch, emphasize the voice and good sensitive touch is good thing to include

  9. Mohamed Omayrat says:

    For some peoples it is really gorgeous, expansive display; mighty faster with really great and stunning camera pixels; standard iOS powered with amazing new updates

  10. Munwar Iqbal says:

    It is good that the gadget is not covered by non-staining and scratches (at least during the test, such problems have been identified); apparently, the body will retain elegant look druable enough.

  11. Amirwalid Chtewi says:

    the previous phone has many advantages with its nice compact size and now I think the same size but less dimensions and ligter weight. ofcourse something like iphone 6 in manner of built

  12. Mikha Eden says:

    The is wonderful but it has a small heating problem which makes it speed slow down and it also effect its performance.

  13. Zahra Kareem says:

    the result of the phone pixels is really great as i know.. v10 is amazin and great phone comes with strong beauty.

  14. Nadi Abo Meliha says:

    apple looks to be very likely to give something new to us after the launch of the new series of galaxy devices and lg phones.. Which has bit different taste but galaxy phones are just similar follow their trend

  15. Shamim Akhtar says:

    powerful smartphones decided, but I can not vibration the sensation that the Apple iPhone 6S does not, at this instant, have the "one large item" to mark individuals need to advancement from the 6

  16. PREAM says:


  17. Abdou Maghribi says:

    well the prices seems to be low than microsoft surface pro and has all the capabilities; well a nice substitute of their macbooks without any doubt

  18. Ahmad Andallah says:

    Voice memo and other like this kind of features are really good possibly i buy this within month

  19. Ali Hamish says:

    the graphics of the phone need much improvement the phone has much more space already so the ppi density need to be add