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  1. Rashpal Singh says:

    its nice phone

  2. Ali Raza says:

    Company and developers promise me that it be able to get the full weight of an mature rank on it with no issue and I knew that there is no issue with that.

  3. Mouad says:

    so the Google is yes the master. and it unveils now the world most excellent device no imperfection with the screen of the nexus

  4. Malik Khawer says:

    The leaked pictures fall right in series alongside with the leak push render from precious month. The new phone after a long period might continue the Omni balance design as before in 2013

  5. Adnan Kabbesh says:

    5.1 MP, 1080p, HDR a similar features as the iphone 6s and plus model has but more features included for the battery charging for the first time

  6. Zahraa Al says:

    On the left side, as always that located rocker volume control. However, with one difference that has picky recording modes besides the usual.

  7. Abu Yaman says:

    However, the main thing in Edge reverses the impression of the Smartphone is the edges of the device This, of course, about the rounded edges and "crawl" on the phone screen

  8. Om Amr Altaib says:

    processors approved of the newest mini version another be the best bet due to they would allow the iPhone 6C to have better specs and battery life.

  9. Mohammed Moaz says:

    . Thus, there is a A8X processor while the latter iPhone and iPhone 6 6 Plus offers only A8 processor.

  10. Hamid Seif says:

    some affected modifications and they make it quite alike the galaxy note as well by giving the ipencil, however the tablet also include smart keyboard and some advantages with the display

  11. Omar Salah says:

    It is a fine argument that lot of the users might quite have somewhat more thicker Smartphone in swap for improved battery life although this is a good thing for gaming

  12. Nishad Hassan says:

    more than 13million of the units were sold so far and now as compare to the figure of the last year it is 10million in more than 10 countries

  13. Bahaa Nwar says:

    Lacks optical image stabilization but still some how iphone 6 manage to give us nice positive result with their camera capabilities.. gnerally iphone has better camera and ofcourse phone is realiable to get hold with one hand

  14. Um Hamza says:

    Quick actions possible and no need to worry about batteyr and say good bye to heatup issues even some of the properties of their applications are enhanced and look more user friendly phone

  15. Adel Munther says:

    there is wireless charging and the phone mAh need to be more improved but 32hrs talk time still manage

  16. Nazir says:

    How can I. Get this mobile

  17. Ajaykumar says:


  18. Mustafa Faris Ibrahim says:

    important part is their screen features which they are really neglecting for a long time; now bigger-than-phone-sized meaning there is some improvements

  19. Nadem Bardan says:

    to be honest, this phone both have more good specification but they just make people and their fan fool i think.

  20. Mohamad Abdalo says:

    epic phone and the design is really elegant but why not they include more colors as included in desire family. M9 plus is available ?? Please give me the prices