Find C2305 Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Abd-al Majid says:

    it really annoys me that so far the new note is also come in market and all the things are totally change this time because the size of phablet is just 5.7 inches

  2. Hamid says:

    it has already launched.

  3. Muzafar Omer says:

    With games like Dead Trigger Asphalt 2 or 8, you get peaks between 40 and 50 FPS, and passages that hang a little more, like its direct competitors.

  4. Sherif Ahmad says:

    use of nice hardware and the best phone for multimedia the z5 will be the next best phone this year after note 5

  5. Wisam says:

    But the round screens are uncomfortable interacting with them that square. I tell you from experience, my girlfriend has a G WATCH really look good on wrist of her

  6. Biwar Ebrahim says:

    Previously facing a lot of problems all among their devices first thing is their unusual material use in Galaxy A series

  7. Ali Bouraada says:

    i think many people saying that the Apple phone is so easy to use yes it is ok and nice user inteface but i found this mobile phone pretty hard to use some times

  8. Syed Sheroz Ali says:

    I think that the smartphone should have to maintain this resolution that is 1600 x 2560 pixels. Which is quite good and bearable and can fix in your pocket.

  9. Badr says:

    I want to buy Sony Xperia z Pink, please share reviews….

  10. Badawy Superlawyer says:

    At least, the striking differences I have not seen in this phone, the display on the screen is just got bigger.

  11. Syed Irfanul Alam says:

    with all the same enorgonomics you can find economicaln devices also

  12. Yaseen says:

    Amazing and awesome,,, Thats why i always recommended this ;)

  13. Ebrahim Elsaid says:

    moving data from old galaxy note to new one is still something hard because there is no cardslot either and option like icloud by Google

  14. Nazly Hamid Hassan says:

    This phone is packed to capacity with high-quality components - in particular, a quad-core Snapdragon

  15. Niamatullah Hamdard says:

    in the same z5 device they are offering different experiences also different screen sizes and dimensions. But the 4K technology is same in all the phones not any differnce in any z5 device

  16. Bari says:

    I need HP slate 6 voice tab screen

  17. Malik Sajjad says:

    the device is very niche and clearly not for everyone. Especially not for those who are coming to buy consciously long weighing the pros and cons, or tries to choose the best

  18. Ramadan Youssef says:

    in terms of speed they do really good and brilliant right now.. Galaxy s7 mini will be an impressive small leader in the market with the same camera

  19. Moha Gentle says:

    Their set is like the iphone 5/ 5s/ 5c, yet the area and shape - distinctive. So this watch successful with all smartphones by Apple??

  20. Ahmed Damarani says:

    for some users but certainly very colorful phone with little bit hard handling with single hand because of such thickness