Find C2305 Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Atti Bhatti says:

    As LG G2, the latest flagship is fully devoid of buttons on the front panel, as well as the ends.

  2. Zafarkhan Pasban says:

    The proper version of the device and also the edge model is best and cool factores included inside the phone

  3. Alshebani Abdul says:

    Tell me can Motorola will repair the Moto G in its approved centers or directly in Store (shipment by post is also available).

  4. Usama says:

    I want to buy Z3 in a store (not from a website). What are the main stores in abudhabi or dubai?

  5. Mohamed Meho Zada says:

    is there is any news about this phone is it is ok phone or not?? What about the battery performance is it is like galaxy s6

  6. Chauhan says:

    The phone's least storage space will also be getting an enhancement, initial at 32GB (double that of whats presently obtainable for the Z3s base model).

  7. Gammal Abozaed says:

    any special offer for this mobile phone i am in searching of it

  8. Abdullah Aliyousuf says:

    New A9 chipset is a beast for everyone right now because of low cores or even just got new names like exynos- there is no other way to put iphone 6s plus on a low end and bulky phones.

  9. Saher Mobasher says:

    i not thing that is most amazing thing to just give phone force tech and popul features which is not something relevant to the hardware boast up. however really efferct user interface to quickly access and make visible many things without interup many things

  10. Ahmed Abdelgawad says:

    not comparable to the Apple devices because has compatible with the new gear s2 and also apple watch

  11. Pranay Rao says:

    One thing i dont understand about the samsung is why they always put 13Mega Pixels primary camera with support of 5MP front shooter ???

  12. Mona Karam says:

    what about Water resistant is this nexus phone is water proof and available in how many vivid colors this phone is in markets

  13. Bhagat Sachin says:

    I like its design and it is a slim smartphone when I hold it a grip automatically come to my hand and that is just because of the amazing design

  14. Hanef says:

    Samsung b5702

  15. Mubarak Musa says:

    they now jump to the new iOS but the camera remain similar why not they are improving the pixels.

  16. Mohamed Saad Radwan says:

    There are two models coming soon with the two different processor and chipset as seen in the specs of the s6 phone; one is Cortex-A53 and the other is Cortex-A57

  17. Anissa Al says:

    you can save your battery life on the samsung galaxy s6 after root your device you can find different applications that is capable to stop those unwanted application in general responsible to low down the life of your android devices

  18. Beghdadi Jamal says:

    my choice is the alpha in silver color

  19. Kawa Ahmad says:

    with 423ppi and the screen size is the 5.2 inches as compare to the new xperia z3 plus is the same but there is lot more new and looking more good

  20. Zinar Doski says:

    This is really a powerful tool and the Korean phones has that powerful functionalities since last 5 years and hold the best s pen features but now the Apple pencil also take in its part with beautiful writing and handling