Find C2005 Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Akram Elyamany says:

    the last twos are not so much different actually from the front side and also compare to the thickness and dimension of the note 4 and note 5 same .. But body changes with the glass use and not cheap plastic on the new model

  2. Tarek Mahmood says:

    The major features as define above the of the Note line up might hurt for a bit with 6 Plus iPhone as Apple give OIS to the list of camera features and more with the same 8MP camera pixels.

  3. Hosam Abo Shmmala says:

    The real problem was that the Nexus was a group of users who cared more round to find a product that integrates this experience with a sheet of shiny components

  4. Wafa Elhejazi says:

    if this phone is much thick then sony phones and included water resistance than it is just an awesome

  5. Allwyn says:

    Hi what is best price for Nokia 6310i in golden colour,

  6. Ahmed A. Rifai says:

    the prev model surprise me

  7. Mohammed Samy Elgendy says:

    I know that phone contains the similar display size which is best size for comfortably handling, native resolution (1334 x 750 pixels) and same home button and some finger print features may be more enhanced

  8. Saleh Altorkmany says:

    price in uae of the phone?

  9. Souad Kezadri says:

    If you love LG Smartrphone's because of there big size and interact display now the best phone for you is the Note Edge. Alpha like body design is missing but may be in S6 Edge model this all is included.

  10. Gangiwan Daud says:

    galaxy s6 active which carrier available for dubai? two model i found on their official page available in White, Gray

  11. Tamars Farahteh says:

    An update to Android 5.0 Lollipop on this phone but still low resolution

  12. Naveed Hasan Alvi says:

    Let talk about the RAM which is working so fast in it and that the main reason I bought this smartphone for me. Have you ever noticed that this smartphone has a high demand in the market.

  13. Nahyan says:

    it is not mega pixel but ultra Pixel as well ... The quality of a picture >4 Mega Pixel with Ultra-pixel....

  14. Aboud Aboud says:

    I expected a net improvement in almost all circumstances, however I must admit that in bright sunlight you do not notice a big change from the iPhone 5s.

  15. Ahmed Mohamed says:

    i thing tere is not a big problem because no one capable to put inside by mistake the pen :) both sides top and the bottom of the pen is equal in size and dimensions and there is no issue by putting it wrong

  16. Razan Shaar says:

    and actually they going to make few of the functions work really fine and even more faster and freindly as their new force functions

  17. Matthew Nusca says:

    I was uncertain to purchase this at first since so many people described the Smartphone injured or was unable to get along with som carriers which is not easily available after the official launch in the market online.

  18. Shakeel Muhammad says:

    iOS is upgradable to the 8.1.3 come after it and is the most advanced yet platform... the RAM is must be 4GB as Note but why Apple not addon RAM

  19. Ehsan Malkawi says:

    sleekest stylus packs but it is not something new that is main reason they not highlighted such things now too much. Previous jumbo versions of the note phones is now getting bit compact for us

  20. Abbas says:

    It is almost completely copied from the popular and much-touted smartphone Galaxy grand 2: characteristic oval body, similar forms of controls and individual parts appearance