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  1. Mahbubur Rahman says:

    Phablet is really a bad word they are using because for now I seen that more than 6.8 inches mobile phone is coming… it is a kind of tablet actually is a tablet

  2. Saleh Salman says:

    it is too large and as making comparison to other brands like Sony .. Lumia 925 is quite enormous

  3. Mohammad Deeb says:

    I m so happy to see this kind of phone made by them now. As world is waiting for this kind of device but Android is Android

  4. Maha Zidan says:

    4.7 inches screen size is a nice diagonal and weight is just 0.28 pounds or might be bit more with the case but really nice thickness of the new iphone

  5. Sam Gr says:

    fatter designs on the note 5 where there would also be room for larger batteries dominated by the glass that was already featured in previous devices and the galaxy s6

  6. Mahmoud Ehab says:

    i want this phone battery where i can buy it online?? do you have xperia z5 battery?

  7. Hamza Merzah says:

    With twice the number of frames the slow motion is slower, amplifying its spectacular effect, while maintaining a maximum resolution of 720p.

  8. Tariq Abukama says:

    all colors that lg offering for g3 are very unique looking and perfect

  9. Mustafa Alaasem says:

    4 features are more good and bettwer: Action memo that is my fab , which launch all smart type of post-it, Capture

  10. Rishikesh Gupta says:

    balance configuration found in this new coming fagship... expected not very very high prices want a cheap phone also like iphone 5c.. some irrational ingredients inside! i know

  11. Desha says:

    it was good camera Smartphone in android mobiles

  12. RT Renthlei says:

    I like its camera which is showing some good quality of results and it also has a fast processing so It never hang

  13. Wasem says:

    i think lg v10 is far more better and greater

  14. Golam Afg says:

    New inherit entire the characteristics of the housing Samsung phones the back rear side is just made of glossy plastic and is very comfortable to get dirty, even in support of clean hands

  15. Ahmad Owais says:

    performance is ok with this phone... but application having still some problems i just say to u good luck

  16. Anas Wally says:

    using Nokia's design tell me is there is latest USB 3.0

  17. Basem Abo Gabl says:

    this is good news about the new innovation we seen with the sensors and the connectivity of the new iphone 7 got many advacnments

  18. Ahmed Zuhair says:

    things I love about their phone is previously the display but now even with the quality design they built up a premium one. is more useful than ever with nice camera upgrade features on the galaxy s6 and s7 overall

  19. Abdul Lateef says:

    really that is the best feature to focus on particlular subject and all the background become blury.. so that give picture a perfect view

  20. Rajput says:

    HTC One M8 CDMA price??? and what is the difference in CDMA version???