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  1. Nafsi Maqbool says:

    No it do not agreed to you sir, you can find best uniqueness and value from the Apple new iPhones that you would not feel with any other

  2. Ramadan Amamra says:

    yes you are saying right a much better than many of its competitors with 130,000 pixel camera use. Dual LED flash,

  3. Kodali Dinesh says:

    6s plus has larger screen and it is not necessary to have always such high resolution as samsung- and you have the iPhone 5S, the point in buying, in my opinion.

  4. Yahya Yuseff says:

    do not miss the fantasy of this phone. best google os inside to web, watching movies, and listening to music. Also less charging needed for nexus 6

  5. David Hloušek says:

    Hi, need a help. I've got iPhone 5s for 5 months and i have a problem. When i am calling to someone, i barely hear them... Volume on max, no foil. Any advice?

  6. Hussein Omar says:

    MultiROM as well does’nt work by means of data encryption – for the clear cause that many of the user might the majority probable be altering from one ROM to one more on a usual basis.

  7. Bilal Janjua says:

    The only difference is that in a number of modes of the speed of the camera and its quality is worse - for example, when shooting at night everything is noticeably slower to take pictures worse.

  8. Eman N. Al-Tarifi says:

    It turned out there somewhere. In addition to the index PPI, which is here and so a record - 557, Samsung is experimenting with a backlit display.

  9. Anas Wally says:

    please tell me how can I update to lollipop 5.0 is this is possible for note3 now??

  10. Ramiro Melendez says:

    a true glass on the rear side of the phone well other than that the polishing and color combination make it look elegant in hands than other phones using the same corning glass

  11. Khalil Saad says:

    the best sapphire display on the screen of this.. that is wide now.. and touch screen is more improved and give a good control with nails.. as is saw in a video review of this Apple smartwatch

  12. Ayush Kumar says:

    The camera result is really not good and I think this phone is not for a power user it is for a normal user.

  13. Farooq says:

    partially metal design make this device unique but not his only the thing that attract peoples.. I mean that what if I say nexus 6 upcoming phone is more looking good…

  14. Laura Jesus says:

    i impressed with such new technology as they are using under Dh3,000 is bit high cost but

  15. Sohail Mughal says:

    Now the phone is on the left of the earpiece, and above it - light sensor and proximity.

  16. Mahmoud Emhmed Essid says:

    option here might well arrived and the prices may be down in future, to paying more for the new innovation and the extra ordinary looking goode with stunning cutting-edge shape, or put that additional money towards step-up S6 models

  17. Bryan Adams Brahma says:

    I was wondering that if I could got a smartphone having a S Pen stylus. I love to use this kinds of smarphone I don’t know that why but I like it.

  18. Tareq Kali says:

    does not make sense massively screen pixels if there is small screen diagonal on the device

  19. Mahbul Alam says:

    Lg Optimus L5 Ii Dual E455

  20. Syed Danish says:

    they do not cause as much interest as receiving fresh design model even years with a new serial number.