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  1. Shukri Mzory says:

    next version more quickly after the release of lg g4 and now they are using the top screen with addtional features as giving to the lg v10 and now update available for android marshmallow for lg v10 phone

  2. Marwa Kamal says:

    i like the style of the Grand 2.. look alike a note and as well pretty much the similar... but prices are really impressive that Samsung fixed for this phone...a good value for ur money

  3. Osama Mohamed says:

    Some of the really nice working application with the new 4K video feature you can do a lot of things without a doubt shortcuts menu to save you clicks is in that phone a new thing

  4. Mona Ahmed says:

    If you choose the most brightest mode on the ONEPLUS ONE Smartphone it warm and colors might be triumph, I for myself use all through their OPPO the standard mode.

  5. Hussain Deedar says:

    so now microsoft making effort now keep alive the name of lumia.? but why not microsoft making its own stylish phone that has totally different features than Nokia and supports 2K display and more

  6. Shukri Mzory says:

    not the big iphone 6s plus impress me at all because it is big and enorgonomics are too low than others

  7. Noman says:

    So we will not repeat them and go straight to talking about competitors of sont.. there are too many in markets.. but for clarity, we present a list of characteristics of xperia z2 like phones

  8. Zuleikha Khalel says:

    tell me some major things in iphone6. Form-factor and display i knew there is new updation with this. and all time is this because each and every brand when update their model definitely enhance the display and now as well the screen size of the phone

  9. Rufi Ahmad says:

    many wearables right now in the market are available with pretty prices; i like the pebble watches it is economical but not that comfortable because apple comes with best quality and UI. Definately many things you can do with your Apple Smartwatches

  10. Oubiadi Sidi Mohamed says:

    how to show all the notifications in mobile data recently buy iphone 6 and now have this issue I am facing anyone has any obstacle for this one? Previousluy using android phone and not facing such issues in galaxy s5

  11. Omar Abo Alhassan says:

    It should be about time for a complete review for this lte advance version of G3

  12. Mahmoud Ahmed says:

    What seems clear is that Samsung has seen fit the bet was clear as to the protrusion: the camera sensor is protected by a glass

  13. Ahmed Almalky says:

    which has a better camera, more long-lived battery, infrared port, a slot for memory expansion via microSD, etc.

  14. Marwa Karim says:

    the best android phone? For sure yest it is because of really amazing water proofing and good display.. Not even apple has it all on such built

  15. Gerges Taher says:

    Well the built qualities under line is practically equal to Nexus 4, despite integrate a 4.95 inch screen, ie, 0.25 inches longer than its predecessor but now everything bit changes.

  16. Firdaus says:

    a remarkable smartphone that runs good os support to andorid windows both and unique with its big screen hd display.with a powerful chipset as well

  17. Latifi Kalidou says:

    what a nice way to include 14MP high end camera with the perfect LTE advance and big size phone

  18. Ashraf Abdullah says:

    It is a different time clock that as well enables the user to take full advantage of the full ecosystem of Apple

  19. Kamaran Ahmad says:

    While we saw few of the new benefit to the flex diff style now, the unwieldly size an if you make it flat you found it big.

  20. Ayman Sadek says:

    is there is as well galaxy s6 edge plus coming and what about the note 5??