Find BLUBOO Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Moaz S Hussien says:

    a brilliant step after the launch of last year iphone 6 which we expected to be launch with the similar screen and diagonal sizes with the good dimensions actually

  2. Qb Butt says:

    In addition, the LG G3 has a handy system unlock screen - double tap of the surface of the display.

  3. Hager Elgazzar says:

    There are high look onward to as healthy for a camera that carry by the present 8mp spot and move toward DSLR quality

  4. Jaweid says:

    neo version of the s5 looks cheap one with minimum specs

  5. Eleonora De Cristofaro says:

    Versus the s6 edge I think there is nothing much impressive

  6. Sachin Shukla says:

    Really blackberry Z10 is very nice looking with attractive features in affordable price....

  7. Saddamm Alsaadi says:

    how can i update my Android because it is showing now new updates still what can i do or i have not enough memory?

  8. Nahera says:

    But that camera though... as compare to its previous competitors lumia 1020 and more phones release after this phone... however still a good phone

  9. Haider Abdi says:

    16 megapixels od amazing camera is ready to show you some amazing kind of stuff and yo would be loving it so much as you are having a smartphone that is stylish and having a wonderful camera.

  10. Gihan Lammara says:

    Intelligently they again make another best step with the latest upgrade with their platform. real world performance is now more improved

  11. David Balech says:

    Code is LG is a major killer feature, which is translated in Chinese as "tapping decoding."

  12. Fareeda Ibrahum says:

    watchOS 3 will be Customize more some of the things on the apple watch.

  13. Hamada Pop says:

    An Eye Scanner is for the future but sure serious improvements to get access of the phone and more secure NFC mobile payments through this future

  14. Alsayed Abo Saif says:

    microsoft using same wp 8.1 that is really appreciatable but front facing camera is to low

  15. Raouf says:

    Super-efficient M9 motion coprocessor by apple is capable of many things and has ?tness tracking capabilities also

  16. Ziad Da Esmy says:

    yes I am too searching for this mobile phone accessory in UAE

  17. Sadeka Halim says:

    coming in october this month and the prices seems to be low. different from other devices but give same handling as nexus 6 featuring

  18. Ahmed Yassin says:

    Even that this the most amazing note design ever, that phone is for every kind of people either the use phone aggressively or professionally or roughly; in all kinds it is always ready to perform even best.

  19. Anyta Israr says:

    As for the time of work, cost-effective processor and battery to 1905 mAh provide 1-1.5 days of stable operation at medium loads.

  20. Sarah M says:

    so the hd display as always this phone got but all the time they not able to make the sell figure like Apple