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  1. Mustafa Husin says:

    The iPhone 6 – Image digit Image stabilization is not well as compare to sony z3 still need much more work.

  2. Mamd Das says:

    specific elements and update features for the galaxy s6; awar winning phones and capabilities but design in hands is still not able to give feel like apple phones does

  3. Sirin Massri says:

    alike fashionable devices so that is the best one you should try

  4. Marium says:

    Samsung galaxy note 6 is the best to work freely which is not available in other smartphones. i can draw and create everything on it.

  5. Wad Samawi says:

    Important gadget for many of 2014 and definitely in 2015 there are more phones coming.

  6. Qadir says:

    past i check orignal model iphone 5,... and not find anything useful and more improved like sony and samsung . but after 5s it is a successful phone that is continue to support lte and other connectivity options

  7. Adeel Bukhari says:

    The back side of the smartphone has a glass and according to the samsung it is scratch free, the phone is water resistance and dust proof.

  8. Seraj Almzeeny says:

    this is a good prices for the 32gb vairation of the note 4 gold… but for 3G and what about the LTE edition… can the prices for this are different and too much costly..?

  9. Ehsan Gaznavi says:

    which is the model of the given image on your default page of this watch.. I not see anywhere that and I really like it.. Suggest me the name of the model

  10. Abbud says:

    I think that the smartphone will become the life of the HTC user as it has so much to explore and so much to do.

  11. Naveed says:

    It's very nice handset we have burning desire for 1020

  12. Moser Shmsh says:

    is this is compact version of g3 ?? so also its prices are not set to be much high

  13. Agila says:

    things that confirmed right now about the phone is that this phone has big sizes and also metallic home key on the phone well not sure if their is any touch button or not i the iphone 7

  14. Mimi says:

    if you open any application, it becomes half, and goes into sleep mode, with any message that you put before

  15. Baghi Asghar says:

    now dell is also making this kind of tablet is see review and design is very alike mini 3 ipad

  16. Hamza Alahle says:

    PPI and brightness for their mobile phones are so much high; the more resolutions are and also punchy colours for the note 5 than.

  17. Akilah says:

    the size of the display device is identical to the many phones.. . but the battery make this phone worst..

  18. Roshin Rajan says:

    i need nokia 7280, am stay in oman. if u can please arrenge this deal.

  19. Ayham Kabani says:

    motorola was the first one to make wooden casin and that is very well with the design and not feel heat up issues on these phone.. I like galaxy phones and want same wooden housing on its back

  20. Nuha Mujahed says:

    Samsung is very much consern about the gamers and thats why they have to show you a Smartphone having higher power efficient graphics Adreno 430.