Find BLU Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Ali Fadi says:

    Apple resolve as well enhance more Smartwatch faces time after time, counting with some of that can improve modified images or their albums for photos well this is the new thing for the smart watch.

  2. Adel Elshaer says:

    Below I propose a photo taken during the day and if you click you can download in its original size (8MP).

  3. Sreyleak Chum says:

    it still feels like plastic but more attractive with their textures new. a unique modular design of the samsung s7 All Metal Design With Zero

  4. Ahmed Alle says:

    Better Display with Less Bezels that is what everybody is expecting from the next galaxy device. well this is perfect time to make phone little curve that give good feel and viewing experience

  5. Barakah says:

    in purpl,e collor 64 gb i want this one... where can i get the actual prices in dubai for this hardware?? please tell me extremely want this info before buying from shop

  6. Shiraz Abbas says:

    the new options to save battery will be updated on mobile phones with the iOS 9; tell me about the watch os is the battery saving mode option is updated?

  7. Soufien says:

    Best phone coming soon in the markets now, tell exp. Oppo Find 7 price Dubai??

  8. Hisham Anwer says:

    always the metallic design make it look different in hands but the glass use on both sides front and rear going to make it look elegant

  9. Ga Mahinay says:

    Under the cover of new phone applicable more powerful battery capacity of 1810 mAh (data site iFixit), 6 Plus - more looking nice 2915mAh.

  10. Samir Ahmad says:

    so after the success of the oneplus one this is so required thing to make this phone more powerful and screen more perfect

  11. Abu Daood says:

    i want to buy Galaxy Grand 2 .. but i do not have my range to get it :(

  12. Qasim Alessa says:

    say the default camera apps work same with the phablet but the camera performance is low and the little blury images as compare to the galaxy s7 samsung phone

  13. Marwan Abd Almalk says:

    the main thing is that there is many more like this is come but there is no one to compete with the high price and high end specification with the camera as well.. Now lg g4 looks great as well

  14. Osama Muaddi says:

    version is comparable to the huawei most high end phone right now after the mates series but still many things required to enhanced for their future nexus huawei family

  15. DbstnLibya Libya says:

    jit is a nice phone but there is need to be more cheap price

  16. Ace Mechanic says:

    they finally make the innovative phone with totally new fresh design.. i like it

  17. Atef Ibrahim says:

    not like the last one which has many issues

  18. Kefah Musalah says:

    so you just got impressed with the NFC... and the other side Google Pay is offering all same with the nexus ... so both are in competition

  19. Rachid Tour says:

    The curvy feeling is more like the flip flop Smartphone as we take a look on the oldest devices, and is supposed to picked up even more of the voice of the individual persons even though I did not become aware of phone calls

  20. Mohammed Al-ashqar says:

    power and yes nice battery life but not like note 4 as expecting