Find BLU Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Sameer Mousa says:

    i think its cost is very high

  2. Kausar Karim says:

    Design is just owesome and those who have one would be so happy as there is so many thing by which you can make your self enjoy and can make yourself charge up for long.

  3. Souad Joueidi says:

    edges are all time best make it to look more elegant... however BSI Front Camera that is 8mega pixel is the best feature include in p7

  4. Abdod Deab says:

    The choice of materials is still right: anodized aluminum, stainless steel and glass. And even the built design is little obvious but crucial details to the experience are the curved edges of the glass screen on iphone 6s

  5. Alhoria Yahya says:

    this is especially launch in uae and the prices are very pretty. replace your laptop yes. it has all the capabilities of laptop and new display is look fine.

  6. Yemen Saran says:

    the sleek design.The phone is made by Apple and apple make all phone in a same way first ... make phone more slim, and resolution and also make phone good in performance

  7. Younis Alkasbi says:

    for graphics i not even like iphones.. because it is very expensive and not good high resolution as samsung note and sony xperia phones have... you can find many of other good phones in market with such resolution os where is the innovation. with the camera?? samsung s5 is offering same panorama and burst mode with 16 MP

  8. Mark Darrylle says:

    I want to buy this phone.Kyocera Brigadier .how much it will cost ? thank you

  9. Zeinab Alamen says:

    As for the Super AMOLED that is the best display to the high end phone screen, which is characterized by colorful, so to see pictures and video will become more vivid.

  10. Karim Achrak says:

    rumors talking about now for the 3d render remind us apple smartphone and also next lg g5 has metallic full body frame and reduce the edges to give it round edges

  11. Dual Simmmi says:

    I need Dual Sim!!!

  12. Boughanmi Ziyadn says:

    Scratch-resistant glass, oleophobic coating these are some good features for protection of your ipad air 2

  13. Fazal Wajid says:

    i,need nokia 6131

  14. Osman says:

    too late but it is better step to make moto g lte version.. great phone all new improvements are useful in moto g

  15. Mahmoud Eldoktor says:

    In Blackberry 10 in the present state for the equal brand such no chance. - is not the first and last product I think like this.

  16. Muhammad Usman Ghani says:

    i want to buy htc desire 816 8gb 4G how i can buy here in saudi arabia.......

  17. Joma Mohammed says:

    what about express 2 Chipset and its GPU??? and when it is available in Qatar???

  18. Abu Muhannad says:

    I think 5.2 inches of display is enough and good for a normal person because if you have a big display phone you'd be facing problem in handling it.

  19. Narayan says:

    All other specs are good, even though this is not a good buy, but yes the high resolution HD make sure you will get crisper.

  20. Ahmed Null says:

    i have now the brand new factory unlocked iphon 5s, 5c and 5. we still have now the iphone 4s for our buyer who is still willing to purchase the iphone 4s. Samsung Galaxy s4 is still on sale and now in a new international pack and make samsung life more easiler pls inbox me if interested or email