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  1. Abdulhameed Murshed says:

    Edge is one of the first devices from Samsung, who will receive an update to Android 5.0.

  2. Taha Lotfi says:

    big update after the galaxy s after some struggle with the design change in the galaxy a family actually which is finally come to reality with the galaxy note 5 and also used in the edge phones.well now the expectations with the other new galaxy s7 update to be pack alloy body and changes many factories

  3. Zafar Ali says:

    this Smartphone set up perfect value and has demand as like iphone now because after note 3 in 2013

  4. Haq Nawaz says:

    What price of Hisense x1 mobile

  5. Nacer Gon says:

    Costs at Least $255 to Build so it means their is a best match of the rates of this phone

  6. Vitor Dias says:

    ola boa terde queria saber se existe este telemovel para colocar 2 cartoes de operadoras diferente no mesmo atentamente vitor dias

  7. Wael Ahmed Alharazy says:

    There is as well a bit of settings like Panorama and (HDR) working so well and yes the mode is comparable to the iPhone as well as the option to record HD video and best frame

  8. Ikbel Ikbel says:

    For the nearly everyone part Koreans popular brand has let these pattern and all the material as well improvements as like the iPhone 5s kind of material but the iPhone 6 is different.

  9. Fahad Kohari says:

    Hi, Just wanted to know when Motorola Moto G2 - dual sim 16GB will be available for sales on your website.

  10. Mustafa Butt says:

    I consider the work of the Smartphone in this manner in anticipation of the evening - a good indicator.

  11. Ahmad Alkatabi says:

    nice writing with the new one but because of less size of the screen this time hard to write lot more

  12. Bayan Xanqa says:

    there is no performance issue on the nexus phone but some issues with the camera because some features is not now after year working as at start

  13. Ron Fuller says:

    no comprise with the deign dimensions this time it is slim and the scratch proof

  14. Amina Story says:

    galaxy s6 is very very fast and not they downgrade anything at all it is a productive phone with some great technology on it that I love.

  15. Jumanalam says:

    I nid this mobile phone

  16. Mohammed Ishaque Shaikh says:

    Dear,I Want To Know Price Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 Neo Wrist Watches In Ksa And When I Will Get Because I Am Working In Rabigh.

  17. Hobhob Tarek says:

    As enabling the 3d apps and other like this with the heavy games the phones all has some issues especially the Xperia phones have never capability like Note 4

  18. Bawki Nigar says:

    Except for the diagonal screen that is 5.5 inches which is more big a phablet size alike the note phones and is include RAM but still note 5 is more remarkable

  19. Asmar Ali says:

    apple give new life to their phones by include retina. however contrast with the display according to some of the test of the display density is 326ppi

  20. Amarali says:

    you can shoot best with the galaxy s7 camera it is really brilliant phone and i appreciate the developers for that.