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  1. Fateh Ali says:

    while iPhone 6 also supports the iPad's cross-screen display, and keyboard adds Cut Copy and Paste buttons. that is really a cool tech use for smartphone. really a latest gen phone is this

  2. Saiful says:

    i want this one 0553697478

  3. Nechirvan Dosky says:

    M7 coprocessor has nice features; may be the iSight camera with the new operating system updates work even more better

  4. Elmasry Adel says:

    I remember that previously also nexus 7 comes in the markets well it is not have this kind of spec and hardware that this phone has

  5. Moly Eshtewi says:

    An extra period has been packed completely for Metal devices that has 3 times more opponent than usual on the latest game Asphalt 2015

  6. Aybek Eslam says:

    As Apple classically performs with the s Apple Smartphone, it has hit up the in-house but absent the outside design on your own.

  7. Maricel De Leon Sanque says:

    All the abilities get together by them and as they claim it is faster than before in all kinds. On the other hand, the feeling is precious by iOS 8, which is not totally smooth working yet but will be in future as I knew, and the WLAN failure and shorter battery run time has issue.

  8. Ali Kirkuk says:

    still want to see few of the more surprises actually the display panel functions a truly interesting things want to see in the next

  9. Wissam Al Bable says:

    but not this phone is much better for filming.. However time lapse resolution is bit high but the battery usage increases because of it so far.. Please do something

  10. Magdy Ead Almas says:

    Design matters in the material itself and gives value to utilize the most appropriate.In latest phone the plastic under limited to density, mechanical strength never

  11. Mohammad Shouehne says:

    is this is cheapest one? not i say it has the same prices as samsung phones

  12. Amjad Nahma says:

    lg g5 design is slightly looking similar but redmi phone is been more bigger in size. processing package is also really good for the note 2 Redmi phone

  13. Nasem says:

    One of the main differences between the device from its predecessors is the graphic really impressive

  14. Mehmet Kisacik says:

    have some issues of heatup because of gaming on the device as well as many other has the same issue right now.. but apple iphone 6 is fast enoguh for doing multitasking

  15. Mushtaq Alattafy says:

    On paper, it immediately catches the eye, but in practice it turns out that with the exception of really sharper pictures on QHD-screens

  16. Kiyoshi Rizana says:

    major pain points of the user of the Smartphone is to du some multi taskinng and even play as possible high games containing high graphics if your phone is such expensive.

  17. Binu Binu P R says:

    now cheaper thanks for giving the best prices; i like there industrial design and the new phones got OIS stabilization and full hd resolution. Landscape mode is also i think improved with the new iOS

  18. Moncef Rebai says:

    super shinny glass finishing is nor comparable to any other Galaxy device even you can not compare it to new launch nexus 6 which is the huge phone

  19. Nadia Almhdawy says:

    5.5 is the size use by others before year and now they are start using that may be in future they use a size like nexus 6

  20. Salem AlKmati says:

    pre-orders have been ship by both Apple and delivery service such as Verizon and T-Mobile available after some time with good cost and free shipment. Most Smartphone are listed for suddenly delivery after that Thursday, sense that clients be supposed to start in receipt of their innovative iPhones