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  1. Anas Khader says:

    It is thin, Large, high-quality screen size of nexus 9

  2. Hadja Janan says:

    So I feel something similar to the iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone standard version when I see both these models because both has similar kind of body but bit difference.. well configuration of iPhones are bit similar just they increased the size of the Plus one.. But Koreans not just take a new step they amazed every one by the maximum level features

  3. Suzan Muheaden says:

    as well as it has a new feature named Live Photos, which records a short video up to 1.5 seconds before the picture is taken + 1.5 seconds afterwards. Nexus 5 has also 12 MP rear and 5MP front facing camera.

  4. Alaa Jrad says:

    the released date of this HTC mobile phone is too late now as the other rivals are now available in markets and consumer taste them

  5. Yasir says:

    best nxt generation phone by blackberry... but hope bb make more big screen phone and as well make blackberry tablet like z3 smartphone features...

  6. Amanda Faraj Mina says:

    The front side of the Smartphone seems as though it has been shoehorned into the back side, the advantage life form that HTC has been clever to do gone with the thinnest plastic edge among the screen and the frame.

  7. Ho Ny says:

    For Samsung is generally scanty price on the phone, they sometimes state employees on 700AED dirhams

  8. Eslam Hamdy says:

    Talk about the battery so this is not too much powerful and durable just 1810 non removable which looks not pretty a good feature with this high end performing device…

  9. Malk Alroh says:

    this phone got all the 4G connectivity, 5 inches diagonal size is good and with single hand possible to give you great grip, and mid night camera result is OK

  10. Abu Ali Alhchami says:

    OIS is just perfect and offering some of the brilliant features at all. S7 has nice battery, nice package with the storage now

  11. Vikash says:

    qatar price today

  12. Ali Gazi says:

    IPX7 rate for their watch is good? what about the solidability of the apple watch and their strap material. is the screen is same splash proof as their iphone

  13. Smr Saad says:

    Smartphone Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime is quite adequate among the most higher features than a device, which the company has high hopes.

  14. Mohammad AL Raee says:

    absolutely not they are giving more ram amount to note 6 and galaxy s7 next phone as well as they are not going to increase the display much more because this is time to give it a quality

  15. Zahr Adeeb says:

    920 AED is perfect prices set for this phone. Go for HTC Desire 610 !!!

  16. Khaled Sulaiman says:

    not the ugly design this time because it is slim and simply some modifications on the edges of both new s7 models. Specially this time more features included on the galaxy s7 edge phone with more great battery.. Not sure if edge has cardslot or only galaxy s7 packs such features

  17. Faisal Rathore says:

    ok with the little fancy look they are offering in the s series. They must include the battery removable option on their phones

  18. Sara Umair says:

    I just don’t like the front camera as it is not providing the quality stuff. It is showing only the stuff which is very bad to have in a smartphone.

  19. Babekir Adam says:

    is these phones are unlocked? and what is the model number of this smartphone please give more details regarding thsi nexus 6p phones

  20. Abd Elaziz Saleh says:

    well many now just copying there design as like before see the galaxy s6 and new lenovo and huawei phones comes up with totally same backside