Find Blackview Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Aleena Naeem says:

    This phone is only for the normal user not for the multi user..

  2. Samir Ben says:

    many says when this phone coming... that it is just costly... but just check its performance innovative camera, plastic body design is also make this phone smooth

  3. Jojo says:

    I need 5s 16GB in qatar

  4. Mahmoud Hussen says:

    the more in size and more prices but the beautiful functionalists as i find in the new devices with the 3D touch

  5. Omair Naseer says:

    well check out some things that i very far search and found about this phone.. that samsung include new in this include... finger prict sensor on note edge, and hear rate monitor and more features like 2x s pen is now same as note 4 is packed with also you can make more good and quick multi tasking with note edge as compare to note 4.

  6. Abdul Azim says:

    all the best qualities of the previous phone are much improved in this one..material similar to that used in the Galaxy Note 2 previously a powerful chip, each core is more better

  7. Sadeq Mahmoud says:

    Not amazingly, the A9 is earlier than the previous-gen A8 chipset and the A8x (up to 70 to 90% earlier, depending on what they are doing on the new gadgets).

  8. Javed says:

    Sir I want to by instalment Lg g3 gold So I don't have any dabit or credit card then how can I will by this mach charged for instalment pleas inform me in mail

  9. Salam Khalil says:

    A huge amount of copies has been sold out of this amazing smartphone. LG got a new name in the market just because of this p[articular smartphone.

  10. Alaa Bani says:

    and it will be a great deal if the prices are under 600AED or something close to this price tag

  11. Ava Roj Ciwan says:

    The camera result is really very good according to the people who have this phone. The phone is also very good in looks and design,.

  12. Salem says:

    I am using flash android package (APK) in stock browser on my Galaxy S3 ...

  13. Hind Khalil says:

    Pressure-Sensitive Drawing I just use this feature drawing and sketches are nice through it

  14. Khaled Bennaoui says:

    I do not deny that for some time I had the urge to press on top, but I assure you that there is get used to it quickly.

  15. Gajodhar Singh says:

    Waiting to see some good work by the LG and LG has to come up with some unique stuff so that it can capture the maket.

  16. Muhammed Faizal AR says:

    I need to buy a Nokia 808 pureView maroon color phone. Pls. let me know where i can get it in Qatar?

  17. Omar Rababaah says:

    8 MP secondary camera well is the same features as the galaxy s6 has with the front facing camera with the facing detection

  18. Tarek Sobhy says:

    512 Pixels needed on the phone with such screen size and the resolution and ofcourse the RAM should be increase

  19. Mostafa Waleed says:

    iOS 9 flagship banner which really looks decent and beautiful, it is really overflowing with the modest ergonomics

  20. Amit Gajmer says:

    Price of lumia 1030