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  1. Ali Museer says:

    stunning design of this smartphone i like n3 opo

  2. Fariah Fahad says:

    Android is a wonderful smartphone OS producer and it has done some great amont of work in the smartphone OS field and if you are a user so you might have noticed all that things in this smartphone.

  3. Aishwariya Pranit says:

    the prices of the xperia e4 uae are cheap like the before e seires smartphones or might be the high expensive rates

  4. Farah Ikhalaq says:

    Wow this is some thing great from Apple. I love to buy this cheap phone. I am always thinking to buy phone of iPhone but always it's quite expensive and not affordable for me.. Thanks Apple :D

  5. Tareq Sabha says:

    The front-facing snapper need to be 8-megapixels because every thing got change except front camera units

  6. Ahir Manish says:

    Hiiii super mobil

  7. Mohamed Atif says:

    note the best economical phone infact motorola e series will be more high end. ensures the best visual experience but galaxy phones are just more brighter

  8. Ebrahem says:

    still having a lot of good features as compare to xperia e series smartphones.. you can buy this phone in cheap rates

  9. Sayed Faiz says:

    which characteristically mark in the 21,000 to23,000 array XiaomiRedmi Note 2 is an outstanding Smartphone with a measurement of 154 x 78.7 x 9.5 mm.

  10. Mustafa Yasen says:

    as compare the phone to its own another brother a5 the size is .5 inches small and the phone got same OS,same metallic design, same front facing camera features

  11. Hassan Shams Ali says:

    The Smartphone is the best Kiktat version of Android 4.4.4, with the shell TouchWiz, it is as well the modest version, as the flagship of the company.

  12. Abdulali says:

    Dual LED-flash, the presence of which can boast of iPhone 5s..Unlike the iPhone 5s, though now he is discharged from each of the side faces.

  13. Emily Siler says:

    this actually is the future of the handsets now, a truly new thinking by them and has all the features of latest handset… I like samsung pay it is easy more than Apple play

  14. Sajjad Suleman says:

    OS is new and also new menu, new camera options, new usage of battery information and many things are more enhance with iOS 8.1, I hope iOS 9 is come with lot more.

  15. Mahmod Abo Alfoulmahmod says:

    yes you are absolutely right the lumia with Microsoft is best to run email with outlook, skype and other

  16. Dilshad Taha says:

    I think taking the old stuff back in the market could be wonderful step but this step can let the Samsung to its down fall. Because after the lauch of the Apple Watch this is clear that things are rapidly changing.

  17. Abo Reshid says:

    but i am expecting more battery capacity more than 3,000mAhs actually because this is a thicker phone 7.7mm thickness and more weightalso so why not they are using more capacity on it??

  18. Abdullah Alabdali says:

    and much of the first "smart" watches taken from Apple's iPod Nano!

  19. Gamal Gemy says:

    yes you can play games on it but not long enough because of low battery and prices are so high

  20. Jalal says:

    I do not agree with you, Q5 is also great mobile with low price