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  1. Hasan Khatib says:

    LG do well to going with lg g5 with dual camera because the 16MP camera shooter maximizze its angle now with more than 130 degree lens a most nice option ever any 16MP camera phone got right now. so it is nice to capture with a best lens and include more peoples to your group photo

  2. Mubarak Jibril Arafat says:

    my expectations is with the camera pixels and they surprise me with the shootout results all are same what is the difference?

  3. Hikmet Sliem says:

    So Superb and luxurious feel in hands and offering more ease and comfortable curved edges of Smartphone than the Android

  4. Zaidan says:

    any news about galaxy s5 mini and othe s5 models??? when it will coming in markets

  5. Sahil Sohani says:

    I like Intel inside every device but intel atom is not a quality processor and thatís the main reason that every device which is containing the atom inside does not work well.

  6. Niyamat Khan says:

    The Smartphone is not just good but i think the best phone of this time by the Samsung. This particular Smartphone is really performaning best with its fast speed and RAM.

  7. Ikram Ali says:

    In the settings you can turn increase the "sensitivity of the sensor is pressed the screen" - allows you to remove the gloves when it's cold!

  8. Amani Milad says:

    Sleek body and good features include prima face gives the premium feels in hands with the iPhone and really it is thin and good phone that I want.

  9. Shailendra Singh Tomar says:

    other accessories inside the box tell me how many; headset, power cable etc. I want some cover and also stand

  10. Annisa Chacha says:

    A perfect phone for the businesman. Big screen HD quality result and best performance.

  11. Ahmed Salama says:

    Samsung might be put back the proprietary TouchWiz case among a new graphical interface Iconic UX

  12. Esam Kasem says:

    The watch is getting popularity in the market just because of being the product from the apple. The watch has so much to explore but i like the paying resturants bill system which i have seen in the cartoons only hahaha :)

  13. Magde Magde says:

    I like a bright screen and as well all like Samsung make it the new phone got the 90 percent approx range but because of over heating problem in many android phones the brightness will be low but now the new S6

  14. Mustak says:

    why the 3G need the LTE fastest internet so i can make more fastest streaming with this phone

  15. Ahmed says:

    I love to check this phone

  16. Shahen says:

    Yes, removable battery on this phone... only one thing is good

  17. Ahmed Salah says:

    Attention to every detail ... desing might be premium but nokia lumia phones are not much slim.. as xperia and other samsung new coming phones.. also lenovo is making good cheaps phone.. so nokia has to learn something from them

  18. Salih Alo says:

    violate water-resistant, for it is claimed protection standard IP58

  19. Abdullah says:

    phone includes good features on it.. when prices of the k zoom galaxy are available.. please tell me wanna buy it as it is available

  20. Nikesh says:

    I need 5s 32 GB . any1 please do contact .