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  1. Imran Khan says:

    3D effect and the HD result is amazing. i like the camera and the new design. flash is not so much good but acceptable just because of the new features.

  2. Zeeshan Lakhani says:

    Apple iPhone 6 is a new kind of a smartphone it has lower quality and if you accidentaly put it in the pocket it will break itself and turn its self in to two different pieces.

  3. Allyan Kalandri says:

    I like the battery that is big and the camera which is providing the best results.

  4. Noor Mustafa says:

    some of the new features of iOS 9 found hard and after a long time with actually the pp pop up at the proper time and do alot more in the iphone 6 the notifications is also change and siri can do alot more than before

  5. Imran Mikrani says:

    I would like to check If you have Black Berry Q10 Black Qty 7Nos

  6. Raees Rim says:

    that seems to be a nice and great phone in many kinds in shape, slimness and the display looks really cool as i take a little review of the specification estimated this phone got. May be more variation of this mobile phone hit market soon with more economical prices and it will be awesome i think

  7. Mahmod Rashed says:

    it has a bit smaller screen sure, but it is even more easily the valuable compact device here. And Apple still found room for two speakers at the front.

  8. GULNAWAZ KHAN says:

    z4 is best cell but battery timing is not good battery became low very soon

  9. Yahia Tahhan says:

    using solitary features on the a series whereas adaptive display will be remarkable than.

  10. Ameer Nerwan says:

    Apple has the patent for the electronic devices with sidewalls.

  11. Kazem Taim says:

    the style of the phone is o friendly and fit to the pockets I used it

  12. RAZA says:

    it will be my next phone whenever it comes

  13. Haji Waqas says:

    It's time for Sony to drag out the first rate from its cover - the Xperia Z3 Compact has an IP68 rating, creation it totally dust tight and clever to dive beyond 1 meter of water.

  14. Mubashar Islam says:

    Nexus 6 camera is providing a high defination result and this is one of my favrouite smartphone because it never get heated and never slow down

  15. Souqmobi says:

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  16. Ankita Rajnish says:

    and truly this is so thin and perfect design ipad

  17. Shumez Khalid says:

    This Smartphone would never be forgetten and i think this is the biggest hit of the Apple and 6 and 6 plus and make Apple fallen from the skies.

  18. Medo Medo says:

    Galaxy Note 4 screen can be called by at least one of the best on the market.

  19. Noor Houbary says:

    I would say something new... I think LG would be bring this stuff in its smartphone. because it is one the advance phone and trying to do the best it can for its smartphones.

  20. Oussema Ben Lizem says:

    Then the iPad Air 2 come out, delicately altering the touch-sensing skill that digital styluses relied ahead, violate few and dipping the correctness of others. Stylus developers silently recognized that innovative hardware miht be desirable