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  1. Afras says:

    looks like a more pin-sharp display even in the day light, and it is much hard to see before with the sunlight and now it has as our desire visibility

  2. Shoaib Qureshi says:

    5 MP Camera on back for the iPad Air is the same as that from the iPhone 5. To this is added a new ISP to better treatment of shots.

  3. Samar Bihter says:

    And this is good. The bad news is that their is no good camera the ability to take snaps with the dim light is not good

  4. Pari Sundaram says:

    Really good product

  5. Saadoon Elwaery says:

    i am a big fan of their devices but not sure why to buy the big phablet while the same specs list iphone 6 carries

  6. Saleh Altorkmany says:

    price in uae of the phone?

  7. Sherin Abd ElMoneim says:

    Meanwhile, one of the most important activities of the company is developing its own operating system

  8. Faris Ali says:

    not too bad phone in hardware specs... some of specification of this phone is good and useful i suggest u to buy this phone if u want good camera phone in affordable prices

  9. Hossam El-Tonsy says:

    since they launch the 4S there are few models comes and the 5S has same camera, 6 has same camera and the same expectation now with the upgrade version with same snapping front camera may be more for rear side

  10. Mahmoud Hamdy Eltoukhy says:

    I want to know about the sound result of the phone while calling

  11. Mido Ahmed says:

    On my device which has just issue with cases and is that the Smartphone in actually must be visible as Apple own made metallic device which is borrow by HTC A9

  12. Yassine Chamali says:

    i hope to come soon in Oman

  13. Maher Naciri says:

    vivid colors and greater contrast of the newest air 2 with 264ppi that is bit low i think

  14. Kiko Alprince says:

    power key and nano-SIM card slot be located on the right spine but overall some of the buttons and speakers also located at the right side

  15. Emmanuel Budha Washan says:

    The design is according to the time and according to this generation which is present at this moment. People loves to see many things at once and wants to do many stuff and samsung has design a smartphone for them.

  16. Manoj says:

    I like this device.... So where is purchase Saudi Arabia..... Dammam.....

  17. Boudissa Mohamed Amine says:

    quietly a best device for those who think to enjoy all the benefits of apple ipad air in the mini size device with the same specs as the galaxy tab 2

  18. Mubdee says:

    nice phone ...

  19. Ali M Aboushhiwa says:

    In this mode the iPhone is just using graphics designed for the iPhone 5, stretching it to full screen.

  20. Hassan says:

    LG L90 another bestphone to ... be come in future... i like its 8MP new camera ...