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  1. Kaabi Sami says:

    may be the size is just same as the s6 but more pixels, camera is 20MP and enough ram like Note5 new

  2. Rabbeya Ismail says:

    as a tablet it is best one yet in market with 4th generation Intel Core processor.

  3. Danesh says:

    A year ago OnePlus One could be attributed to the Border category of so-called "Phablet"

  4. Evita Peron says:

    There is the most excellent 5.1-inch Quad HD display screen you will find on a Smartphone, a source of power of a most high end processor and a extremely capable 16MP primary camera capable of everything.

  5. Abou Gazzi says:

    Premium excellence with the pure material and dimension is now even slimmer. I am really waiting for this phone to make this phone mine.

  6. Khalid says:

    Well done LG.firefox os beat android os soon.

  7. Al Umar says:

    the positioning of its main opportunity is an upgraded version of Apple's Nike +, the core of this product is additional precise to human health, including exercise, sleep, and other deeper health tracking techs.

  8. Berzan Bashir says:

    Corning Gorilla Glass 4 back panel which is same thing to be used in Nexus6p and same like design of HTC A9,iPhone 6s - TouchWiz UI is so nice

  9. Khalid says:

    people look at the appearance and i look at the specifications of the phone, other website only have the images for huawei p9, the real specs are here for this amazing smartphone.

  10. Mohanab Mohanab says:

    metal bodyactually make it easier to hold in palm but overall still there is big phone and hard to hold for a long time. Despite all phablet are same in manner of design as iphone 6s plus, lg g4 and others like nexus 6p and nexus 6 is big

  11. Youness Temsaman says:

    Two sizes available note 5 plus and the edge model is also with additional screen means additional bonus features for people spend more money on edge phones

  12. Muhammed Waheed says:

    they launch their phones not making so much noise and advertisement. high price point of the M-series but not same is not expected after low revenue of htc phones in many reigns

  13. Mouhamed Bouzidi says:

    The ac-WLAN typical is lastly accessible but had concern throughout the analysis

  14. Jiju Daniel says:

    Device arrived to us for a test with no package and any further improvments, so that a full set, we can not comment. Go in a straight line to the description of the design of the device.

  15. Axmed Xashi says:

    as making comparison of the last all edition of the galaxy s series to all luxuriosu devices no one can compete the storage amount which is the main reason why galaxy s7 has far more better expectations

  16. Syeda Anum Zahoor says:

    Not being bright to change the battery capacity not is a immense agreement to most of us

  17. Naveed Akhtar says:


  18. Mario Aladwan says:

    and every iPhone a convenience Smartphone the colours designs and samsung is focus to give relief to economical users with a lot same things even more high resolution display than

  19. Abbas says:

    not the apple is the first one making this kind of watch you found many sony, lg and now as well microsoft come in this era

  20. Nisar Hassan says:

    You can enjoy video calls with your front camera. There are also high-quality data options like Bluetooth, WI-FI, Micro USB, GS, etc powering the phone with a powerful battery.