Find Big Battery Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Ayaz Ayaz says:

    This phone proves that Google with this is not just far from deceased, still Google is alive in Smartphone era jus they quite for while.

  2. Vikash Ghosh says:

    Camera of wider angle is making the market of Grand prime and this is the main reason of its sale. People loves to take selfies and Grand prime is selfie smartphone.

  3. Waleed Ahmed says:

    there is a big problem with that phone battery there is need to include more life and more features that minimize the ram cache and other usage

  4. M Hussain says:

    But, of course, there will always be compared with the role model Phablet market, namely the Galaxy Note 4.

  5. Rawaa Alawad says:

    at the same date phone goes on sale more accessories and specially apple watch accessories and new release band go on sale

  6. Waleed Abdullah says:

    i am using now a white version of lumia 1020 .. one thing that attract me much is its battery life it is great.. you able to reach 2days through this

  7. RN Singh says:

    Apple phone has no comparison with any other if you use once you will use is forever if price you can afford.

  8. Ahmed Sambo says:

    you can now more maximize your life style with the gadgets like this I found the new galaxy s and fit very useful for me

  9. Salah Siraji says:

    If you compare it with the note 5 phone even with the note 4 you can find out many things far bettery than Apple in Samsung phones but after use their phone in month you see why people say Apple has its own class

  10. Esraa Aljroshe says:

    Intex is going superb in the markets of India. a good brand

  11. Emad Alomar says:

    Honeywell program enables for all to use Apple Watch for the monitoring temperature at home! Yes, this thing can do all the things!

  12. Jaranbi says:

    what about Galaxy s5 mini active zoom?//?? will it released ??, however s5 zoom also looks better not much bad

  13. Shamshad.ali says:

    I want samsung glaxy beam 18530 hurry please

  14. Muwafaq Aloubady says:

    could not take a micro SD incorporating interchangeable battery version? I have no choice in samsung, why they do this.

  15. Suffiyaan says:

    Why Samsung galaxy tab pro 8.4 is not a phone like all earlier models, i am still waiting for quite similar in HD resolution but have SIMcard

  16. Rashid Iqbal says:

    This create it likely to detain a piece of the screen and use it for many purposes.

  17. Sam Rayhana Siham says:

    the version is 4G LTE?

  18. Fahima Khayri says:

    people like this phone because it look pretty, slim and quite bigger phone as well/

  19. Ezekiel Joshua Martin says:

    not htc will give up with the same design as always just make it more slim as compare to the last time

  20. Faizan Ahmed says:

    ok if phone have super light weight ... good in performance... and have dual sim... not only that i found 4G ultra fast speed technology... so will buy this good phone..