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  1. Eman Gabr says:

    I will not dwell on the characteristics of the screen, its settings, compared with other models, it was all done and very detailed in Note 4 review, which I from time to time you'll send.

  2. Ghani Sadiq says:

    it is all about the performance not every time people want a slim phone.

  3. Aledani says:

    a more reassuring feel with their phones and I love the camera of sony phones. Exmor is really great

  4. Fawad says:

    sure ?

  5. Mohit Sethi says:

    They are famous in the market just because to produce quality products.

  6. Hassan Elhamdi says:

    love this kind of new innovation in technology...Microsoft is done all

  7. Ahmad Akil says:

    It is also likely in this Smartphone might not be common to all of the button «Home», and every button placed directly on the bottom side of the display.

  8. Fareed Abdal Hamid says:

    really me find the best phone like this, with all bright colors, good camera, and main thing i like in all nokia phones is its durable battery perfformance

  9. Moona says:

    Nokia always launch friendly user mobile, Nokia also famous his friendly user base. I disagree your comments.

  10. Mouner Awad says:

    just ok phone .....Desire 310 looks alike another small phone with cheap prices by HTC

  11. Ace Mechanic says:

    they finally make the innovative phone with totally new fresh design.. i like it

  12. Mohamed Mohammed says:

    Image and video stabilization this is not perfect with this phone

  13. Rami Hassan says:

    Admin can you please tell me the difference between Iphone 6 & Apple IPhone 7. I am confuse about choosing the one between them and please confirm the battery timings.

  14. Hassan says:

    LG L90 another bestphone to ... be come in future... i like its 8MP new camera ...

  15. Sheeba says:

    Samsung Galaxy S6 is the one of the best phone amony S series but i think samsung should bring something new.

  16. Suman Baloch says:

    The size of the smartphone is good and you can carry it easily and it fixes in my pocket it is not like theose smartphone whose size is extremly big and could not be handle.

  17. Hama Khalid says:

    you have a song, recorded it on your micro sd and you're tired of it, you delete it, then see "recently added" and there it was again (ES-conductor simply an error).

  18. Ranjan says:

    plzz let me knw when canvas A250 would be available

  19. M.Mughees Mukhtar says:

    the 13 megapixels of rear camera is just amazing and it will let you take so many picture so that you can enjoy more and more.

  20. SAMSUNG says:

    Can we download some app like Kik And Instagram Or No ?