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  1. Talib Hussain says:

    There is a hardware both stage shutter key, too, which few users prefer over on-screen buttons on the bottom side. It as well serves to official the camera from a locked Smartphone as more instant response as it is possible.

  2. Cafer Akkok says:

    It is clear that the change of building materials, makes it shine more, and is more beautiful design change

  3. Rose A Zeiny says:

    for the lifetime of the conveyor face of our hero several times pulled up to company standards, we have not yet arrived at a premium to the current design

  4. Afridi says:

    approximate availibility date for this phone is I thin k 26 sep. yet available for pre orders somewhere I dont sure about that.

  5. Obeid says:

    do not like this one no front camera on this phone... also no flash and with low Ram it become a lag phone...

  6. Suhair Saleh says:

    The phone really make its way to keep handling all the parts that innovative other devices is just supposed to maintain with a positive quantity of elegance and accuracy

  7. Mohamed Hegazi says:

    as I first saw the Smartphone I love it and when I pick this one on my hands I really want to buy it.. And as I buy it now there is no way out till next Galaxy

  8. Abu Ahmed says:

    Why can't I send a MMS on my HTC Velocity 4G

  9. Youssef Next says:

    Shop a variety of applications on iOS, An independent, not from Apple Pay Paid apps sold through SMS.

  10. Mohammed Qadeer says:

    not an ordinary one; right now it is the companies most expensive and high rated phone. show some major differences with the phone performance and infact iphone 6s plus is great looking phablet

  11. Awais Haider says:

    microsoft manufacture a best tablet pc ever than probably replaced your laptop well i appreciate because all features on this is appreciatable

  12. Fattah Dorbaa says:

    The stunning phone Long Lasting battery life and Reliable Android OS on this good phone. design with refined black finish is good looking in htc one

  13. Michele Mamprin says:

    the new apple OS quite quickly lead to a full order - you will not its great performance however

  14. Ummi Guzel says:

    now the new HDR display for the first time and this is really a great technology they are using in the samsung galaxy note 7. Iris-scanning tech and the same technology will be seen in many economical phones as well in future that is great news.

  15. Depak says:

    any person there who yet using iphone 6 or iphone 6 plus.. please tell me which one battery performance is more durable.. or both are same...

  16. Engghaleb Turkistani says:

    6 Plus entire day long I have not experienced, but charging Phablet definitely maintain it to be greater.

  17. Mahmoud Refaat says:

    there is also 6gb of ram in this mobile phone which is another great thing

  18. Yhya OmAr says:

    i want to buy it

  19. Abdullah Alawame says:

    I note that there iPhone 6s Plus and the function of recording in 4K resolution. It is good that there is no 4k on the galaxy s7 because it is something unwanted and drain battery really faster

  20. Abdelali Sayed says:

    The phone is going to be in the market to entertain you soon. You dont have to wait long for this and sony would pay worth of you excitement through its smartphone.