Find Bee Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Abualezz Gadri says:

    a lot more than LG Samsung GALAXY S5 Compared to LG G3, And seven times represents the most advanced waterproof performance, one meter deep underwater may insist 30 minutes running.

  2. Ziad Da Esmy says:

    yes I am too searching for this mobile phone accessory in UAE

  3. Kawa Ahmoo says:

    The headphones sound decent, though noticeable that the maximum volume is limited to smartphone software.

  4. Islam Rafiyah says:

    The Smartphone is single carefully crafted, good-looking smartphone that is a slice on top of those plastic-bodied ones, other than more slim and shiny

  5. Raja Shaheryar says:

    The droid turbo and also moto maxx and more like this in future may handle the high end line up of Motorola…

  6. Mubdi says:

    hat thing is perfect allows you not to get lost anywhere!

  7. Abu Yaman says:

    the recordings made with a professional microphone at the same distance from the speaker.

  8. Faten Shanab says:

    The best smartphone with an amazing camera result. The only thing that makes it down is the battery problem but i think it would be solved by the Apple in their next model.

  9. Khalid Abdulfattah says:

    slow motion and really a perfect things on the huawei phones after the release of its mate series. i am sure if they reduce the prices of the 6p phone it might be good

  10. Noman says:

    my so many friends are admiring Samsung galaxy note 6, which brought me here to see its details and specifications, i am gonna order one to look up its performance.

  11. Husni Samaa says:

    galaxy note 3 has functionality like Selective Focus Heart Rate Sensor i really need these

  12. Silmaan says:

    another bad phhone by nokia is Asha 230

  13. Sim Craker says:

    when prices for gear vr are updated for all stores.. i am interested to checkout its prices... because proevious oculus rift and it is a good one.. and now samsung make an interesting innovative flagship,.

  14. Hneen says:

    Even more disappointing Jerry back of the smartphone. It is easily scratched with a knife and the keys, and scrub marks only partially succeeds. According to the browser, in this regard, the device is inferior not only iPhone 6s with its hardened aluminum, but HTC M9. Scratch resistance have appeared only 6P panel covering the camera

  15. Deviys says:

    my resources for that excited trip tomorrow to the camp bus

  16. Ghulam Hamdi says:

    the best selfie camera smartphone and not just hat also a good design and perfect performance of this phone with CPU and GPU both

  17. Mohammed Abo Shinnar says:

    this phone got a more slim bezel design than before and may be they use Google pay for the payment system because now each and every brand is using different payment system..

  18. Mohamed Ahmed says:

    On the other hand must be able to improve G3, smartphone that not only had a good sales success, but along with the G2 arrived at a very competitive price through online store

  19. Imran Khan says:

    with a 5 megapixel camera;HTC One M8 runs on the new Android 4.4 KitKat OS with the features of Sense UI 6.0 out of the box.

  20. Rafat Jhjah says:

    best of luck with the new iphone 6s series well i am waiting for this one