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  1. Riyad Murat says:

    abilities with the vehicle dock is also perfect with the dock charging no need to charge at home now

  2. Yaser says:

    i use nexus 5 and i love this phone,. it is good in all ways, best camera, good in performance and also design of the phone is really good

  3. Sami Samer Bebani says:

    No there is'nt any problem with the phone the phone is working good. I have one and i dont have any heating problem nor the blutooth problem.. it is working absolutly fine..

  4. Rabea Asad says:

    Phone is good but am facing too much difficulty while connecting with wifi router. Secondary and Primary camera performance is very excellent.

  5. Ahmed Ali says:

    yes the size of the samsung device is for the first time small as compare to iphone but the resolution, screen brightness level and the ram is alot more in note 5 as compare to apple phablet

  6. Fares Alfares says:

    what about the 3G model is it is also available in markets and offered by which carrier. I am in searching of unlocked phone for 3G

  7. Mohamed Hegazi says:

    as I first saw the Smartphone I love it and when I pick this one on my hands I really want to buy it.. And as I buy it now there is no way out till next Galaxy

  8. Qutebha Thanoon says:

    the camera is not even the best camera work with the dim light because there is still a need to little bit more enahncment in this side.. the saturation and brightness because of so high end pixels density on the phone is so beautiful

  9. Adel Halim says:

    Seems to be it is great in the range of 10K including 1.4GHz fast cpu speed ... i think due to 1-GB Ram your smart phone might note be slowdown

  10. Zahid Muratagic says:

    because other with more capacity available, but the lack of extra internal storage via micro-SD card surely is.

  11. Yahya Hassan says:

    its harder to get across just how much great is the experience when running headphones and an external controller. The iphone is really great now I using this phone

  12. Ibrahim Magdi says:

    use of alloy on this phone or it is just as before butterfly body has?

  13. Mfmf Sad says:

    well they not make the first time this kind of high phone.. previously with the note edge i really surprise

  14. Eyad Ahmed Kaddour says:

    they actually reach on the extra ordinary level of the screen resolution and breachs all of the limits but smaller size is needed to give note 6 more personal feeling

  15. Mohammed Ahamed says:

    Samsung has not really evolved dimensions of its smartphone, but optimized the space occupied by the screen: 5.3 inches, it rose to 5.5, then 5.7.

  16. Abdul Rehman says:

    camera of this phone result is good in twilight and out door result is always i can prefer u to buy this big screen simple phone

  17. Mohamed Ghareeb says:

    how can I use manually there live photo and who can see my image just I seen; I just seen now new facebook profiles so I can update my live photos and make my dp?

  18. Rohit Singh says:

    There is no more lock button that is used to mute the sound or to block rotation

  19. Qadeer says:

    i recently update my os on moto g.. and now camera application is not working .. i try to fix this proble and reboot my phone but not working

  20. Mohamed Jabri Oujda says:

    I want to indicate that if you turn on your Oneplus, went into the menu settings sometimes you might change the image of the desktop and go back to desktop later than all these manipulations do not see some clear yellow spots,