Find Bee Prices in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Mahadeen Bajelan says:

    a powerful stand against the all other phones alone. reportedly also now new firmware updates for the note 5 is available but not for 2016 actually updates available for lollipop

  2. Faiz Ali Shah says:

    the dual shot camera would be taking images like a digital camera you are using.

  3. Umair Ahmed says:

    how much is the front facing snapper of this phone is the same as the htc m8 eye before has?

  4. Maddie Khan says:

    5.1 inches of large display screen is huge and I can not hold it in my pocket I need to have some other arrangments for that so that I can keep this smartphone else no.

  5. Abo Riyad says:

    not the budgeted and great value where as alpha phone is more greater even with the design. build and feel is slightly changed than

  6. Ravi says:

    lulu price is 2685.

  7. Jahmad says:

    This means that you can set the flashing LED when you receive new messages, mail, notifications Twitter, Instagram, and other calendar events

  8. Ayesha says:

    When can we expect the blackberry Q30 in UAE.

  9. Omer Mustafa says:

    Now together the Samsung S6 Smartphone and the Apple iPhone 6S texture similar best, high quality plans for the humble aim that they are. However the new phones has good handling now with the single hand.

  10. Deedar Hossam says:

    can i Install all of mine favorite desktop software and do multi tasking on this mini version apple tablet

  11. Jassim Bin Ali says:

    Note 3 will be available in the market on 25-sep . price will be around 2799 aed.

  12. Zezo Azad A says:

    offering device with all the unique features to the people with the perfect price point.. Microsoft office is playing well in the lumia 535

  13. Omar Elbadry says:

    well the new one is become nearby waterproof phone and has more resistance with dust and water than previous one

  14. Paulo Amosa says:

    moto 360 2nd generation watch and the lg urbane which is cheaper but the straps looks good. however the samsung gear s2 has their own traditional straps that is not looks too much cool

  15. Aseer Sy says:

    Moto X Style and spare me half the money for this kind of expensive phone; where as still in many ways galaxy s6 is best choice.take their design to the whole new way actually

  16. Mona Sami says:

    will be the next one named as iPhone 6S Plus

  17. Rayan Saeed says:

    they allegedly launch the next modify version at the launch of the iphone 7 or may be with their new series of macbooks

  18. Chehnaz Edoo says:

    8 megapixel camera just work fine but not in the low light the result is enhanced just as same as in the last edition of iphone 5s

  19. Ghadeer Salah says:

    what is the released date of Nexus 6 and when Nexus 6 is available for shipping.....

  20. Ali Mohamed says:

    12 MP is the camera resolution now three mobile phones by apple with the same camera pixels and 64 GB storage capacity is also available for the iphone se